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Full text of "PSM - Issue 26 - Volume 3 Number 10 - October 1999"

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UNOFFICIAL: or te RBA 7 nl pellet Rs 8s AS 

Bee a ee 


independent Pla Siation Ma Zine 



 . r 

THE R 7 LS te for FF Fs: Nags is 


‘Adva ¥ Morasies > The Creatas ‘Saal 

< fil Let view 

$4.99US $5.99CAN 

. \ 
ie setipe 


1 Q> 

IO 3832 

» Me | ISSUE 26 VOL. 3 



It's not the size 
of your howitzer 
what you do with it. 


= ~ Tiny may have the body of a vending machine, 
but he’s got the spirit of a rottweiler. . 

Think Tiny packs a powerful punch? Try the ultimate 
destruction of the two-player, death-match mode. 

Ever seen a pack of itsy-bitsy reliectalarel devour a water 
buffalo? Size is a poor indicator of annihilation potential. 

- Chaos has struck Sentrax, the world’s 
largest defense contractor. And now its evil 
robots are destroying the earth. Mankind 
may not make it to the 22nd century. The 

» only hopeis a bright yellow tank the size of 
ba o a riding lawn mower. Can Tiny, with his 

a pe SS : | o —%. Olu mer-lalaleammer-iiialemeUiicw-lalem-t-y1e) a t-te | 

oe fe rocket launchers save the human race? 

Maybe. But even if he can’t, he’s gonna piss 

Fife) Me) m ol-Le)e)(-MejimliMint-m e)celet-t-1-m aS 

*. . ~ 

(MARRS ania aia ae : AS Dae BAS. oe ” 

s ‘2 
= 4 ; > . ) 
a= 4 = 

> Se 
Pe. > = 
~ e =<. 
* eo 

z iP 
TS : ‘ ‘i 
- ee % 5 
See ge oe 
et 3 

, ~— = : 


we * ide 

Ra ft vain Wat 

| it started 5 $,000 years Ago. It’s soins, to end now. 
Can Lara Croft stop an ancient curse from plunsing the world into 
madness? Get ready for Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation, the epic 
adventure with everything you've been asking for. Seamlessly 

integrated sameplay and FMV sequences for non-stop action. Killer _ 

d. (eM All other 

lepAtiwe Digital Software Association. 

ile Lara may be back in Egupt. expect digs 

So whi 

ider ever. 

> : 

Tomb Rai 


eptember 9th will 
go down as a date 
that RPG fans will never for- 
get. Is it because the PlayStation 
was originaly launched on that date? Nah. Is 
it because Sega's Dreamcast came out on the 
exact same day this year? Nope. For hardcore 
RPGers, there was only one true can't-miss 
event of 1999, and that is Fina! Fantasy VIII. 

See | 

The buildup was huge. Since the 
game hit Japan more than half a 
year ago, US fans have had to 
be extremely patient while 
our friends overseas were 
experiencing gaming good- 
ness. A few nutcases took 
on the daunting task of 
blindly working through the 
Japanese version, but for 

most gamers, that just wasn't a viable 
option. But the wait is over now, and 


Among its many other talents, Square 
endear themselves to gamers. Through 

has a knack for creating characters that 

epic storylines, 

= ‘very issue, we match exciting 
_, New games with today’s hottest 

“illustrators to create the PSM cover. 

We take pride in creating quality origi 
nal artwork, to present our Magazine at 
the highest possible level. 

We've got two different covers this 
month, and ina PSM first, we have an 
artist doing two issues in a row. But 
this go around, we get the privilage of 
seeing J.G. Jones paint, and what a 
treat It is! His style suits the grandeur 
of a game like FFVII/ perfectly. Our sec- 
ond cover is by Joe Madureria, one of 

_ our all-time favorites. Great work, Joe! 

We’ve only run this pic 
of Squall, like, a hundred 
times, but the game’s 

finally here! 

is what Joe came up with initially, The intensity 
on the faces of Squall and Seifer are shown 

large while a struggle goes on in a far shot. 

many of you are finally embarking on Square's latest 
epic quest. To celebrate the release of such a big title, 
we've packed in as much FFVIII 
coverage as possible. In here 
you'll find an interview with the 
FFVIII team, our full review of the 
game, and our detailed tips guide. 
since this game Is so incredibly huge, 
we decided to forego a walkthrough, which 
we just couldn't do justice in the space we 
have (not without spreading the guide out over 
three or four months). Instead, we're focus- 
ing in-depth on what we think are some of 
the cooler and more interesting aspects 
of the game, which allows us to give you 
guys some really useful advanced info. 
So enjoy the game, the mag, and con- 
gratulations on surviving the wait! 


OctogerR 19990 




as) /S SV VV V 


Here in J.G.’s cover, we have the lovers(?) in an 
embrace and the giant spider mech looming 
behind them. We decide to scrap the mech. 
While cool, it plays a minor part of the game. 

And here we go—the final pieces from both artists! 
J.G.'s image perfectly captures the epic, romantic 
feel of the game, while Joe Mad’s shows the inten- 
sity between Squall and Seifer. Great work, guys! 

Octoger 1999 Vo. 3, Numeer {0 @ Issue 26 
ISSN: 1095-4163 

Chris Slate Editorin- Chief of 

Bill Donohue Managing Editor 

Stephen Frost Previews Editor 

Noah Massey Editor, Codes & Strategies 

Max Everingham Executive Editor, Japanese Section 

Likes: A’! tyoes of gam 

S Likes: Fighting, Pi attorm, Racing 
Wrestling Name: 'he iT 

ate Wrestling Name: The Swimmer 

Eugene Wang Art Director Favorite Finishing Move: Favorite Finishing Mave GO 
a yi Bee Designer The Slate takes his size-11 slong with rin i jen 
ttorial Contributors l a4 
; sneaker, turns tnat Su -| Nave 
Francesca Reyes, Randy Nelson, Adam Paviacka, sinuses ~ cker side hogy ‘ll 
Eugene See, Daniel Erickson ays, and Sticks it straight up " Atomic 
Photography & Artistic Contributors your candy ass! If ya smell... problem 

Aaron Lauer, Robert DeJesus, Ryan Kinnaird, DAG, what The Slate... is cookin’! ee 
Gerry Serrano, Ben Chan a en itil ee a ae 
Intern Ben “The Clipper” Chan 

Cover Illustration Cover 1 of 2: Joe Madureira, colors: 
liquid!, Cover 2 of 2: J.G, Jones 

Chris Yatrakis National Ad Manager 

Robin Rosales Regional Advertising Manager 

Jim Mitchell Regional Advertising Manager 

eo @ 
rm rer 

John Yeargin Account Executive =|, Likes: Racing, Shooters Likes: Action enture, Racing 
Jennifer Canavan Advertising Coordinator me Wrestling Name: Pastry Boy Wrestling Name: Jagged sal 
ly a | || Favorite Finishing Move: || Favorite Cea aha i Dov 
obert Abramson & Associates AT Levan weatdutiia tee nes iaihal | rirecr p 

720 Post Road, Scarsdale, NY 10583 known world wide for my lethal | dow EN Oppo- 
fax: (914) 723-4700 / dough, wnicn Is also delicately The Ci 
Richard Lesovoy Production Director sweet. VVhen I've got vy Oppo- that ys 

Glenn “So Yen” Sadin Production Coordinator 
PSM Customer Service SAMA ASLAM AAS ALAA Ral +14 | my nactry a wil 
P.O. Box 52073 PIE ae a3 2 an tail ty Mie 
Boulder, Colorado 80322-2073 lal Cant 
Kate Bailey Subscription Director 
Jeanne Mangabat Fulfillment Coordinator 
Quyen Nguyen Distribution Coordinator 

+ : ; i iAcn ” ee | + -— Teo ~ a 
nent in the “position”, | do PS eyeDaiS Oul DY Way OF a 

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monthly by Imagine Media, 150 North Hil Drive, Brisbane, CA 
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only. POSTMASTER send changes of address to PSM—100% 
Independent PlayStation Magazine, RO. Box 52073, Boulder 
CO 80328-2073. Entire contents copyright 1997, Imagine 
Publishing, Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or 
part is prohibited. Imagine Publishing, inc. is not affiliated with 
the companies or products covered in PSM. PRODUCED IN 

CPC Int'l Pub Mail # 1195484 

ket ies 

Art Director, The Deadliner Graphic Desiane: 

What He Does: What He Does: What He Does: 

Favorite Finishing Move: Favorite Finishing Move: 

Audit Bureau 
of Circulations 

Member Favorite Finishing Move: 



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VP/Editorial Director » Matt Firme 
Publisher » Doug Faust 

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you the information you need. With any luck, we'll even 
make you smile sometimes... Thanks for joining us. 


Al ae 

ee ant 

ao : 
Ss = 



the Play 








410 cela 

Secon, HS 












sharper graphics, faster speed and more adrenalit 

without all the tickets. 

The rush is back! 


m@ PlayStat 


ng. 121 

While Dino Crisis 

engine as the vast! 
series, there is 
ing action thriller 
ping of Zor 
Everything is fé 
rather than. 
game tha 
thankfully, the F 
with the most complete strate 
of the best games of the year. 

pg. 140 

This game is so massive, there was 
NO way we could fit it in one issue. 
$ Cant imagine someone com- 
1e game without a little 
the second part, we've 
goods on where to go to 
0 do to finish the game, 
as well as the strategy for beating 
Kain himself. We've also included 
information on getting all the Glyph 
Spells. As in last issue’s walk- 
through, small details arent 

explained, but everything you need 
to beat the game is here. Now it's 
time to finish this awesome game! 

Anyone interested in shooters 
based on Special Forces teams will have 
heard of this fantastically tense and demand- 

ing PC game. The good news for PlayStation 
owners is that they'll be able to feel the stress 
of saving the world for themselves this 
November when it arrives on the consoles. Not 
that this is a port... the PlayStation version is substan- 
tially different from tts PC counterpart, with the 
emphasis placed firmly on the action portion of the 
game. And speaking of action, it starts on page 62! 

October 1999 





Final Fantasy VIII is 
easily the deepest 
and most complex 
RPG ever. You could 
spend months just 
trying to discover all 
the secrets and side- 
quests that the game 
has to offer. To make 
things easier for you, 
we've come up with 
this resource guide 
that covers the two 
coolest aspects of the 
game: Guardian 
Force and the Triple 
Triad. We decided not 
to do the standard 
walkthrough strate- 
gy guide, because we 
wouldn't want to 
spoil any of the 
adventure for you. 
Good luck! 

> pg. 05 ~ 

pg. 67 

Last month we broke the story on 
Lara's latest adventure, so we fig- 
ured this month we'd better get 
some follow-up coverage in, before 
you come over and lay the smack 
down on our candy-asses! We've got 
even more stuff on Lara's latest adventure, 
SO What are you waiting for? Get your ass over 
to page 67 right away! 

> 75.15 = 

The latest PlayStation dy jute In 

i.) | ee > PG. 34 = 
ee ee » pp. 18 ~ 
» Nihon Game Otaku... ooo ccccccccececeeee > PG. 38 ~ 

All the bes dirt on tomorrow's hottest games 

> Chrono Cross/Cool Boarders 4 000000000000... > pg. oo ~ 
BP PUCCINI FOE 2 sesso ssieconesorvannnnevonsineans wiivkniinestasnrsterians > pg. 77 ~ 
> Gallop Racer/Star Trek ....0...0.00000.ceceeee > pg. 70 ~ 
> Monster Rancher 2.200... occcccccccecceecreeeeeeen >» pg. 82 ~ 
> NBA ShootOut 2000/NCAA Final Four 2000 .......... » pg. 78 ~ 
Rainbow 6.00000... cccccccsesecsereesevevseeeeveveeen > pg. 62 ~ 
> Resident Evil 3: Nemesis........00.00..0..00.00c0cccee > og. 73 ~ 
> Silentdown Bomber/Countdown Vampires ........... > pg. 6b ~ 
> SuperCross Circuit 200.0000 ccccecccececeeeeteeeee >» og. 72 ~ 
BP TOO UG cin eosrnscrrseseseaesicza sinepnnsienterirsinreersadonansintanasies > pg. 67 ~ 
TR ESERIG, TUNA x icssersrsiavaeciestesirtatestnstyribvitlieienderd tesnirieras > pg. 83 ~ 
a | er > pg. oI ~ 

You ve got questions, we ve got answers 
cg oh ee er > pg. lo ~ 
DM PAUS@ ooo ccc cccccceccevsevecsvsevevetsevevievevitvevevierevees > pg. lo4 ~ 

A sneak-peek at what's gonna be hot for next month 

yO! YO! yo! 




NFL GameDay 2000... 

BBB E | 

Pac-Man World ........f 
Boarders 4........ pg Rainbow6......... ae 
. pg. 66 Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. 
. ee pg. 54 Silent Bomber ......... 
Tr pg. 77 Sled Storm.......288 
intasy VIll....... pg. 47 Star Trek. . ....25,. ee 
e: Justice ....... pg. 55 SuperCross Circuit... ... pg 
ME ees. pg. 70 Tomb Raider........ if Bs 
Soul Reaver....... pg. 57 Trick ‘n’ Snowboarder. . . pg. 4 
en: pg. 82 Twisted Metal 4. . . Pg. | 
. 78 Vagrant Story........ 
WWF Attitude ... 

Resident Evil 3: 

= pg. 73 = 

Last issue, we gave a generé 
3, but weren't able to go into r 
we've received a playable Japa 
game and are now able to talk a little rr | 
it actually plays, as well as what new festive Capcom has 
come up with. So if you're slightly out of touch with your evil 
side, crawl over to page 73 and get zombified! 

| “more action- -packed 
| design and gameplay 
e's initial promise, this 
ne of the best games of 
ggeration. You can check it all out 
on page 77. — 

‘Quy ‘SUOHeSIUNWUIED eWLY JO SYZeWApeN paiajsiBel ee .Gurysijqng ewig pue o607 ewig ay) “OU| EQVAWY Jo OpUalUIN Jo eWApeL} e SI 10j09 AogawWeD “dU| URIJEWY JO OPUAaIUIN 9661@ ‘uj edJaWIy JO OpuaUIN Jo syeWApe! ase OBO] .N,, ay) Pu PO OPUayUIN “dUj JUaWUIeVJeIU3 JaINdWOD AUOg Jo syJeWaped paiaisibai aie soo} 
uoNersAe|g aur pue uonjersAely ‘auj ‘Buijysayy diysuoidwey) pop, jo ylewapen e si ADA Panasel siyBu |jy “Auedwog sewer, awl) y “Guljysasy diysuoidwey) POM GEGL@ ‘Panes: syyBu |) “SalUNOD Jayro JO/pue “S'f) ay) UI SLY Diu0s}99/3 40 YeWApes) pasaisiBar 10 YeWAped e S! SLY 9/U01}9913 “SHY 21U01}98]9 GEEL@ 


Hurl WCW wrestling’s A-list out of the ring and into backstage areas, locker rooms and parking garages. 


FAY eo al 

Trash opponents with garbage cans, kitchen sinks and anything else that’s not 

bolted down. It’s a big arena out there. Give ‘em a guided tour 



WCW...The Album Coming 10.19.99 
Prima Strategy Guide Available. 







After a Mission § 
Like This Comes | 
All the Paperwork. 





ga edhe 
hee ‘ 



s we briefly mentioned in last 
month's notes, Columbia Pictures 
has finally revealed the official cast of the 
upcoming Final Fantasy motion picture 
(check below for the full cast info). 
However, Columbia has yet to reveal 
details about the script or characters. 
Michelle Yeoh (Tomorrow Never Dies) 
and Anna Wu (loads of Jackie 
Chan movies, including 
Police Story 4) have also 
been rumored to be In, but 
again, no mention of what 
characters they will play. 
Though details of the plot 
are scarce, there are a few 
things that we do know (we 
think). The movie is appar- 
ently set on Earth, whereas 
all Final Fantasy games up 

Pulp Fiction, Con Air, 
Mission Impossible 

The Shadow, The Hunt 
for Red October 

The General’s Daughter, 
John Carpenter’s Vampires 

until now have been set on alternate 
worlds. The movie will take place in the 
year 2065, and rumor has it that It involves 
an alien onslaught and an attempted 
escape from Earth. Sounds epic! 
Columbia Pictures President Amy 
Pascal said, “With its futuristic special 
effects using state-of-the-art digital technol- 
ogy, Final Fantasy is one of the most excit- 
ing projects on our horizon. | am thrilled to 
bring such top-notch acting talent to the 
project.” The voice recording for the film Is 
currently underway in Los Angeles and Is 
under the helm of Jack Fletcher, who 
worked on Kiki's Delivery Service and Black 
Mask. The animation is being done in 
Square's swanky Honolulu office, under the 
direction of president Hironobu Sakaguchi. 
Although the story is the creation of 
Hironobu Sakaguchi of Square, he was 

Fargo, Con Air, Resevoir 
Dogs, Armageddon 

Frasier (TV), Hercules (TV, 
animated), Spring Forward 

Backdraft, Outbreak, JFK 

apparently helped by writer Al 
Reinert who's credits include 
Apollo 13, the HBO special 
From the Earth to the Moon 
and a National Geographic special 
called For All Mankind, which |s 
about the Apollo moon missions. This 
guy seems to write an awtul lot of movies 
about the moon—maybe the plot will 
include some sort of lunar aspect...? 

The script is by Jeff Vintar, who 
is also reported to be writ- 
ing a Iron Man movie. 
At an estimated cost 
of $70 million, this 
ought to loom 
large on 2001's 
movie horizon. 
We just can't 
wait that long! 

Mulan (voice of 
Mulan), The Single 
Guy (TV), Street 
Fighter: The Movie 
(she was Chun-Li!), 
The Joy Luck Club, 
Spawn (TV anima- 
tion, voice of Lisa 
Woo), PLUS several 
appearances on 
TV’s ER (as Deborah | 
Chen), and she 
played the “Royal 
Trumpateer” on 
Mister Roger's 

OctogerR 19999 

& Just imagine, 
the characters in 
the FF: The Movie 

will look WAY 
better than this! 

Actors who Will lend thelr voice to FF: The Movie 


OctogerR 1999 


e have recieved word from 

very reliable sources that a 
portable PlayStation is well under- 
way! This is incredibly exciting news, 
as It would add even more function- 
ality and coolness to the PlayStation 
“family”, joining the PS1 and 2. 

Our sources say that the unit 
could closely resemble Sony's own 
portable DVD player, which is just a 
little larger than a standard Discman, 

Just think—back in the day, the graphics in 
Basketball just blew people’s minds. 

Remember when all it took to make a hit 
game was space stuff? Astrosmash does. 

flip up the LCD screen and plug in a pad! 

ayifiee € 
cece bed 3 
: zee + o thd it 


This is Sony’s portable 
DVD player, which could be 
a good indication of what form a 

yourself in these, you’d have to beat your own ass. 
portable PlayStation might take. Just 

and comes complete with flip-up 
LCD screen for full-color display. Just 
plug in a standard pad, and play! 
There would be problems, 
though. Battery life on these units 
only lasts a few hours, and technolo- 
gy like this is fairly pricey. We could- 
n't see Sony putting this out under 
$200, at least (this DVD model goes 
for around $600). We'll let you know 
more just as Soon as we hear it! 

iWon lta ) he Intellivision Classics title 
eH NS from Activision not only emu- 

“TI lates the ancient Intellivision games con- 
sole, but 30 of its games, to boot. Here's 
the full list: Armor Battle, Astro Smash, 
Auto facing, Baseball, Basketball, 
Boxing, Buzz Bombers, Chess, Football, 
Frog Bog, Golf, Hockey, Motocross, Night 
Stalker, Pinball, Sea Battle, Shark! Shark!, 
Skiing, Snafu, Soccer, Space Armada, 
Space Battle, Soace Hawk, Spiker! Super 
Pro Volley Ball, Stadium Mud Buggies, 
Star Strike, Sub Hunt, Super Pro 
Decathlon, Tennis and one more title still 
to be determined. Might we suggest the 
voice synthesizer-enabled B-77 Bomber? 
Until the title's September/October 

: a ! 

3 caus 

release, you'll just have to feast your eyes 
on these incredible (tee-hee) graphics. 

Why hasn’t anyone taken Shark! Shark! 
and updated it for today’s gamers? 



A million years ago, Intellivision sports 

Finally, can the PlayStation alone handle 
games were the best. Here’s Baseball. 

the awesome graphics of Star Strike? 

hit Japan on October 14th, and will feature improved i ; ssleage om 
; : : aron ona— 
graphics and a much bigger world. The game con- | | she bunny is 

cept has been expanded, but will still use super-high 
first-person perspective jumps, where you look 
down at your feet to guide Robbit to a safe 
landing. And yes, the MuuMuu's are back! 

Sourees say its well under. and could hit soa 

Sony could consider other options, like glasses in 
the place of a flip-up LCD screen. Of course, if you saw 

eaping back into the spotlight after a two-year 
hiatus is Robbit, the robot rabbit from Jumping 
Flash 1 and 2. The first game debuted just after the 
PlayStation’s launch, and featured innovative and verti- 
go-inducing gameplay. Jumping Flash 3 is scheduled to 

The game will probably be released in the 
US in 2000, although Sony had no comment at 
press time. The game will be Dual Shock compati- 
ble, and will have special PocketStation features (in 
Japan, at least). Glad to have you back, Robbit! 

B ere are a few other 
} notes of interest, in- 
ng the latest up-to- 

_ Infogrames announced 
_ its Holiday 99 lineup, and it’s. 
filled with racers and licens- 
es, Demolition Racer follows 

Destruction Derby's foot- 

steps, Test Drive 6is, remark- 

ably enough, the sequel to 
Test Drive 5 (formerly from 
Accolade). Jest Drive Off 
Road 3 is pretty self-explana- 

tory, and the series has been 

expanded to include Test 
Drive Cycles, Test Drive Rally 
and Test Drive Le Mans. We 
hope no one gets, ahem, 
testy. Mission Impossible 

ilareliNacxolctomiatcul(e]ayme) me r-\vael a 
PlayStation and is backed up 
by a flight sim, Eagle One, 
along with Alone in the Dark 
4, Time Loop and Smurfs. 
Them’s a lot of games! 

l- Driver, the red-hot racer 
from GT, has shipped over a 
aaliiite)amexe) ey(ctomutelarelyvite lc W- lave] 
is absolutely flying off the 
shelves. How many copies is 

| Waslielaram cone |hucm\Zel0m-laule(-f) 

of the scale, if a million 
copies of Driver fell on your 
head, you'd be killed instant- 
ly and turned into a dark 
maroon paste. 

BGT will release the 
soundtrack of Duke Nukem: 
A Time to Kill. The sound- 
track will be called Duke 
Nukem: Music to Score By 
relate mrviimict-1delecmaatomliitiarem ef:) be 
FeYel-m oyvaol-lale(om il com" (cler-le(citap 
Wu-Tang Clan and Slayer. 

B- Koei’s Japanese RPG 
Zill O'll is sadly no longer 
‘atct-le(<com Com tg(-m Ole ea Ral-Mel-leal-p 
which was unveiled at last 
year's Tokyo Game Show, 
will not be released in this 
territory, even though it has a 
cool name. The game will, 
however, appear as _ sched- 
uled in Japan in October. 

OcTogerR 1999 

You want more than the latest headlines—you want the dirt, 

4 Lj ry] () 4 — the inside scoop on what's really going on with the PlayStation. 

Look no further, because PSM always has its ear to the wall... 


arappa the Rapper and the Bust-a-Groove 

crew are evidently due for some competi- 
tion—but who would have thought it would come 
from the Final Fantasy wizards at Square? In the latest 
move to diversify its once role-playing heavy cache of 
console titles, the gaming powerhouse is reportedly 
readying a new dancing and rhythm title, initially for 
Japan, that will combine elements from its popular 
oredecessors—perhaps even throwing in a little “digi- 
tal DJ" action a la Konami's Beatmania. Word has tt 
that the game will debut overseas before the year is 
out. Look for Chibi-Chan to have some more info in a ‘ : 

se Squall rapping and break-dancing? Maybe not, but 
forthcoming edition of Nihon Game Otaku. Square's rumored dancing game is sure to be unique. 

Illustration: Ryan Kinnaird 

f you read our review of the game last issue, 
you know we're gaga for Reflection’s bad-ass 
getaway car ‘simulation’, Driver. So when word hit the 
office that a sequel to the game is in the works, we 
were every bit as excited as you'll undoubtedly be when 
you read this. Publisher GT Interactive is mum on the 
project, So we can't be certain what improvements will 
be made or when the game will be released. Rumor mill 
rumblings have it that the game will be ready next 
spring, and will in fact appear on the current generation 
PlayStation—although an even newer installment of the 

franchise is undoubtedly in the cards for Sony's next- RP SM 

generation hardware. courses, and weapons 
in are just some of the new 
Keep those fingers features being tossed 

crossed, and your dri- around for SingleTrac's 
ving gloves velcroed. my «Rogue Trip sequel. 

Driver's sequel could 

se aa as | seme sequel before the year is out. Our spies tell us to expect a slew of new 
and on the standard cars, weapons, and courses to be thrown into the mix, not to mention the poss 

PlayStation, no less. bility of super-crisp, high-resolution graphics, and lots of ska-infused tunes. 




odemasters, the zany British development 
house behind the classic miniaturized racing 
game Micro Machines, is said to be hard at work on a 
brand new micro title from the series’ creator, Andrew 
Graham. Rumor suggests that the game will revolve 

[=) ne of the fastest emerging trends in the around pint-sized warriors waging living room combat 

PlayStation universe Is the porting of popular instead of tiny sports cars racing around tabletops and 

prome computer games to our favorite console, most sandboxes. Codemasters has recently signed a US 
recently illustrated by Redstorm S Rainbow Six. Titles publishing deal with Activision, so when (and if) this 
ies the siege 21 iakaohl sala to PC—are game surfaces, its chances of seeing release Stateside 
ess common, but a rumored agreement between should be better than ever. Of course, you can expect 

Konami and computing giant Microsoft aims to change 
all that. According to numerous reports, Microsoft |s 
eyeing two of PlayStation's biggest games, Metal Gear 
Solid and Silent Hill, for PC release later this year. For 
those of you who've already blasted through both of 
these games, the home computer version will evident- 
ly boast greatly improved visuals, and Metal Gear Solid 
is likely to add Internet-based multiplayer missions. If 
these rumors hold true, you may see both games run- 
ning on a computer monitor before the year Is out. 

more info on the game in future issues. 

Illustration: Ryan Kinnaird 

4 Say goodbye to tiny cars. Although Micro Machines will 
see a true sequel on PlayStation, the next game from its 

With Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill headed for the PC, crecitor will focus on action movies antics, 
could Bill Gates become synonymous with otaku? 

Dave underestimated 
the party guests’ 

atred of charades. 

Don’t let this happen to you. With the new YOU DON’T KNOW JACK®, your 

PlayStation® game console may just be a life saver. Not to mention, one of the 

greatest party games ever invented. (Nude twister Comes in a Close second.) 
One, two or three players at a time get scorched by JACK’s sarcastic 
game show host. You and 
your friends wrestle over 
more than 1,400 seriously 
bent trivia questions on two 
CD's, while the rest of the party cat-calls, taunts and fights over who gets 
the controller next. So next time you throw a party, get YOU DON’T KNOW 
JACK and nobody gets hurt. 



. : o :; en ’ = | Comic Mischief, Strong Language 
999 Berkeley Systems, Inc. Berkeley, Berkeley Systems and the Berkeley Systems logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Berkeley Systems, Inc. ©1996-1999 Jellyvision, Inc. YOU DON'T KNOW JACK, a Suggestive siiesiat se 

Jellyvision and the Jellyvision logo are registered trademarks of Jellyvision, Inc. Sierra and Sierra Attractions are trademarks of Sierra On-Line, Inc. Any other trademarks are the property of their respective ¥ is product's 
owners, PlayStation and the PlayStation logos are registered trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. eet rating, please call 1-800-771-3772 

OctogerR 1999 

e Arcade System is the nicest piece of fur- 
ire ever designed for the PlayStation. It is also the 
asiest piece of furniture we've ever had to assem- 
le. Absolutely no tools are required. There aren't 
~ even any small parts and the thing is made from 

ey finished wood. The beauty of the design is 

that the different layers are held together by silver 
plastic tubing of different sizes that you screw 
: re Even cooler is how this design is com- 
table, allowing you to create your own 
. cade System to fit your individual 
needs. You don t have to make what's on the box. 
When you do build it, you have a nice surface for a 
steering wheel or Joystick, a slot in the bottom to 
hold foot peddles and two small racks on either side 
for holding ag) controllers. ae even space for 


as it only ve holes to let the ae come out 
: and space for the cords in the back. This is a sure fire 
way to overheat your PlayStation—if only the tray 
a wire basket instead. There are plenty of other 
s to set the PlayStation, or you could cut air- 
n the tray ike 
\ edi. We would not 

Teally work all that well, but the Super GB Booster 

dosies that ol 19s to he Parallel /O on the back of your 

console. We managed to get some older games to work, 
but not a single new color Gameboy game or any of the 
new ( rumble pack games would work. - When it did work, 

: ameboy G 
codes. Another moreno is that you get no sound from 
ae i Saebey games, but me can use the ie Gia 

, we dont really see a 
markt ae this thing; 

&F hesitate to use one of these in our own homes. To — 
_ find out how to get one check _ 

RATING: %* % %& % re — 

There's already an assortment of these handheld 
RC-type controllers available, but what makes the 
Pro Racing Grip different? First, it vibrates with all 
games that feature vibration. Unfortunately, the Dual 
Shock effect of the Pro Racing Grip has only one dis- 
cernible frequency of vibration, which is strong, but 
also tends to rattle. As a plus, it has multiple settings 
for compatibility with games that use digital, dual 
analog and Namco's NegCon controller. Another 
bonus is that it is the only controller of this kind that 
features the wheel on both sides of the unit for both 
lefties and righties. The lack of any significant turning 
radius on the wheel is a hindrance, however. Below 
the wheel are two triggers, one for gas, which is 
somewhat loose and has a large degree of motion, 
and a tighter brake trigger. There is a D-pad on 
the top of the base for navigating menus and 
every button on a normal controller is repre- 
sented on its face. This : 
controller is decent, 
with some useful 
innovations, — but 
some out of bal- 
ance key ingredi- 
ents keep this controller 
from getting a high score 
in our book. 

RATING: = = * 

square represent the 
A and B buttons and 
R2, L2, circle and triangle all serve the 

We've seen this controller before and it only — functions of the C buttons. The weird oneistheZ 
button, which is activated by pressing down one 

received an average rating in our 
original analysis, but a new 
version of Naki’s standard 
dual vibration analog con- 
troller has been released 
upon us. It retains every 
feature of the original, : 
which includes the use- lag 
less, but typical, Slo-mo 
and turbo modes. It also fea- : 
tures a disc shaped d-pad, but other 
than being a bit larger, it shares basically 
the same basic shape as its Sony counter- 
part. This gamepad is for people who own 
both a PlayStation and Nintendo 64 and think 
that the design of the dual shock PlayStation 
controller is far superior to the Nintendo's con- 
troller design, since you can plug this thing into 
either system. Of course, the Nintendo con- 
troller has one more button than the Sony, 
which makes for remapping the action buttons 
kind of a dilemma. This is Naki’s solution. X and 

the left analog stick (L3). This is the main down- 
fall, as most Nintendo games use the Z button 
for something important, like firing or as 
the gas or brake. You may have 

already been able to tell that the L3 - 

button can often be tough to press ~ 
accurately, which makes it 
unwieldy for many N64 

thing to check into if 

you've ever wished you 
could use your PlayStation 
controller for a particular 
N64 game. 

In our August Issue, we reviewed the Pro 
j Shock Arcade and mistakenly reported that the 
product is made by a company called Innovation. 
The Pro Shock Arcade is actually made by Blaze. 
We are sorry for any confusion. 

games. This is still some. 

iyiatnann gee sent ¢ Saecadee Seca etoe 


= —4 


. DMA Design Ltd. 

PlayStation an PlayStation logos are registered sademarks of DMA 

Vesign Lid. Rocksiar Games and the Rockstar logo a 


tne DMA \ogs are 


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RESIDENT EVIL 3 NEMESIS and CAPCOM EDGE are trademarks of CAPCOM CO., LTD. PlayStation and the PlayStation logos are registered trademarks of Sony Computer _ 
Entertainment Inc. The ratings icon is a trademark of the Interactive Digital Software Association. : 

Pes . Ay 


In real life, Lara Croft would beat 
the living !@#2% out of you for 
- looking at her like that. 

ote Bossi Z inhoe 

GO Aided BALE an 
Get Hooked Up. For Less. 

251 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10010 

©1999 UGO Networks, Inc. All rights reserved. GameDealer is a registered trademark of UGO Networks, Inc. 
Tomb Raider, Lara Croft and her likeness are the property of Core Design and Eidos Interactive. 

OctTrogerR 1999 

ee ee 


New Financial Report Tips Sony's Hand 

| r - “Ts this issue goes to press, we are only 

om — I about one month away from the Autumn 
‘BE Tokyo Game Show (TGS), where Sony 

= = of will reveal a majority of its plans for the 

PlayStation 2. Anxious to hear what Sony will say, 
the industry is buzzing with gossip and speculation 
about the next-generation console. What will it 
cost? When will it be released? How many games 
will there be at launch? What will the thing /ook like? 

To add further excitement to everything, Merrill 
Lynch, a financial analyst company, has just released 
a report about Sony. In it, the company reveals that 
the PlayStation 2 will be released on January 1, 2000 
for a cost of Y45,000 ($391). The report goes on to 

\ rev reveal eal several other other interesting: bits: bits of information 

oony Gonfirms: No 

OVO Movies or Modem 

PlayStation 2 (ic eas Winiaaly’ 

about the console’s launch. There will be three or four 
actual PS2 titles available, as well as six or seven 
“upgraded” PlayStation titles, all of which will retail for 
around Y8,000 ($70) each. (PSM feels that the next 
Gran Turismo and Final Fantasy Vill are strong candi- 
dates to be two of those upgraded titles.) 

While this is an official report from a very 
respectable company, we here at PSM have to dis- 
agree with some of the information revealed, specifi- 
cally the cost of the console and the games. Speaking 
with several prominent developers and industry insid- 
ers, PSM has determined that the console will cost no 
more than $300 and could possibly go for as low as 
$250 when it hits the Japanese stores. Also, Sony has 
been saying all along that PS2 games will cost almost 
exactly the same amount as standard PlayStation 
ones. ae means that ‘paces: of $45-50 seem yey 

en a OSS 

rF™ ™ "Tn a recent stroke of bad 
Enews, Sony has revealed 
__ ff that the PlayStation 2 will not 
Le we me af Come with a modem, and 
quite possibly will lack DVD movie play- 
back as well. In a recent interview, Phil 
Harrison (Sony's Vice president of third- 
party and R&D) commented that the PS2 
would not include a modem because cur- 
rent modem technology would be out- 
dated shortly after the console’s release 
date. Sony wants to be able to provide 
consumers with several different options 
when it comes to online connectivity. 
Those of us who merely want to browse 
the web from time to time or just check 
email could just go out and buy a cheap 
modem, while those gamers who are 
hardcore and want the best possible con- 
nection will be able to pick up a more 
expensive Cable or DSL type modem. 
This could be a smart decision if Sony is 
able to still get developers to include 
multiplayer support in their games. 

It will be interesting to see, however, 
if the non-inclusion of the modem will 
have any negative effect on the sales of 
the PS2, especially when you consider 
that the Dreamcast is cheaper and does 
feature a 56K modem. Only time will tell. 

senaanensuansnnssunehensec seni Se iOc One Sana senssnnsnatnasentins SS SRS onset naan saree encnhniee erste 


& Merrill b 
pe preteen ir 
never get a job here... Well, janitor maybe... 

feasible, especially when you consider that the first | 

be bullish on America, but they could be full 

batch of titles will probably be released on standard | 

CD-Roms instead of the more expensive DVDs. 
Who's right? No one except Sony knows right 

now. Come this September, though, things will hope- | 
fully be a lot clearer. And as you would expect, PSM | 
will be at front-row center when Sony finally does | 

decide to spill the proverbial “beans” next month in 
Tokyo. It's just 30 short days until our next issue, and 
it should be our most spectacular one ever! : 

ames rentneneanetecinsannnsiniontmansirmnte™ 

As far as the ability to play back DVD movies goes, it 
doesn't look like the PS2 will have that feature either, 
at least initially. In order to keep the overall cost of the 
console down, it seems Sony has opted to release the 
DVD movie interface as a separate component that 
should be available about one year after the console’s 
launch. While disheartening to a lot of gamers, lack of 
DVD movie support won't make or break the system. 
In fact, it proves that Sony is definitely aiming to make 
the PlayStation 2 just a gaming machine at the start, 
and not an all-in-one entertainment system—that will 
probably come later. 


25 TO 

aUP <4 ve. 

F ™ ™ “Talking with some of our sources in the - 
|i "4 | industry, we've found out some rather — 

_ I interesting tidbits about the next-gener- _ 
ation PlayStation. Obviously, we can't | 
| confirm any of these facts or say that they are defi 
| nitely going to happen, but we thought we would go © 
| ahead and print them anyway. There is a good — 
| chance that Sony will confirm at least a few of them — 

| at this year's Tokyo Game Show. 

| (> There will be a new PocketStation 

It appears that Sony has completely redesigned the 
PocketStation, improving the battery life and screen - 
| resolution. The “PocketStation 2” should be avail- 
| able for purchase about 3-4 months after the PS2’s - 

| launch and will definitely be coming to the U.S. 

ic The PS2 will look a bit like Sega’s Dreamcast | 

| While a lot of rumors about the PS2's design have 

| been circulating around the net, the latest one 
| has the console looking a bit like the Dreamcast, © 
| but more computer-like. 

| down to about 1/3 its size and that's what sources 
| are saying the PS2 may look like. 

[> New Memory Cards will be released 

Along with the PocketStation 2, a new type of | 
| Memory Card will be introduced to the gaming pub- 
lic. It will be able to hold a lot more save data than 

| the standard PS memory cards, but will plug into the 

| Confirmed by Sony's own Phil Harrison, the Dual — 
| Shock controller will be the pack-in controller for the — 
| PS2. There will be a few minor cosmetic changes © 
| made to it, but the overall design of the controller — 
| will remain the same. There is also a chance that a 

same kind of slot. That way, you can use both types | 

of cards on the machine. 

|} Sony's Dual Shock Analog pad will 

_be the standard PlayStation 2 controller 

| new controller will be released later on. 

> At least sixteen American companies are 

already working on games 

| It looks like at least sixteen different American com- 
| panies are already well into development on PS2 
| titles. Sony has asked a few of the companies, such 
| as Acclaim, to have games finished in time for the 
| console's U.S. launch around September 2000. 

| |= Sony to create digital camera for PS2 

| Already a market leader in the digital camera market, 
| Sony plans to introduce a special digital camera that 
| will interface with the PlayStation 2. A possible use 
| for the camera includes importing your image into a 
| game, so you can play as yourself. 

Imagine a PC shrunk > 

secret Developer 
F ~~ ‘Tespite the iron-clad NDAs (Non- 
E Disclosure Agreements) that Sony 
i has forced developers to sign, 
Le we os ft Many Of them are still willing to 
talk about at least a few aspects of the 
PlayStation 2. PSM recently had the pleasure 
of speaking to one such developer. While 
we can't reveal his name or the compa- 
ny he works for, our mystery guest did 
reveal several interesting tidbits 
about the console, as well as share 
his opinions about what it will do for 
the videogames industry. 

PSM: Have you heard any informa- 
tion regarding the possible design of 
the PlayStation 2? Sources have told 
us different things, but we wanted see 
if you have heard of anything new... 
A: Ha ha, this is part of the information 
Sony is tightly guarding. As of now, | think Sony has 
been showing only the development system around 
—just a piece of PCB. However, | have heard from a 
certain friend at Sony that the machine will be very 
slimlined and very tiny. My guess Is that It will have a 
purple/ silver/ dark grey color scheme—like the Sony 
VAIO notebooks—or it'll just be plain grey again. 

PSM: How powerful do you think this console 
really is? How long do you think it will take for 
home computers to catch back up? 

A: |'ll answer the second question first. | expect the 
PC to catch up with the PlayStation 2 in around two 
years, and that’s just the top range of PCs. It may 
take up to 3 years for the average home PC to match 
the performance of PS2. 

As for the power, well, if Sony is telling the 
truth—and | have reason to believe that they are 
telling the truth, then it is just a step below from 
being infinitely powerful—a figure of speech of 
course, since | felt the same way for the original 
PlayStation when it first came out. 

It certainly is a true “next” generation machine, 
unlike the Dreamcast. It is very, very powertul, and | 
can't stress that enough. We are talking about pow- 
ers that really can display FMV quality. Not to men- 
tion that the Emotion Engine Is a chunky piece of 
CPU that'll allow very complex game structure and 
clever Al as well as detailed physical modeling. 

PSM: How are development times? | know most 
companies have large teams working on games, 
but how long do you think a general, average 
game will take to create from start to finish? 

A: Once the developers get used to the machine, it 
will not take much longer than most of today’s PC 
games. Of course, overall, development time is 
becoming longer and longer. However, !’m willing to 
bet that the finalized PS2 library will make things 
much smoother and fast. Another advantage Is that 
a company that programmed on the PlayStation can 
easily migrate to PS2, since they can virtually re-use 
their PlayStation code, or just code in the old PS1 
way, and still benefit from stunning graphics and 
sound. Of course, if they do that, they won't take 
advantage of the PS2’'s more unique features (much 
like the first crop of CD titles didn't really take advan- 

A Just who is our Pl 
Mystery Man? Well, 
mysterious! That's all we know! 

Octoger 199590 
HTTP! // 

tage of CD at all), but It's an option never the less. 
Like | said, | think the problem is that the PS2 is so 
powertul, the development teams won't know what 
to do with the power—remember those horrible 
“interactive movies” on the first CD games? It'll 
take a few good samples from top companies 
such as Square, Polyphony Digital (The com- 
pany that created Gran Turismo -Ed.) to 
show everyone else the way forward, 
and that's how | interpret what 
Square's Hironobu Sakaguchi 
meant when he said that only 
five companies can properly 
write games for PS2. He didn't 
mean that the PS2 will be terri- 
bly difficult to program for, just 
that it takes a grand vision and 
careful gameplay design to realize 
the potential of console. 
tation 2 ~~ DSM: Once people get comfort- 
able, what do you think devel- 
opment times will be like? 
A: 1.5 years for an arcade title, and 2~2.5 years for 
more complex games. 

PSM: Can you give us your fully-honest thoughts 
on the console? 

A: | think it'll bring another revolution to the games 
industry, much like first PlayStation did. However, 
this time, the revolution will be in a much smaller 
scale than the last time. 

PSM: What is truly great about the console, in 
your opinion? 

A: The power. This machine lives up to Its claim as a 
next generation system, while | feel that the 
Dreamcast Is only a half-hearted attempt. 

The reputation. Our company decides to program 
for it even before the official announcement, simply 
due to the success of the first PlayStation, while we 
are not developing for the Dreamcast. And I'm sure 
a lot of other companies will feel the same. 

The Emotion Engine CPU is a beautiful thing 
and will allow new horizons to be explored in 
game design. 

The ports. The PCMCIA, firewire and USB literal- 
ly means this machine will already have thousands of 
peripherals even before its launch. This makes it the 
most expandable machine to this day, second only to 
the PC. 

PSM: What is bad about the console? 

A: The power—l'm being cheeky here, but if Sony 
said to me, “you can have any demand to make the 
ultimate console ever!” then | would probably pick a 
few more points. For example, | ‘d love to have a true 
polygon draw rate of 50+ million. That would allow 
you to create Star Wars: Episode 1 visuals on a con- 
sole—just a dream, but now | predict that by 
PlayStation 3, we can have better performance than 
even that! 

The launch time—! can't wait! Sony could have 
made a simultaneous Japan and US launch, and that 
would have really hurt the DC... (Although I’m hoping 
that the DC succeeds, as well). 

PSM: Well, that’s all our questions for now. 
Thanks so much for taking the time to talk to 
us—we'll give you another ring after Fall TGS! 

OctogerR 199909 
HTTP! // 

“Tt ithin the past few months, emulation has 
| @ @ I gone from something that is merely dis- 
ic @ I cussed at high-end computer club meet- 
Le we om mf INGS to full-fledged consumer products 
that you can buy off the shelf. And with the recent 
legal battle between Sony and Bleem heating up, 
emulation has become an even more popular topic to 
discuss. Everyone seems to be getting into it. 

Typically, though, emulation is done on a comput- 
er. For example, Bleem is a PlayStation emulator that 
runs on the PC. However, one creative person by the 
name of Mike Tedder is breaking the mold and actu- 
ally writing a PC emulator that will run on the 
PlayStation 2! Currently, the project is in its early 
stages, but Mike hopes to be quite a ways along by 
the time the PS2 actually launches in the U.S. 


life while fending off would-be predators. 

As first reported on, virtually every crea- 
ture in the game will use different types of songs to com- 
municate. These songs, however, can also be used for 

variety of purposes such as capturing food or blasting 
enemy sharks. The developers are currently planning to 

include multiplayer support in Virtual Ocean, but the exact details about this feature are not yet known. 
Expect much more info about this possible PS2 launch title to “surface” in the next few months (d’oh!). 

r™ ™ “Tt seems that every day a new develop- 
ii 7 i er announces or at least 

‘f= 2 [hints at titles that they 
| fhe so me mf Plan to do for the next- 

fogs) | 

generation PlayStation. Pore | 
Off to a racing start, UK-based \— 

Codemasters has announced that 
it will be bringing the sequel to its pop- 
ular rally game, Colin McRae Rally, to both the PC 
and PlayStation 2. Guy Wilday, the lead producer on 
the project, commented on the sequel, “We are 
engineering a wealth of new gameplay 
mechanics and race styles that we are 
incredibly excited about but we're not 
revealing details for the present.” 

Now, we move to GT Interactive, 
which always seems to be the spot- 
light. The company has not announced 
any titles for the PS2 yet but has appar- 
ently assembled a special team which ™* 
has the single purpose of figuring out 
the best possible way to maximize the console’s 
abilities. Wwe assume this team will advise internal 
development teams once actual development on a 
game begins. 

One company that most console-exclusive 
\gamers wont know about, Epic Megagames, has 

"nents esc ee eae 



Ee rn ee te rn ee 


E variation on Sega's Ecco the Dolphin, as the 

# ft developers at AndNow have just recently 
les wo om ag announced their underwater adventure, 
Virtual Ocean, for both the PC and PS2 format. The game 
with throw players into the role of various underwater 
creatures such as whales and dolphins. And just like in 
Ecco, you will have to solve puzzles and rescue other sea 

r ~ ™ “T tlooks like the PlayStation 2 will have its own 

> Emulators 
like Bleem! are 
gamers to play 
games on their 
PCs. This battle 
is just 
beginning to 
heat up! 

Look, ma— 
Windows on my 
PlayStation 2! 

If the emulator does work well, this could open up a 
whole new possibility for the next-generation 
PlayStation. Imagine being able to play all the latest 
PC titles, as well as PS2 and PS ones. This would give 
the PlayStation 2 the largest game library of all time. 
Awesome! Those of you interested in keeping up 
with Mike's progress should check out his site at And tell him PSM sent you! 

Release Date: 

© These screenshots 
were taken from an 
early build of the PC 
version of the game. 
Players can expect the 

tation 2 version 

to look a lot better. 

& There's just some- 
thing cool about being 
able to explore the 
ocean depths as a 
whale. You never 
know what you will 
happen across. 

expressed their desire to create an 
original game for the PS2. The company, known for 
its popular first-person shooter, Unreal, also plans | 
to port that game's amazing 3-D engine to the con- 
sole in order to sell it as middleware. In a recent 
issue of Games Business, the Vice-president of 
Megagames was quoted as saying, “It's safe to say 
that if we go through with the effort to create a 
PlayStation 2 engine, we will do a game for that 
system.’ Does this mean that the PS2’s launch 
library will include a first-person shooter? We'll 
KNOW soon enough. 





= This is Unreal, and it’s playi 
on a PC. Rumor has if that it will 
soon be a PlayStation 2 game. 

Following the recent 
news that 989 Studios is 
now working on a fourth 
sequel to Jet Moto for — 
the PlayStation 2, comes | 
a rumor that a version of the company's NBA 
Shootout is also be developed for the console. 
Apparently, NBA point-guard Jason Kidd was seen \ 
at a motion-capture session and had commented | 
that the game he was involved in was coming to. | 
the PlayStation 2. That's good enough for us. j 



& £ 

Gon Ween” 

é Baye menled 

Gclobar 12e 





$ Video Cable Color Memory Cards Link Cable Multi Tap 

Settling for anything less than the real thing can be a bad idea. So get your hands on genuine PlayStation” branded accessories. The DUAL SHOCK” 
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Multi Tap lets you plug up to four players into one console. So you can strain your closest friendships with a trash-talking game ot hoops or a golt 

PlayStation and the PlayStation logos are registered trademarks and DUAL SHOCK is a trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. ©1999 Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. 



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foursome. Use your Memory Card to save a level or disemboweling fighting combo. For serious one-on-one arcade action, use a Link Cable to hook 
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Q: Is there any specific aspect of the 
game that you are most proud of? 
Something that you look back and 
you say that was very good or you 
liked a lot? 

A: We are very proud that we have 
completed the game. <laughter> 

Q: We know that each game uses 
entirely different characters, exclud- 
ing Sid. What's the main reason you 
choose to create a new cast every 
time you have a new sequel? 

A: Although this is a series, we don't 
have the tradition to try to get some of 
the same character in the series, 
because each time we try to create a 
new world. Sometimes we use an 
ancient era or ancient world, and some- 
times like with this one, we try to get a 
SF sort of world. With that change, we 
have come up with new characters, and 
of course, another aspect is that with 
the technological advancement of the 
change, hardware is getting better and 
better, and the technology is getting 
better and better. That means the 
appearance of characters are 
naturally changed from one 
series to another. We 
can't use the same 
characters. By doing 

SO, we ourselves, 

the creators from 

the producer's side 
feel always fresh and new. 

Ld P 

Q: Final Fantasy 7 had 

more deformed, cute look- 

ing characters residing in 
kind of a dark industrial 
world, whereas in Final 
Fantasy 8, you have more 
realistic and mature-look- 
ing characters. This time, 
they're in a more vibrant 
and bright world. Is that a 
deliberate contrast that you 
tried to make? 

A: Final Fantasy 8 was realistic 

Recently, Square of Japan invited the 

U.S. press to come to Japan and have a 

round-table Q&A session with the 

- developers of Final Fantasy Vill 
Among the development team mem- 

bers present were Yoshinori Kitase, 

the lead director, Hiroshi Harata, one 
of the battle programmers and 
Tetsuya Nomura, battle director. 

and not deformed, because right after 
completing FF7, we realized that we 
could use more of the technology of CG 
and we have experienced the CG tech- 
nologies with FF7 and we confirmed 

The players have to be able to play. 
If the real time is getting closer and 
closer to movie, yes, we would like 
to move toward that direction, 100 
percent real time. 

that we could make the most of that 

technology with the characters in terms Q: In creating Final Fantasy 8, did 
of movement, motion and facial expres- | you go back to any of the older titles, 
sions in the next part of episode 8. From like Final Fantasy 1 through 6 that 
the beginning, we've had this concept, @Ppeared on the Famicom and Super 
to create more realistic characters, not | Famicom, to see what you liked and 
deformed characters. The world, _ ‘f there was anything you wanted to 

whether its dark or bright, for FF7, we  Porrow from those games? 

alt Fo REAL Time 15 GETTING 


<TIONsss 1D 

Yoshinori Kitase wads the 
lead Director on FFVill. 


used sort of dark and dumpy slums and 
world, but from the beginning, we have 
this concept to 
express a very bright 
: world, using a bright picture 
for FFVIII. 
That's what we have had from 
the beginning. 

A: Story or character? 

Q: Any type of character design, 
gameplay features? 

A: One example is we used a very pop- 
ular enemy character, introduced in FFS. 

Q: In terms of technology We used that character in FFVII/. We 

for the future for 
PlayStation 2, is the shift 
going to be in real time, 
creating all real-time 
worlds rather than back- 
grounds that are applied 
and then the characters are 
added to the background 
that is supplied? 


A: I|t's not difficult to have 100 per- 
cent real time, but we are moving 
toward that direction, that means to 
an increased percentage of real 
time in the game. If we have a large 
percentage of movie parts in the 
game, that will restrict the players to 
play as the interactive play. So this 
is a game, So it must be interactive. 

OctogserR 1999 

"At the start of the press event, the 
President of Square welcomed us to Japan. 

were tempted to use the same charac- | 
ters that were introduced in previous | 

titles, however, that would create some 
limitation for the player that we might 
create some sort of closed club of play- 

ers, but what we wanted do Is to invite | 
new players so they can enjoy the play | 
that starts at FFVIII, even if they don't | 
know anything about the last titles. But | 
we still give some advantage to the old | 
players. We insert little tokens or figures | 

or whatever, something that long-term 
players can notice when they play. 

Q: Are any particular considerations | 

you made for the Western audience, 

in terms of character design or plot | 
or maybe how the game is balanced? | 

A: We didn't make any special consid- 
erations or attention to appeal to the 
Western user, however, we've tried not 

to include very Japanese elements of 

emotion or reaction from the beginning, 
when we made the Japanese version. 

some traditional behavioral 

reactions still remain, and after we fin- | 

ished the story, we noticed that - "Yes, 
this is very Japanese.” 

Q: | noticed that FFVIII has less mini- | 
games than Final Fantasy 7, as far as | 
the whole game is concerned, but | 

there is a very involved card game. 

HTTP! //wwwsePSMONLINEs«com 

OctogerR 1999 

A: Yes, FF7 had a lot of mini- 
games, andthe playerhad 4 
to play them. 4 
However, after 
FFVIl we 

got a lot of comments from users that 
felt that the games were too hard. 
Therefore, in FFVI/|, we decided to offer 
a choice to the gamer. You can choose 
to play or not to play or when to play the 
card game, because it is offered from 
the beginning to the end of the game. 
Also, when we came up with that idea, 
the card game itself was getting popular 
in the real world. Since FFVIII is a virtual 
world, we thought it would be a good 
idea to have a card game within the con- 
text of that virtual world. 

A: You don't have to play the card 
game, however, if you do and you get 
very good at It, you can get weapons or 
magic. If you get rare cards, you can 
exchange that card for a very special 
identity for magic. 

A: We have already given the license to 
game manufacturer on the market. 

A: Yes. 

A: Yes. 


n the development of FF7, we came up 
with some ideas for the next, so it's 
rather difficult to decide when we start- 
ed the concept. 

A: The battle system in FFV was well 
appreciated and accepted by the play- 
ers, herefore, we used this concept to 
introduce a similar battle system for 
FFVIII. The reason why the battle sys- 
tem or the battle portion of FFV is very 
popular is that the user can chose 
perimeters, like in the battle scene and 
also, the user can develop their own 
characters and the characteristics of the 
characters. that is why we introduced a 
similar concept to FFVI///. With Guardian 
Force, we further developed that con- 
cept. As far as the system is concerned, 

This is one of the many 
“quiet” rooms at Square 
where game sound effects 
and music are recorded. 

A: The actual production 
took one and a half years. 
That means the actual prod- 
uct took one and a half. 
However when It comes to 
concept, it's very ambigu- 
ous, because right after we 
completed FF/7 or even 

‘ << al ei 

if you want to get deeper involved, it's 

possible, but if you don't want to do so, 
you just go through the game. In a way, 
we offer a wider range of choices to our 
players. It gives them freedom. 

_Seaecaseasean tensa ink isuensantonrsanstanOuratm VAMC AUMAR ARB OUAEEAADSRd RAD EBIRILZT SA) Oa/ FEO RR Oke SAAC ER terranes 

A: They haven't decided on the future 
direction yet, in terms of the battle sys- 
tem, however with FFVI//, we tried to 
get more users involved in the combat 
battle by introducing the button system 
So the user can use the Gunblade, and 
at the time, they can increase the force 
by pressing specific but- 
tons. That's the concept 
we had for FFVII/, howev- 
er, we didn't know what 
we will do next time. 



A: It's possible but we have not official- 
ly discussed it yet. 

A: We can get more realistic graphics 
and pictures and the story can be more 
realistic, So that means the story line 
can be more complicated, like in the 
real world, sO we cannot simply 
distinguish between the bad guys and 
good guys. And if we tried to depict a 
bad guy in the traditional sense, that can 
appear very unrealistic. They fight 
together because they're positioned in 
different situations, not because they're 
good or bad. 

A: We don't think FFVII/ is the ultimate 
title. We could still do a lot more on the 
existing PlayStation. When it comes to 
the next PlayStation, we don't know the 
details yet, so we cannot give that infor- 
mation to you. At this stage, we're not 
Sure of what sort of capabilities that has 
to offer us and what sort of graphics we 
can get and what sort of 

processing capacities 

that the PlayStation has. 

besides JELLY douGHNUTS! 



Comm Cole Mc Malolm or-le-lale(ommirl-\MMMalc\Vmr-1e-Melelmcome(-1 Mole mm mUce: <i \ mmol: Meveliil-Mele-er-lc-o Mita: 

jo -t-1-) Mol me: Mer-lmr-lalemlal-me (elem ComallamimComigl-Ma-lellial-MA | cclCamial-Mmel-lomelco) meri -1-)aMVelUm-lavemial 

‘ero) ok-mo[E(o(-Me-t-Mtat-mer-|eMol-jal'(-(-\aMatoll] mr-(erer-1(-1e-1 Ce) mr-lalem tal-micele)geley-l ce mel (-t-] 0) el-1-1¢-m 

PlayStation and the PlayStation logos are registered trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. Sega and Sega Dreamcast are trademarks of SEGA ENTERPRISES, LTD. All rights reserved. Game Boy Color is a reg- 
istered trademark of Nintendo of America Inc. © 1989, 1999 Nintendo of America Inc. All rights reserved. LIGHTENING F-150 AND GT40 TRADEMARK(S) USED UNDER LICENSE FROM FORD MOTER COMPANY. Test 

Drive and Infogrames are registered trademarks of Infogrames North America. Test Drive 6 © 1999 Infogrames North America. All rights reserved. Created by Pitbull Syndicate. All other trademarks and trade names are 
the properties of their respective owners. 

See oe ee 

— ioe 

=: :. 

Sitch eeageaen, oo itihn “i> " 
si le adil 



iii Me eee 

e Over 100 vehicles 

e Over 20 real-world tracks 

PlayStation ant? ~~ — 
bm Of e) o Mes at-ty-Miilele (= . Spun INFOGRAMES 

¢ Multi-player racing 

¢ Huge Jumps 




7 Seaes Riehl 

We've listed every upcoming 


PlayStation game we can think 
of. However, keep in mind that 
these dates often change. It’s still 

fun to look forward, though! 

i The EB 

(For July) 

Sachiaerp henna ai 
a few good drivers 

_ A double dose of success for Driver this month, heading up both 

: chart listings. No greater thrill than playing the wheelman for shady | 

| underworld characters, we guess... 

| 1 Driver 
| 2 » NCAA Football 2000 - Great college atmosphere! 
: »> FF Greatest Hit - You can never get too much FF action. 

> Star Ocean SS - Keep gamers busy with over 80 endings | 

| 5 > Luna Silver - Old school APG sitting pretty. 

6 }» Jade Cocoon - Capture monsters, make ‘em work. 

| 7. » Syphon Filter - 007 lookalike is still fun. 

[ 8 > Triple Play 2000 - Going strong as season ends. 

| 9 > Rebel Assault 2 - Still good the second time around. 
10 > NBA Live ‘99 - Hoops action from the sports meisters. 


.. (For June/July) 

$4 « Who hasn’t wanted to 

/ drive a big, high-powered, 
‘70s-style getaway car? 
Continuing its dominanceof the retail charts, Driver is in the number one 
position for the second month running and is still rocketing off the shelves. 
You, too, can drive for the Mafia! 

1 > Driver 

2 }» Tarzan - Tree surfing never grows old. 

> Final Fantasy VII - Vill sparks interest in the prequel. 
> Triple Play 2000 - You can't keep baseball fans down. 
b> WWF Warzone - Keep ‘em ina cage. It's safer. 

» NFS: High Stakes - Be a cop for the day. 

» Syphon Filter - Gabe’s still hanging in there. 

» Star Ocean - Second story... 

9 » MLB 2000 - Going down for the count. 

L 10 > Ape Escape - Dropping off the monkey radar. 

as ee 

7 ; veges ——- 
; : t 3 
Es & ee SS Se: E 
= 3 

Rees: lee cueneculeire eecmeniue 
Nv addition 10) the list this month. 


PES SET ih chitsicust cll aad suas Football............ NCAA GameBreaker 2000 
FO SEMIS fe ba ivssaebevidsan ten POOEDOND cisisiovibacciuecld NFL GameDay 2000 
FG SEIS 65 hss uelhcinsnssios | ee a ee Jet Moto 3 
SUES 17S a aS ee a NHL Faceoff 2000 
PTIVIBION sich cobs ics binges nant ee ee EST Quake |! 
PGAIVISION sc Sooachcoveecss Skateboarding........... Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 
AGS bok ee EN jovessavsiscecsendiccaiese Bass Landing 
ASG Gamesin docs iccia in| ee Jeff Gordon XS Racing 
PANG aes BIAIBOVI AED sccsttcoccceesdeatws Thousand Arms 
1, GR eo eecoeeie as PEVONTUNG .c..ccieceinstniscecsccsis Tail Concerto 
BONO d ob ace hisiemeres PNG sicin nak Seccamiuaivanu: Bass Rise 
GADOOM 206. oto ck Survival HOrrOr.............ccccccseeeeeees Dino Crisis 
Bo Mee Boule aces nares yar (3 |) eee eee aR ee ae Scere es Mag 3 
COVE a ie IMOITUOID oc scad cscccccsnccesees Broken Sword 2 
EA S00 eee os ere NASCAR 2000 
Sy eee en eases aang? PRONG cnncndin eae. Urban Chaos 
Electromic AMS .....0.....0- WANING i eau beeen Hot Wheels 
Fox Interactive ...............-+-- Sports........ FOX NHL Championship 2000 
GT Interactive ................ OU) PIQUOMN 6g vccitincdcaseces Forty Winks 
Havas Interactive.............+. 1) Sees You Don’t Know Jack 
KONO iccdaussucuia Strategy/RPG.............ccece Vandal Hearts || 
NGWEY Sik lice PY ccicxsscisisviniadson Gauntlet Legends 3D 
DAMASCADG eile ds dsvedare PION iccicvusdoncainaneacaseen Rat Attack 
PEPE ois nile PME os caisecsnioestessoustoea Action shooter 
PSVONIOSIS ili ie ccc issse Adventure/Platform...............cccsecseeeeees Kingsley 
PSVBIS gooie i aii sbeenepideacase FNC sivas nocnhduee iets Wipeout 3 
PVG iv adsunnooaisesen Action/Shooter G-Police Weapons Of Justice 
PRONE i issce sn cocsdonni Action / Platform............... Earthworm Jim 3D 
OT cc cstiaedisstssaldcoapaceres ee Gran Turismo 2 
1 ot aR Action/Shooter ...............ccccse0 Omega Boost 
SEMAN GR I iiss av scvaneonneiilteaoans lf Final Fantasy VIII 
ROHR IOD ch csi Lisa eeeaous Sas DIT MOON sciiecncnacenctas Monster Rancher 2 
PCD ich ccspits coeetnbaes Racing/Combat.................... Demolition Racer 
PCTIVISION socicscsscsecvoonst Action/Adventure......... Nightmare Creatures II 
PE iloninsinnsucastnsetiass PUN sp Bisidactagiccoledetticeches Rising Zan 
BNO eco ick Gu hi unionathe LS F-1 World Grand Prix 
a ISU Eas a aa renee POA oso. cit ncn tiueaepeenaned Saboteur 
BROS i oil cindeae oes: Action.......... Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 
Electronic Arts......... First-Person Shooter .................. Medal of Honor 

Infogrames................. Action/Adventure.............. Mission: Impossible 
RONOIN c cesiheec ches Petions SHOOTS... 2.c.-o Sees Gungage 
KONA ont Ps 2a suites Suikoden |! 
LUCOSARS iis csce hoes Racing .......... Star Wars Episode 1: Racer 
LUGBSATS Go ileiccsiiachone Adventure .....Star Wars: Phantom Meance 
ATSC ooo isco tsalens FRBNY cs tas casas cinntinieedtag Reel Fishing 2 
As acces chose il Fishing/Sports ......BASS Masters Classic: CE 



PCI is sige vos tlh cure Re, a CE Space Invaders 

Octoger 1999 

Racing/Combat...Vigilante 8: Second Offense 

Sea eere te Adventure Clock Tower Il: Struggle Within 
Action/Shooter... Darkstone 
 ptavikamige anil Mech Combat.......................-Macross VFX-2 
EIR cs ciehccn hat en ae PUION  cccsasedaconsscaleitesosssetueanes Witchblade 
: Fox Interactive ............. Action/Shooter ................+.. Die Hard Trilogy 2 
: Fox Interactive oo... SOONS ei FOX Pro Baskeetball 2000 
g:  MasiWOs.. 3 acuity. Board Game... cided Scrabble 
SHAS sc occ ce ee caste Classless ala Pong 
FULL, | Sen eee LE PEVGTIOUTG fii ie ie a Messiah 
S WIWEY cio sicccteis sensei ClaSSiGS. cscs hits AGH Atari Collection III 
S MIGWAN aces leiaeia Classics ua Arcade Party Pak 
e NeW ode PIBHORN ssccisccsota dure: Pac-Man World 
: Mocks. Action/Racing............0+. Grand Theft Auto 2 
: Sony DEA axis Racing wccicediesaset CTR: Crash Team Racing 
a Sn CER es RPG Grandia 
: Square tA ssh APG Final Fantasy Anthology 
S Os dc Horse Reciig. ica Gallop Racer II 
WH sie FONG odie Shaolin 
: Ubiset 5 Action/Platfortn......-ccccccccsesseosssseesees Rayman 2 
: November 
s O00. a Ah Army Men: Air Attack 
2 9DO ee ce Action. 33. Army Men: Sarge’s Heroes 
> 989 Studios «0.0.0... SMNOWDOAIING........ceeeeeeeeeeee Cool Boarders 4 
> 989 Studios... Basketball ............0..0... NBA ShootOut 2000 
: 989 Studios ...........cce.- Car Combat... Twisted Metal 4 
=: 060 Studios. Sots, NCAA Final Four 
: PCM cece Rating. nou South Park Rally 
¢ ACTIVISION i. ciscsscctuzcsess Action/ Platform ici cesses Toy Story Il 
S ATIVISION «5c 6:s:scuctend FINN eo Wu Tang 
5 MADOIAY sion vcd Societies Survival Horror........... Resident Evil: Nemesis 
EA SiO cack tec Snare ies cas Knockout Kings 2000 
BSN oss ora a Classless cuue Missile Command 
ASSIA acon es Strategy ih eal) Worms: Armageddon 
Pa ace es ClASSICS fe ah ie ae Q-Bert 
S MIWA idk auneenteans Action si.) Jackie Chan's Stunt Master 
MidWa. B Action/Adventure............... MK: Special Forces 
S IWAN gsicou stems Basketball ....NBA Showtime: NBA on NBC 
WIAWEVE coi kere Boxing sss csusad Ready 2 Rumble Boxing 
> Mindscane: no kat SHATOOY cess Panzer General Assault 
Narco. 5k ee Plato siicie ss ule Pac-Man World 
+ PSYONONIS Si. cl a Raging eee Formula 1 99 
S Spay Gigs in acs Action/Platform.......... Spyro (2): Ripto’s Rage! 
5 PAU ccteanis oe ACHR ce Rugrats: Studio Tour 
: WR Aton Superman 
: December 
S  Acclaitise cca cicicanons POC cu McGrath Supercross 2000 
s Acca ek as Shooting. n4.cesd Armorines 
: Sidhe Interactive ............... ShOOtr ociekie ce, Dirty War 
‘Sx 2 epercsmenewen scr re Gambling. usa Veabe Games 2000 
© BOO si cates ee RPG/ Action....Crusaders of Might & Magic 
S Acclaim -iciaieicunane Action ......south Park: Chef's Love Shack 
5 ACCONG 5s esicsccsienincees RACING ili Ue ne Test Drive 6 
2 ARCDIBND ois niche aens RACING .ccscelaliiia, Test Drive Cycles 
S ODE. aie RACING ay jclvesan Test Drive Off-Road 3 
 PQOOG cca Adventiire ss, iis cal Shadow Tower 
S CADCON iiscdeonsuaiun Snowboarding...........+. Trick 'N Snowboarder 
e EIMOS ces ean eenae AGVOMUIFG s/s essccsciectesectieineuty. Fear Factor 

It's been delayed until next year, but we'll give ‘em a 
break, since we've played the demo and Midway is 
going out on a limb to try something differ 
The old-style fighting-style bar ee is gon 

OctogerR 1909 
HTTP! // 

ae. | ee Fighting Force 2. =: Grolier Interactive..............ACtION ...........cccesssesssseeessese-.-Virus 2000 
Electronic Arts «00.0.0... Action .....J. Bond: Tomorrow Never Dies ‘GT Interactive................... RERtNG  iictoace ote te Deer Hunter 
ESOCHONIG APES esi inices PG ac chiowsca Warpath: Jurassic Park =: GT Interactive.......... First-Person. Shooter 2.3.0 eveaciilecce Unreal 
Electronic Arts ..............00- ‘2 0) eres eae WCW Mayhem =: Hasbro... eee cececeeseeeees PUI ccs cs es ceatdeeina tek Frogger 2 
Electronic Arts................02-. i ee meen Road Rash 2000 = :_-—- Hasbro... eee. Acton/Platiorm ..03cc) Catdog 
Electronic Arts............ Action/Adventure......... Xena: Warrior Princess = KONAMI... eescecseecseeeeee PGUOR APG. 5-ccnecosionienees Ganbare Goemon 
PUNE 5 desis) vided Ws ccuciisotenes Lufia Ill: Ruins Chasers =: Lionhead... UOMO cis les Black And White 
POWNIOR esi oe FOI sii rallies Formula 11999 2 LucasArts... Adventure Indiana Jones/Infernal Machine 
5) en eee Arcade............. TnI: Tricks And Treasures =: MGM Interactive............ ALUN NPG sos ae Maximum Gauge 
Southpark...........0.....-. Action/Adventure.................... Wild Wild West =: Namco... ccc Simulation......Ace Combat 3 Electrosphere 

Se: ae a Action/Adventure ...........c.cccce0. Dragon Valor 
s Playmates: <...:...secscce0 Strategy/ACtion 000... seen Covert Wars 
s PlaVNGIOS oc... cccesn. ActionTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3-D 
ie Skateboarding ccc. Airboardin' USA | SONY CEA neers tsecrrnte APG ne icctr tec Dragon Quest Vit 
¢ BONY CEA coos. TSE PORSON SHOOUGE 5. ot. iocscscsescecoisascsacdtons Legion 
PR aca tases hovabnshangceens eux on Lo 03) eg R-Types Delta : 
S UAB EA . iccence Shooter 2 ieee Internal Section 
Electronic ALtS./...:ccc0c05.4 POM os iallt eipsisi ss cthes NHL 2000 
ESE Si isnintinceacasaen 1 peer ieCNP DE Parasite Eve 2 
PHAN so actsnoesicaeitinsinc es PIPE i oleae coll, Glover ..3 
Interplay ........c.ceeeeeeeees PUONY SINE cv asieascdscses So daonusevs, MDK 2 
Rabe. ous nc cew. [to ee ee acces Expendable : — a 
fc 2 eee cee Action ....Grand Theft Auto: London 1963 a no waboee Row 
(>t SS eee em PIN oc sine eledsh Danger Girl on a light switch without 
<a Action/Adventure ............ccccccccseeeeceee. Batman warning, and a review- 
LOE SOE vis ichie sstenpesteceas Action/Platform Tonic Trouble er’s head will explode. 
So, you thing work- 
ing here is all fun 
and games? Take 
another look, 4 
PEGI cscs so nti nnen | ae aoe eee te Tenchu II a wat \ 
POT WISHON ihc ooisidl wos PAD eck scissiccoast ectoacawacteacs X-Men Po ite 
DANO ss iisione ois ACTIOR/SIOOLEN ji ccsccseciscssnines: Silent Bomber 

| ee a Adventure................. Countdown: Vampires 
GT Interactive ...........0.0.. SP RE ee ee OR eee Animorphs 
GT Interactive oo... SHIOOLED ....cc85.a50: Duke Nuken: Time to Kill 
POVONGSIS oc ill! Space Shooter............ Colony Wars: Red Sun 
PEYQNOSIS 5 5552s escsbnchenass Car Combat. ccisiccice Destruction Derby 3 

PSV IBID iss cas acess: LS eee Motocross Madness 
POVOINIBIS ooo setae PCW, iciciee sine Rollcage Extreme 
PSVONOSIS. oa uaacr Action ...Team Buddies (formerly Leggits) 
SONG ER iy sell iiaaiases RPG...Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon 2 
SHIRTS ERs se 5 icceisesssctzexsise FPG i ase Saga Frontier 2 

PUEIVIRION sini cc scntsvisearers PAR UOR 5 te ccc nasties Spiderman 
Mindscape................... Action/Platform................. Prince of Persia 3D 

we'll never 

989 Studios............... Action/ Adventure .............:0 Syphon Filter2 pass on our 
FE catnncncetioan MUSIC: GMC ois ta Bust-A-Groove 2 : Tired, Withered Hands gaming 
. age : The mark of countless 

POY iohci Niiislenceainaxianys Racing. ... Superbike World Championship =: pours of thoroughly 

Pa eal Secess cuca RA PAVE cis nssoasnae eee Aqua Prophecy =: testing games, plus # 

BAIA isis ed Tc | ea OOF Rae ee ActionMan — more hours Pays 

PSAOON. 5.civeciusccnscstns Fighting,......,..... JoJo's Bizarre Adventure; % ‘YPing Up reviews. \" 

ET. | ae a oa area Platform............ Mega Man Legends: Tron Gamers’ Limp 

OEY sc ss pe tevacaietnny Si: | | SE oc eet Rival Schools 2 From complete 
: lack of physical 

CSUN jel ois icncuncs lophel ACTION PIALOON i. scsicccstscercbcondsnebocsveens Strider 2 Gross Open Wounds tee cher c 

Electronic Arts ActionfAPG occa ae, Dungeon Keeper 2 A result of the hours full day of sitting 

Electronic Arts 5 eae ce a oom ne Moto Racer 3 spent each day gnaw- on your ass play- 

ae ing at the ball and : weit 

EA Sports.......... Biisiinstiate = ene Formula 1 Championship chain used to keep us nk Sane 

PROC O SOUOE. aciscosss csorest PROV aisha cs sccipaanic Men In Black seated and - 

Fox Interactive ........... Action/Adventure............... Planet of the Apes working at our desks. | # 

Grolier Interactive............... PI sincere a eWay Asghan ' 




Mindscape is working on this highly-anticipated 
PlayStation conversion of the PC game, and although 
there's no news on a release date, this is definitely one 
to watch. Who can forget the first classic game, with 
incredibly smooth animation, fiendishly fatal traps and 
brief, but intense, bouts of swashbuckling against the 
denizens of the dungeons? Excellent stuff, and we're all 
eager to see how, or if, the game improves from a full 
3D PlayStation makeover. 

4 waiting for him. Kick butt, lil’ fella! 

g > 
Activision is going to let you climb all 
over a 3D cityscape with Spider-Man. 

“sticky stuff” technology, May Parker's 
favorite nephew will be able to swing 
from his webs, defeat all the baddies \ 4 
and still have quality time left for MJ. 


Still no word on when this will actual- 
ly hit the stores in the US, but that’s 
not enough to ; rdize its position 
on this chart—if the wizards at 
y Digital build it, we will 
come. All social activity, , will 
necessarily cease when it goes retail. 

New and improved, but for some rea- 
son dropping the “Dragon” part of his 
name, as well as the guy who voiced 
him in the first game. Spyro’s next out- 
ing promises to be even more fun, and 
this time there’s one really angry Ripto 

5 > 

Steve has just returned from Japan 
where Square/EA invited him to play 
a demo of this hot new RPG. There's a 
reat battle system which works sim- 
ilar to that in Parasite Eve and plenty 
of opportunities to use stealth, in a 
Metal Gear Solid kind of way. Sweet! 

to the wonder of wrist-based 

10 > 

See? What did we say last issue? It’s 

here—of course, it has to be. We all 

want one. We all want one now. But 

alas, we'll all have to wait. We'll see 

it in Japan next month, but until it 
becomes more of a reality here in the 
US, it’s staying at the bottom of our list. 

True-to-R/C-racing physics! Objects and 

surfaces affect the action just like real life! 

Wildly interactive environments: museum, 
cruise ship, ghost town and supermarket! 


R6 Turbo 
Evil Weasel | 

Pint size weapons pack a major punch: bottle 
rockets, ball bearings and the shockwave! 




4 racing modes and battle mode! Go blast 
away on the blacktop at the playground! 


Re-Volt and Acclaim’ © 1999 Acclaim Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved. Nintendo 64 and the 3-D "N" logo are trademarks of Nintendo of America Inc. © 1996 Nintendo of America Inc. 
PlayStation and the PlayStation logos are registered trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. Screen shots shown were taken from the PC version of the game. 




This is remote control racing done right! Realistic R/C physics, great weapons, awesome environments and 
eye-spinning graphics. Rip it up on tracks littered with objects to knock out of your way and into your 
opponents. Gun it through environments you always dreamed of racing through, but never could before! 
Barrel through museums, trash toy stores, and blast through botanical gardens. Cause serious mayhem with 

a seriously small car. All at scale speeds of up to 300 mph. Remember: When you want the maximum racing 
experience, pick the right model — Re-Volt. 

'YorelCoM Mel itine)i (Yom <-y'Ze) trite) 


ey there, Otaku! Japan has been going event mad 
this month. We gaming and electronics fans are 
all trying to recoup our energies after the recent 
‘Akihabara Denki Matsuri’ event, which, when translated, 
turns out as ‘Clearance Sale down at Akihabara’. Oh, all 
right, I'm kidding — ‘Matsuri’ means ‘Festival’ and ‘Denki’ 
is ‘Electronic goods’. Put those two words in the 
same sentence as the name of Tokyo's Electric Town 
and you've got yourself a crazy gadget bonanza. Then 
there were anime and comic fans going mad over the 
Tokyo Character Show 1999 at the Tokyo Big Sight 
convention center and, if that weren't enough, the Danjiri 
Festival has just ended. Danjiri are large wooden floats 
carried around the streets by young men who go 
completely bonkers, ramming each other and usually 
crashing into nearby stores and houses. It’s known as the 
‘fighting festival’ and if you see it on TV, you soon see 
why. Those guys are crazy! 

But the best news for me is that the dreaded rainy 
season is over—yokatta! These days, It's blisteringly 
hot, with temperatures in the 98-102 F range, so I'm 
swapping my wetsuit for my jungle kit. Tokyo even 
sounds like a jungle in the summer, with millions of 
locusts in the trees and bushes rasping out their calls. 
It's a truly unbelievable sound if you're not used to it— 
there are shrubs chock-full of them right outside my apart- 
ment here in Akihabara and | can hardly hear myself think 
in the evenings. | have to choose between opening my 
window at night and being deafened or keeping them 
closed and suffering in the heat. But hey, I’m not com- 
plaining—it's still Akihabara, videogame paradise! 

—Banzai Chibi-Chan, Otaku Supreme 

News and Notes 

B The Dragon boy is back! Capcom has confirmed that 
Ryu and his light-fingered friends will return to the 
PlayStation in a new-look Breath of Fire IV. The game is 
Said to feature greatly increased character animations and 
should be in the U.S. early next year. The company has 
also announced Rockman Dash 2 in Japan, packaging a 
totally original demo version, dubbed Episode 1, in free 
with the game Tron ni Cobun (The Misadventures of Tron 
Bonne). A US release could be here in early 2000, too. 

ve Banzai Chibi-Chan illustrations by Robert DeJesus 

The | 

t might be 
the hot and 
seeping into the 
marketing men’s 
brains, it might be 
r the Japanese school- 
F child fascination with 
keeping insects as pets, it 
might be little green men from outer space, but 
bug fever seems to have hit Japan. The innova- 
tive Mirai Seiko company is hoping that the 
summer heat will be 
enough to encourage 
kids over here to walk 
right by the Coke 
machine and choose 
what they have to offer 
instead. The Japanese 
really do have a vend- 
ing machine for every 
consumer need — in 
this case, deposit yen 
gets you not a can of 
soda, but a couple of live Stag beetles. You may 
think this sounds crazy — you'd be right — but 
beetles are extraordinarily popular pets here, 
with rare types fetching vast sums of money. 
Not long ago, there was a TV program concern- 



Hot For PlayStation: Dino Crisis is this 
month's huge success story, with big-time sales 
at retail and everyone eagerly lapping up 
another scary adventure from Capcom. It 
won't be long until U.S. gamers get their 
hands on this game, and then once again 
dinosaurs will rule the earth, or at least 
dominate world game sales for a while, 
which isn't a bad consolation prize. Saru 
Getchu (Ape Escape) is still captivating 

up to the likes of Zeus 

Not an obvious choice for a pet, but at least it doesn’t need too much exercise. 

conflict for mech game supre 
rc, FMI expertise an the 
should be an interesting battle 

Octroger 1999 

atest news and notes from the 
of the Rising Sun, featuring our 

very own Banzai Chibi-Chan! 

ing a guy who 
earned his_ living 
selling bugs out of 
his one room 
apartment in central 
Tokyo. He may not have \% 
had a sofa, but he DID 
have about 20 large, sofa- 
sized plastic containers full 
of damp earth and crawling 
with bugs to ship to the local 
department store. He'd 

given his respectable ‘salaryman’ job up for this 
new career — a very brave move for a Japanese 
— but was making more money than before and 
was very happy. 

Eagerly Anticipated: The huge success of its scary 
dinosaur game has practically guaranteed a great 
reception for the next game in Capcom's Resident 
Evil series and number 3, Last Escape (Nemesis in 
the US) is nearly here. On a slightly lesser scale, the 
bizarre Jondemo Crisis game from Tokuma Shoten 
has inspired other weird titles - amongst them 
Gekiso Tomarunner from SCEI: a foot-racing game, 
which is all the rage on demo machines here. 

« Motorized transport is for wimps: in this race game, there’s 
no blaming faulty machinery if you lose. 

captors in Japan with Its inno- 

vative and amusing gameplay, — 

Hopefully such success. will 

encourage other developers — 

to come up with original 
gaming concepts. 

« With all those dinosaurs on the 
loose, there’s no monkeying 
around for Regina here. 

il and 

OctogerR 199909 

me Source: The PlayStation 


: 1 

i aus 

wavae ae 

ga 108A an CPT PPPS SEDC - ee 


| Wh: SHVEr NCIC eesceecct se eee oo ADV | 
Dusky Road Exploration Team .....-ccsccccreeccsseeee Se. ti... ADV 
PREC FORE? iene (ao... 4... ACT | 
| 10/14... LIQISIAI osreeccae io... ACT ; 
Robot Merobote. ce (Nuc SLG 
Perpetual Collection. 2.0 (Media Works)................. ETC 
| 10/21... PROG LANG oe ..... APG 
Superlite 1500 Series: PACHE PU. ssestescsesreectssie OG... TBL 
: Superlite 1500 Series: Let's win at Pachislo! ........{SUCCESS)........scccconeeeeeenon TBL | 
Superlite 1500 Series: SHOGI 2 .s.cecnteccssecsestssreeeon i)... ..... | 
Superlite 1500 Series: Hamat .....cccccccccsccsssceseeeee sss)... TBL 
One On One Pea. ...... SPT | 
Ma@Q 168! OOD Fie ROA GASH iicceotcertans..... PZL 
Japan Pro Mah Jong Official Leaque we. IMG OUZALE : cisengitastiecan..... TBL | 
| 10/28........Prismatealiatg (Ark System Works)............... ADV 
Monster Conpri World Version 2.......c:ccscssccsccscsseseee (Idea Factory)... RPG | 
B@QOQUE .ccessesssveesrt BD i cistrcicbaancds Go 4 
Clickman’s Click Day e-sescst ee (Tokura Shoten)......eocsseee ” | 
High School Of Brits oscecccscsce eo ore sees (Media Work$)......c.cs.ccsen ee 
| Sometime in October 
ZEUS tb Camage Heat. EIN cc a SLG | 
Space Mobility VANARK ............sccesesssscsssseeecssesenee (Asmik Entertainment)........... ADV 
| Mone Kingda. (Asmik Entertainment)........... S-RPG 
\ Knights Of GENGSIS io ees ae ee S-RPG y 

to im 


Every Japanese gamer 
loves mech combat 

games and you've just gotta 

love the new one from Artdink, 

ZEUS II Carnage Heart. |t's out in 

ah Val! im yi ray 
(NE eile 

October sometime and will have 

a huge variety of OKEs (overkill 
machines): OKEs that hover, OKEs 
that fly, tank-like OKEs, multi-timbed 
OKEs that thunder along on the 
ground...all with complex tactics 
and a vast number of custom 
options. | can't wait! 




Hot Colors 

he ‘skeleton’ bandwag- 

on doesn't look like 
stopping any time soon. The lat- 
est victim to fall to the craze 
accelerated by Apple's iMac is 
the Wonder Swan from Bandai. 
Since the end of July, Japanese 
gamers have been able to get the 
handheld in 3 different translu- 
cent body colors. Otaku in the 
know have even postponed buy- 
ing one until 
these special 
editions were 


Tactics heaven awaits for anyone 
picking up a copy of this combat game. 

if cross traffic doesn't 
cripple the car... 






Dios ca 


i Wer Ea 

‘bi at 

: st i 

Pa anHey 1 
BNOan 141/71) 

Ht (Hy Mi 



Hi ii) 


i ' 

o you have what it takes to shoot and 

slice your way through 10 action- = 
packed levels and become the in 
“Super Ultra Sexy Hero”? Rising Zan: = 
The Samurai Gunman takes you back to the wild 
Me es 
cane BEC 

west of the 1800's where, armed with a gun, ae 

Katana sword, and some ultra sexy moves, you'll 

face a town full of the meanest, ugliest and weirdest 

hombres you've seen. 

As you fight your way through this “sushi western” 
you ll solve puzzles, play mini games, deal with 

bizarre and deadly bosses, and earn those ever 


important “sexy points’ you'll need to become the 

“Super Ultra Sexy Hero’. 

| ci Ev 
PlayStation i CONTENT RATED BY ©1998 UEP Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. Rising Zan: The Samurai Gunman, the Rising Zan logo, Agetec, and the 

Agetec logo are trademarks of Agetec Inc. PlayStation and the PlayStation logos are registered trademarks of Sony 
Computer Entertainment Inc. The ratings icon is a trademark of the Interactive Digital Software Association. 



Hil Hy if 


oe ee eRe 





Hi oa. ey noe | 
tii an Oo ? sie Biisiy 1 mz : 

eh ie 

POT atta if, 1 

CUA i 






ee ae 




Gbuipway *« Gbmipwy *« Gbmpwy *« Gbmuipwy * Gbmipway 




the most honest, dependable, unbiased 
playstation reviews on the planet—period 


e here at PSM want you to know that we take 
our reviews very seriously. Just like you, 
we've been burnt before by bad games (and these 
days, It ain't so easy to get the store to take ‘em 
back!). So when we sit down to review a new title, 
we look at it like this: if we had just shelled out fifty 
or so hard-earned bucks for the game, how satisfied 
would we be? 

_ To summarize a game's overall worth, we use the 
traditional “five-star” ratings scale. If we give a game a 
full five stars, it's our guarantee that you can’t go wrong 
with it, So go out there and pick it up! 


A PlayStation classic that no fan should be without. 
A can't-miss game, no matter who you are! 

A really well-done game. If you're a fan of the genre, 
you should definitely check this one out. 

A pretty good game. It has its share of rough spots, 

but it has some redeeming qualities, as well. 

Maybe worth a quick look if you're a diehard fan 

of the genre or license, otherwise, don't bother. 

Don't even make eye-contact with this one— 
it's not worth one second of your time. 


Yes, the PlayStation is incredible—but that 
doesn't mean all of its games are going to 
knock your socks off. Our reviews give you 
the total breakdown on all the latest titles, 
so you know when to buy and when to cry. 




These are the categories that we think are most 
important when os a game. Each is rated on 

a scale from 1 to 

T hese are our ratings for 

some of the games released 
over the past several months. 
Check ‘em out for any titles you 
may have missed! 

Aku}| S606 

Alex! Lalas Soccer 31/2 
Ape Escape O00 
Army Men 3D ©8086 
Bass Rise G3 1/2 
Bomberman Race 3 1/2 
Bugs Bunny: Time 6661/2 
Bust-A-Groove (ei 1/2 
Bust-A-Move '99 S00 
Castrol Superbike 61/2 
Centipede 666 
Chessmaster || GOOG 
Chocobo Racing 6 
Civilization 2 G6@@ 1/2 
Cool Boarders 3 O66 



With our Replay Chart, you can see the 
sola Some games are great fun at first, but quickly wear thin. 

ers are tough to a into, but really take off if you stick with ‘em. A 

I be playing it non-stop, while a 1 means its prac- 

5 means that you wi 
tically in the closet. 

Croc 2 O6061/2 
Driver GO0606 
Echo Night Oo 
Freestyle Boardin '99 @ 1/2 
GTA: London 1969 @@@ 
High Heat B-ball 2000 666 
Jade Cocoon O06 
Konami 80s Collection G0& 
Legend of Legaia O@ 1/2 
Lunar:SSSC G66 1/2 
Monaco G.P. 600861 /2 
NASCAR ‘99 31/2 
NBA In The Zone ‘99 
NCAA Final Four © 1/2 
NCAA Football 2000 3 
NCAA GameBreaker 2000 O30 
NCAA March Mad ‘99 363 1/2 
NFL Xtreme 2 1/2 
NFS: High Stakes OOO 
Point Blank 2 GO@ 
R-Type Delta SOS 
R4: Ridge Racer 

Type Four 666606 
Rampage 2: Universal Tour @& 
Rising Zan O60 1/2 

{ i 
Bee e pO 
| i 

This is the 
Summary. It’s 
kind of like 
Notes” for 
all you lazy 
types who 
won't read 
the whole 


ntial lifespan of a game at 

Rogue Trip 6361/2 

Rollcage O66 1/2 
Rushdown 1/2 

Shadow Madness 31/2 
Silent Hill GO@@ 1/2 

sports Car GT 1/2 

Spyro the Dragon GOOG 
Street Fighter 2 Collection GOO 
Street Fighter Aloha 3 66006 
Street Sk8er GO06 

Syphon Filter GO@@ 

Tal Fu 3 1/2 

Tales of Destiny SOS 

Tarzan OOO 

Tenchu 31/2 

The Next Tetris 31/2 
TRA.G. G66 

Triple Play 2000 66006 
Twisted Metal 3 6 

Ultimate 8 Ball G6 1/2 

Um Jammer Lammy 66361/2 
Unholy War, The S30 
Warzone 2100 G3 

You Don't Know Jack 606 

1N OU} WOI UHR} 6JaM UMOUS sjoys UBB1DS “OuU| JUsWUIe}WAa}Uy sayndwiog Auos jo sysewepes peisjsiBai aie SOHO} uOHeISAR|g eu] PUB 
t Bx @U} PUB 10j05 Aog awed ‘Aog awed ‘pQ OPUDBIUIN ‘}E9S |BIOIYO a4} ‘OPpUauIN ‘Ppanesey S}UBiy jiy Qu] JueWUTeLE}US 
ds ue} 6661 © ‘duj ‘Sods Ue} JO SyreWAEpey aie SOHO} Ss}! pue UONeJEpey BulljsesyA PHOM 4A SPAY AMM 

uoHe}SAe id 

— = 


jsueysiodng _A\: Op wee r ‘Bury ays jo Gury pue yoefiequiny i ‘apo jeareg meu-\je : " (4 | j@PpOW MalA-s9d-Aeg 

- J9A0 JO} S2URUA HU SQUGWINY = Fay) Sayoyew Ayeioads mau-fly ul aN ayy Oo} Aemsnok asa umo inOA ayea19 JaAa\Siy 

OctogserR 19999 #2 = 
HTTPE// a — ie 4 EVIEWS es 4 
“SIGH, ‘ 
ONLY §,000 —X 
K10 60. 

Square EA 

. oa Sires 180 A 
= * oe aguna'l FES mee 
= soWord 14447 

During ific times, you'll 
lose coomeal ot Squall and his 

team and the game will jump 
back several years to the 
That's when Laguna and his 
two friends show up. 

The use of FMV in FFVIII is 

top-notch. The developers real- 
ly do a good job of combining 
real-time graphics with pre- 
rendered sequences in order to 
make a cinematic experience. 

The world of FFVIII has a lot 
more places to see than FFVII 
did. You'll need to check out 
every inch of every continent if 
you hope to discover all the 
secrets in the game. 


One of the most welcome additions 
to the Final Fantasy series would 
have to be the Junction system. Not 
only does it provide a lot more depth — 
to the game, but it allows players the — 
ability to customize characters more 
to their personal tastes. We hope to 

B fter what seems like an eternity, Final Fantasy 
y Villis here and, for the most part, the wait 
was well worth it. The game drops players into the 
role of Squall Leonhart, a mercenary who belongs 
to a specialized military school called Garden. 
Enlisted for various missions, Squall meets up with 
a unique cast of characters, from Rinoa Heartilly (his 

love interest) to Irvine, a gun-toting sniper with a Sis 
| es see more innovation like this in 
taste of the old west. While the storyline is quite com- - ” future SGuaie tee 
plex, the main goal of the game is to defeat an evil With the Junction system, gamers can customize 
Soceress from the future who wants to disrupt the flow of characters to their personal taste. 
time in the past. Sounds like a movie, doesn't it? il 
FFVIII’s battle system closely resembles that of FFVII’s, but way too many ran- 
does feature some new and welcome additions. The whole idea ato ee should be less of them. If you ask an RPG fan what he would change most about 
of Materia has been dropped in favor of a more involved magic- of RPG enthusiasts. the genre, they would say, “have less fights”. Speaking of fighting, the game does- 
based junctioning system. By attaching Guardian Force (Sum- ~~ _—«*nt seem very balanced when it comes to the bosses. You could be going along fine, 
moned monsters) and defeating everything you come across with little effort, and then you meet up with 
spells to specific attributes, such as offense and 4 boss who Is so much more powerful than you are. Square should have made the 
defense, you can make characters stronger and spe- _ difficulty curve a little bit smoother. 
cialize them in a specific way. And since there are so In the end, it is best to consider FFVI// as simply a more polished version of FFVI/. 
many different ways you can junction magic, there is now __ Little refinements here and there, specifically the Junction system and the improved 
a lot more strategy involved than there has been in previous graphics, do warrant this “sequel”, but Square will have to dramtically improve a lot 
Square titles. To add to this depth, Guardian Force now ‘More aspects of the next Final Fantasy title if it hopes to continue garnering the sup- 
has hitpoints, just like characters, and can gain extra port of U.S. RPG fans. Fortunately, the involving storyline and the believable charac- 
abilities as they raise up in levels. The challenge to ters do make FFVII/ a truly enjoyable experience, easily surpassing most other titles 
the player is figuring out which abilities the GFs _ in this genre. We were just hoping for a little more. 
should learn first. 
Another major, and most noticeable, improv- 

ment to FFVI/// would have to be in the graphics 

deaprtment. With the experience gained from the last GKkan Pr HTC B 
Final Fantasy, Square's artists were able to create a lot lsounn= «NS _ a. 

more realistic-looking characters and environments. 
There are a lot of moments in this game were you are 
just blown away by the sheer beauty of a scene. 

Still, despite these improve- 
ments, FFVII/ does have 
one or two negatives. £ 
The amount of random 
encounters seems — 
toned down, but it still 
gets very frustrating 
when you have to fight 
thirty different monsters 
just to get from point 

A to point B. We know that 

fighting has become a staple of 
RPGs, but we feel that there A BIGGER, BETTER FINAL FANTASY VII 

fcoNTs oe 





OctogerR 1999 

c-Man World ZUth An Trick n Snow Boarder 

= nowboarding games are hardly novel on the PlayStation, so Capcom is 
aiming for distinction by asking players to make a video of their tea-tray 
antics as they go. ‘But don’t all these games have a replay feature?’ | hear you ask. 
The answer is yes, of course, but with Trick n Snow Boarders, there is a dedicated 
scenario mode that requires you to pull off tricks with very precise timing. The cam- 
eras only roll at certain times and points, and when they do, you better be ready with 
: your best stunts in order to impress Gale, the team coach. This creates palpable ten- 
oe fo sion as you hurtle down the course, and to heighten that impression, the crew 

a2) = shouts out instructions for the cameras as you progress and comment on your per- 
formance. Dazzle them on cue and you're allowed to stay with the team (plus new 
characters issue challenges as side stories); fail, and you're on a plane home. 
Courses and options are much as you'd expect, with settings across the globe and 

Colorful and goofy, the levels 
vary from pirate ships to fun 
house themes. 

Cave Co. Ltd. 

C) Ss: - vain wre en 

Bhe great American Wy 
y videogame icon that 

looks like a yellow pizza with one piece miss- fy 

ing is celebrating his 20th birthday, and to cele- Py fi = 

brate, Namco has released a brand new Pac-Man aro sume pak aoe 
adventure. A 3D platform game, Pac-Man World i on the team! 

has our hero running, Jumping, spinning and gob- 
bling ghosts in attempt to rescue his friends 
from the evil Toc-Man, who has hidden 
them all over Ghost Island. 4 

By far the best thing about the game is _ 
the simple, precise controls and ease of fA He's round, he's Tutcciaw 
Gameniey, Pat-Wiath NGS 4 TUS 0O8N,. 60 ees 
fire his pellets at people, and bounce on 
enemies with his round yellow rear end, but most of the game is tried and true 
running and Jumping. While easily playable by gamers of any age, only practice 
and skill will allow you to get to the end. And even if you do manage to beat 
the nasty Toc-Man, you can still go back across all of the levels, trying to find 
all of the secrets and attempting to beat your high scores. Cameo appear- 
ances by the whole Pac-Man family and arcade favorites, like Dig Dug, add to 
the retro gaming bliss. 

In addition, Namco has included the original version of Pac-Man, as well 
as a stand alone 3D maze mode that plays a bit like Pac-Mania. These modes 
are both as addictive as the main quest mode and add a great deal of value to the 
game. It’s been a long time since we've seen Pac-Man, so It’s nice that Namco did 
such a wonderful job bringing him back into the gaming spotlight. 

a choice between racing for speed or tricks in 
both the main Alpine and Xtreme modes. If the pres- 
sure of the scenario mode proves too much, you can 
always go for the 2-player competition or simply slide 
around at leisure in the free mode. In keeping with 
the movie-style presentation, you can edit replays 

_— = an saved to the mem- 
snow ms, the 
Director is busy making OY card. You can 

‘N Sync videos. also. —- customize 
your: board, the 
color and style of 

the rider's jacket and pants and 
(bizarrely) even the logo on option 
screens. MTV shenanigans apart, 
iy however, [rick n Snowboarder’s most 
distinguishing feature is the hidden 
playable Resident Evil characters (and the 
option to use a link cable). 












OctTogerR 1999 

Championship Motocross 
Featuring Ricky Carmichael 





“ Little touches, like your bike 


ES) fter putting EA's purely arcade Motor Racer and Motor Racer 2 aside, all 
other motocross dirt bike games on the PlayStation suck. Now all that has 
changed with the release of Championship Motocross Featuring Ricky Carmichael. 

Control has more to do with weight distribution than turning left or right. Pull 
back on the left analog stick and you pop a wheelie, push forward and you lean over 
your handle bars. This simple take on the control theme alone puts this title leagues 
ahead of the other games. The jumps are massive and they are in abundant supply 
on each track. The bikes and riders are made up of more than your usual amount of 

The MP3Station” 

VN MP3 .0's 

Con TR OL 
geting ol muddy olihe rae LINNOVeETION  — 


polygons and are very well animated. Really, this stuff is brilliant! 

We can't help mentioning that the stupendous control was toned down for the 
release. In earlier versions of the game, the right stick on the analog pad served as 
the gas and break with a much more realistic acceleration feel. You actually had to 
lean way over the front of your bike when giving it maximum gas to keep from 
pulling the front wheel up and flipping over, just like the real thing. You also used the 
acceleration much more to control the bike rather than the “just keep X pressed” 
mentality of the store bought game. It certainly made things a bit harder, but was 
also much closer to riding a real bike. As it stands, though, Championship Motocross 
is a damn fine game, even if you're not a Ricky Carmichael fan. 












‘ vs ij # ; i k i i i “ 
t= ( ; i : i bry 3 fp ) 

ike MP Bape 
Virtual DJ Playoack Programming =|" 
sequential & Random Playoack | 
FlashROM BIOS Upgradeable | 

Wholesale inquiry welcome (905) 628-0704 

Ultra %100 Compatible: 



(Mpeg! Level 3) 

CDROM XA Format 
Win95 Long Filenames 
Playstation |/O Ports 

It goes 0-60 almost as fast as it goes 0-360° 

Slide behind the wheel and fire up one of the 40 most notorious, trick racers ever imagined. 
Rides like the Twin Mill”, JetThreat and Red Baron”. Pull airborne endo’s and spins for the 

first time ever over 10 move-it-or-lose-it obstacle courses. Tracks paved with Loop-the-loops, 

Criss-cross’s, Danger-changers plus some serious road hazards. It’s pedal-to-the-die-cast-metal racing. 

And the exact opposite of everything they ll 


try to teach you in Driver’s Ed. 



©1999 Electronic Arts. Electronic Arts is a trademark or registered trademark of Electronic Arts in the US and/or other countries. All rights reserved. HOT WHEELS, flame logo and color “Hot Wheels blue” and associated trademarks are registered trademarks of Mattel, Inc., depicted here solely by permission of Mattel, Inc. The images of 
HOT WHEELS depicted here are © 1999 Mattel, Inc. All rights reserved. Red Baron™, © 1999 Tom Daniel. Playstation and the PlayStation logos are registered trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. Nintendo 64 and the “N” logo are trademarks of Nintendo of America Inc. ©1996 Nintendo of American Inc. The Prima Logo and 
Prima Publishing® are registered trademarks of Prima Communications, Inc 




Hie ORIEN So er ea 


Electronic Arts 

EA Canada 

The force feedback creates a 
great rumbling effect over these 
rails. Hey, wait a minute... is this 
a mine cart level? 


hile Sled Storm is the first snowmobiling game on the PlayStation, the 
action is so fast and furious that it could well turn out to be the definitive 
example of its genre. There are initially six SnoCross and eight Open Mountain 
courses available (more can be unlocked) and each provides quite an amazing sen- 
sation of speed. Unlike other racing titles, however, you won't slow down when you 
veer off the tracks, meaning there's no real incentive to keep £ 

Gamers can 
play as either a 
man or a 
woman. Your 
choice affects 
your sled. 

on the path. We imagine this is intentional, though, in order 
to keep the races closer. And who wants to worry about 
staying on the set path, anyway? SnoCross is basically 
Motocross on the side of a snowy mountain, where 
tricks and jumps are the order of the day, while the 
Open Mountain sections might be better termed 

‘Open Throttle’ because only first place will do 

here. The soundtrack is vocal and fun, including 

rocking muzak from the likes of Rob Zombie, etc, 
which really helps the pace of the game and, if that's 

restling games used to be pathetic things. They were slow-moving, with 
terrible frame rates, and were primitive in control and looks. In its second, 
serious attempt at America’s new favorite “sport,” Acclaim has raised the quality bar 
higher than ever before. WWF Attitude may look a lot like its predecessor, but just 
beneath the surface, it’s drastically changed. 

Doubling the amount of texture maps from Warzone, Acclaim creates depth and 
realism with more curves, muscles, shades, and details. Noticeable in all of the big- 
name wrestlers (30 selectable, ten bonus), players will see an abundance of new 
selections in the deep, robust Create-a-Player mode, which sports five body types 
(to last year's three), changeable noses, eyes, mouths, heads, and hair styles. 

Ge arwiec i 



OctogerR 19990 

not enough, there’s the option to switch to first-person viewpoint. Just be prepared 
to get disoriented if you choose this, because the game's greatest feature, the myr- 
lad amazing shortcuts, means that you'll be making plenty of sharp turns and snap 
decisions. Snowmobiling is all about mad fun and Sled Storm delivers: the excellent 
rider animations have your guy being wrenched off the seat by the torque on start- 
ing, flailing arms and legs when jolted by opponents and taking impressively realis- 
tic falls. Best of all, there's a 4-player mode which works brilliantly, thanks to a rather 
smooth and consistent framerate. The L1 & L2 buttons allow for much tighter turns, 
much like in Jet Moto, with appropriate body movement from the riders and the 
course designs requires that you use this a good deal. There are plenty of twists and 
turns and some fantastically long drops, where you can stay on board just so long 
as you don't make contact with anything on the way down, such as a tree. Success 
in championship mode brings cash prizes and the chance to upgrade — from the seri- 
ous tune-up palaver to the fun stuff like a snow scoop that blinds the fools behind 
you by chucking up more snow than usual to the rear. Skiing? Snowboarding? Pah! 
A Snowmobiler needs not these things. 






A Goon use oF Duat SHock TECHNOLOGY 



ry i r- -- mie q eke 



WWF Attitude provides all the 
slamming action that you would 
expect from a wrestling title. 

The Career mode is longer, featuring more bouts and more unique events, as 
well as an occasional two-player gang-up. Wrestlers can counter and reverse oppo- 
nent's throws and moves with far more frequency, and they are able to play farther 
out of the ring than ever. Also, rope physics are way better than in last year's itera- 
tion. All of these additions create a more precise replica of what's going on in the 
real VVWE shows. 

A great big game with lots to offer, Attitude is not without its problems. The 
biggest one rests In the move department. Unlike a fighting game, Attitude’s moves 
are button heavy. They take too long to pull off. Also, in multiplayer matches, a prob- 
lem in the tracking system prevents you from choosing the opponent you want to 
pummel. The ropes in the intros are totally glitchy. And in the Create-a-player mode, 
it's way too easy to accidently delete your perfect create-a-player. 

Despite its flaws, Attitude is still by far the deepest, most generous wrestling 
game in town. And we guaran-damn-tee that you will enjoy it. 


me i!) GSP 
2 ATL @Q 
* _COL 0 



Authentic FOX Sports Net 
graphics-including FOX TRAX™ 



| playstation |. 


Camera angles that put 
you in the action 

BUF 0 
DAL 1 

‘Addictive gameplay that’s 
oKymeliom iva 

Also on 
95/98 CD-ROM | 

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Windows® 95/98 

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He has been Gouged in the torso. 

Littered around the scientific research facility will be bloody corpses in a variety of different states. 
This guy’s only been gouged; some of the other bodies are much worse off. This game has definitely 
earned its mature rating. 

he new game from Shinji Mikami, the creator of the phenomenally suc- 

cessful Resident Evil series, easily packs in as much fun as the Jurassic 
Park movies that inspired it. As a matter of fact, Dino Crisis is in many ways the ulti- 
mate dinosaur game fans of Jurassic Park have always wanted to play. At the very 
least, it's a nice diversion from the zombie killing of RE. The cinema-inspired, ten- 
sion-building camera angles and beautifully rendered environments found in Shinji's 
previous games are the perfect medium to present the panicky situations you would 
expect to find in a raptor-infested research facility. This isn't Resident Evil with 
dinosaurs, though. Everything from the story to the puzzles are all tailor made for the 
pseudo-scientifically based scenario. 

Both the story and the voice acting are far above average, with some interesting 
character dynamics and surprising plot twists going on throughout the game. They 
are conveyed through tons of in-game cutscenes that really break up the pace. You 
play as the smart, witty and more 
than capable redheaded Regina, 
who's constantly pulled by her 
two team members in different 

directions. These team politics 
provide for several branching 

points | where 

It’s situations 
you Nave © ous this for 
decide which make Dino Crisis 

team member 5° thrilling. 

you want to fol- 
low. It would have been nice if 
these branches had a more dras- 
tic effect on the three different 
endings in the game, but they do encourage you to © 
play through at least a second time. ; 

We've repeatedly commented on the amount and 
Quality of animation used on the dinosaurs in past 
issues, but with this final version of the game, we can 
honestly say we're even more impressed. The raptor 
(the most common dino) has over five or six different 
types of attacks, making each new encounter a little dif- 
ferent from the last. They can also follow you through 
many doors, which is something zombies have 
never been able to figure out. You can deal with the 
different types of dinos in a variety of ways, including 
some non-lethal options. It all boils down to variety. 
Even the main character, Regina, has several unique ani- 
mations and will even bleed if she is bitten. 

The slight annoyance of having to revisit room after 

ae thazacveramserutseranr-eesemnonsnirl, 
= 3 
’ . bie a 

The shotgun is the 
perfect accessory for 
Regina’s leather suit. 


OcTrogerR 19990 

Adv. / Survival Horror 

The excitement level goes 
through the roof when the 
massive T-rex puts in a 
personal appearance. 

room, with massive amounts of backtracking of the past RE games, 's still a part of 
the gameplay, but seems far more logical with puzzles based on science rather than 
on the occult or some vague, unrevealed storyline. We could have used some more 
weapons (only three in the game), but searching for the many weapon upgrades to 
improve your killing ability provides some limited variety. We really enjoyed the mix- 
ing of materials which allows you to create a variety of med packs and tranquilizer 
dart ammo from materials you find. Dino Crisis also has its share of secrets and lit- 
tle nuances to notice, making for a complete package that is well worth your time 
to explore. 

Although you’re left 
to your own devices 
for much of the game, 
there is quite a bit of 
interaction with other 
characters. The voice 

acting is really quite 
good compared 

to most other 
as well. 

= oaas 


CON The E 






OctogerR 19995 

NFL bameDay 2 acl : 

= 999 Studios 
-—= 989/Redzone Int. 

Is it a TV broadcast or a 

PlayStation game? Hard to tell. 
Sue we'll just have to wait for 
the beer commercial... 


DU ith sequels in a series like GameDay, you expect more of everything: more 
animation, more plays, updated rosters etc, but what makes this year's 
offering stand out is the overall feel of the game. The announcing, for instance, is 
very good and often very specific, but even better than that are the replays. Here, 
significant offensive gains or defensive maneuvers are rewarded with a television- 
style second look, complete with an on-screen chalkboard. Complemented by 
authentic sound effects, this makes for a very involving game and recreates much 
of the excitement of the real thing. Then there are the other improvements: better 
animation, double the plays, a Max Pro feature for increased QB protection (a run- 
ning back turns blocker), a new celebration button to really annoy your opponent, 
and so on. Also, this time, the manager mode allows you to create a ‘Super Player’ 

y hen the original G Police was first being promoted, it promised a grand 
} vision: the first game to feature true 3D combat through a densely popu- 
lated alty inspired by the future Los Angeles of Blade Runner. It sounded too coo! to 
be believed and it was. The action took place not on Earth, but inside large domed 
cities on the surface of one of Jupiter's moons. You piloted a Havoc, which behaved 
much like a helicopter. Controls for these ships were far too simulation-inspired to 
ever be much fun, although after hours of practice, they were effective. The story- 
line and missions were vague, causingfrustration by the third 
level. Worst of all, you could never see more than 30 
or 40 yards in front of you. 

In many ways, the sequel is the same A 
game, only with vast improvements in O 
the major areas that hindered the first \\ 
one. These vast improvements were  § 
only just enough to make Weapons Of 
Justice playable (you can actually finish 

W a 




with the combined capabilities of all the best players on the market. You can have a 

QB with the arm accuracy of Dan Marino, the speed of running back Terrell Davis 
and the leg strength of kicker Jason Elam. Team building doesn't get any easier than 
that—so long as you can pay. 

The playbook presents a couple of problems. You are shown the favored receiv- 
er for each play, but not which controller button to hit: game flow would improve if 
you weren't forced to check this at the line of scrimmage. Also, it doesn’t default to 
the most obvious selections: you'd expect Special Teams to be there when you're 
in a Field Goal situation, but it isn’t; forcing you to scroll through to find them. Long 
load times are also a bit irritating, but on balance, there's no denying that this latest 
installment makes for a truly excellent game of football. 







7 Psygnosis 

fai ke id 



The Raptor is similar to the 
ED209 from Robocop, except 
that the Raptor has jumping and 
gliding capabilities. 

Weapons Of Justice is a better 
game than the last version, but 
unfortunately, a lot of the same 
problems are still in there. 

the game this time). The interesting, easy to 
follow storyline picks up where the last game 
left off. Mission objectives are very clearly out- 
lined, with support messages telling you 
where you blew It when you fail. A more diverse gameplay experience Is 
also offered, with many more vehicles to pilot. These include a car 
called the Rhino, a cool mech walker called a Raptor and a Corsair space fighter. 
These are unfortunately tied directly to a specific mission, meaning you can't pick 
your vehicle, but the diversity is welcomed. 

The single best improvement award goes to the re-mapped controls, which are 
easy to learn and fun to use while still retaining almost all of the capabilities of the 
original. The miserable draw-in which ruined the first game has been helped. Objects 
normally unseen in the distance now have green wireframes around them. This 
includes enemies and makes battling it out through the city scapes at high speeds 
possible. On the downside, it looks lame and you still can't see a building in all its tex- 
tured glory until you're right on top of it. G Police 2 is enjoyable, though, and is still 
the only place to find this unique type of combat. Unfortunately, it looks like it will take 
the power of the PlayStation 2 to really do the original vision of G Police justice. 




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The adept 
surely doesn’t 
want to shave 
= you with saree cold 
azie metal blades! 
proves that 

being Undead 
is a good thing. 

Crystal Dynamics Q 

you learn to 
climb walls, 
a whole 
up to 


Everywhere in the game has 

a spectral counterpart, even 
Kain’s final lair. 

) he long awaited sequel to Blood Omen, Legacy of Kain returns players to 
Se the dark, vampire-plagued world of the first game. Beginning hundreds of 
years after the events that put Kain in power, the story finds the vampire lord with 
a cadre of undead followers who develop in his image. One of them, named Raziel, 
surpasses his master by developing wings before his master and Kain rewards him 
by casting him into the Lake of the Dead. Now as Raziel you must fight your way 
up to the material world and avenge yourself against your creator. 

By far the best thing about this game is the fact that you could play through the 
entire thing without ever seeing a second of load time. As a vampire, you can not 
die, your body can only be destroyed, forcing you back to the spectral plane. 
Once there, you merely have to devour the souls of some of the unfortunate 
residents and return to life via the nearest handy portal. So not only do you never 
have to load the game from dying, there is no load time when shifting between 
planes, either. This feature alone makes Soul Reaver one of the most innovative 
games for PlayStation. 

Most of the time you will find yourself doing typical adventure game stuff: push- 
ing big blocks around, solving puzzles and flipping switches. The addi- 
tion of the powers that are gained from devouring the souls of Raziel's 
brothers (including climbing walls, walking through gates and shooting 
telekinetic bolts) are what bring a different feel to the game. 

Combat Is original and a lot of fun. Like you, your enemies in the 
game are of the undead variety and can not be killed by normal means. 
Therefore, as much as you kick and punch them, 
they will eventually recover unless you first 
skewer them, throw them into fresh water, fire 
or sunlight and then devour their souls 
before they can be rejoined with their 
bodies. Yummy. 

The graphics are beautiful, 
enhanced by some very nice lighting 
effects. The voice over talent is 
among the best ever found on 
PlayStation. Only the constant backtrack- 
ing and lack of a map detract from this gem. 

Most of the enemies are bigger and stronger than Raziel, 
learning how to dodge is essential. 

Some enemies have been impaled by humans before you 
get there. Pull out the weapon and it’s yours, but then you 
wake up the vampire... 

With his razor-sharp claws, Raziel is truly an 
impressive opponent! 

Once you get the Soul Reaver, weapons 
become less necessary, just charge up, and 

fry ‘em. 





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license from Ford 

Credit are used under 

and uniform granted by Dale Eamihardt, Inc. "Bobby Labonte” 
Hendrick Motorsports. TM, © 1999 Kellogg Company. "Ward Burton! name, 

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granted by Kellogg 
tel, Inc. © 1999 Matte, 

_ HOI nese apis bei ae 

Pe ee 


‘re alla 


up ran 





ize an arsenal of hand 
DONS. And if that’s not enough 






- te Pee ncaa 



ing at 



Get your m 

Publisher Red Storm Ent. Release Date November 
Developer Rebellion Type Action 


Neco efe)sisjle)(cuce) |iUlanle) (se lnlamialcomm tars 
action, but for those of you with a 
penchant for background information, 

and get in line behind you. 



Ras ie ! - = 

it takes TWO TO tango, OUL OMY One Nero 
v0 Save the world 

: =p nyone interested In shooters based on Special Forces teams will have 
fw heard of this fantastically tense and demanding PC game. The good 
news for PlayStation owners is that they'll be able to feel the stress of saving the 
world for themselves this November when it arrives on the consoles. Not that this 
is a port... the PlayStation version is substantially different from its PC counterpart, 
with the emphasis placed firmly on the action portion of the game. Gone, for 
instance, are the intricate (and sometimes overly complicated) planning stages. 
The process has been reduced to determining only the entry points for your oper- 
atives, allowing players to get on with the missions as quickly as possible. 
similarly, there are now nine guys standing by, with three selectable for each mis- 
sion. That means three three single-person units, although it’s possible (in fact, 
preferable) to bunch them together into a single three man fire team by assigning 
them all the same entry point. Do this, and the NPCs can follow you and take the 
initiative when confronted with terrorists—but have them go in separately and the 
role of the NPCs is reduced to guarding the area you leave them at. 

Weapon selection benefits from bar graphs showing the varying capabilities of 
each item, and this makes it easier to take the information in at a glance. Exclusive 
to the PlayStation game is a handy-dandy sniper » clicking on a team member 
rifle and several of the 14 gives you a close-up of their 

groin ; particular point of entry— 
missions are nighttime another great improvement 
sorties: unlike the PC ver- _ for the PlayStation version. 
sion, you really can't com- 
plete these without the night vision headgear. 
Weapons exhibit cool gunsmoke effects, but with 
super-alert and accurate terrorists and no auto-aim 
(this may still make it into the game as an option, 

re , however), you won't have time to stand around 
This is where you set the inser- 

tion points of each of your team ) and watch the pretty swirls. 
members. Keep them apart if you ~ Nets The transition from keyboard and mouse to 
need certain areas to be monitored ~ , 
or bunch them together for a three | Oh PlayStation controller is no easy task. Right now, 
person fire team. ‘ accurate firing while moving safely ts a bit tricky. 
However, Red Storm is very aware of the impor- 
tance of keeping control as transparent as possible 
so that you can concentrate on getting the bad 
guys. The only gripe here, and it’s still early, is 
that with more emphasis on action, no real 
planning and lack of team tactics, much of 
what distinguished Rainbow 6 from the 

competition is gone. 

as RUlay wnneya derek 


re 4 

# at 

» Kevlar helmets and body armor great- 
ly increase one’s chances of surviving 
room to room combat. 

Approach a ae es use the action es the lads will obey the follow command 

OctogerR 199099 

> The AK-47 is an 

While the game is loading, you’re treated to _ 
an animation of your guy racking the mag 
with ammo. Hey, it’s something to watch and 
at least it’s relevant! 

Loading times are pretty quick. Get ready to 
spring into action just as soon as this clip is full. 


RG is a tough, unforgiving game. Neve even , 

the most experienced players will be able 
to jump straight into the game and survive _ 
for long. Clued-up soldiers put some ser- _ 
Ous time in down at the bicliaare rslece = 

OctogerR 1999 


Going it alone might be OK with less 
sophisticated first-person shooters, ca * 
but in Rainbow Six, good teamwork Sion Gaile aad blued quietly, while 

can be both safer and more effective. your teammates give the tangos the 
good news. 

\ Once they know you’re on their tail, the enemy tends to try and use these things to flee like 
the cowards they are. Don’t let them. 

It won’t be long before you encounter _ | And this is the desired result—one 

one of these guys. This would be a good fewer of those Free Europe, One World 
time to return fire. Se socialist types. 

This is one good-looking game—right 
down to serene city backdrops. Combat shot- 
guns are referred 

to as room or Otherwise, you'll be seeing red very This, on the other hand, is less desir- 

alley sweepers. | quickly. These bad boys are very good able. All shooters are not the same and 
donkihranisiteceroheaseatabt | shots. Sometimes, all the body armor in Rainbow Six, one head shot = one 

in the world doesn’t help. dead body. 
Essential anti- 

terrorist activi- 
ties, such as 
defusing this 
bomb, are 
all present 
and correct. 

/ Fon Clancy's Ya 
; i, ae 
If you keep the 
entry-points sep- 
arate, the NPC 
shooters stay in 
position await- 
ing orders and 
covering exits 
and entrances. 
Here, we're ii — 
just checking *. cf. Pe ee The game has been designed specifi- 
that he’s doing sates 7m 7) cally for the PlayStation—from small 
what he was told. We of | y things, like this loading animation, right up 
to the overall style of the game. 


cwematesinx () 



Operatives are required to learn all the You can Segoe ga orgs ned greater LD 
same skills as in the PC version—this section, accuracy and you'll quic nd this is an a This i : heor-theee cicero > ie . Sete . 
for instance, forces you to walk sideways essential skill, both in and outside the yt nanan tes hah-onchr weeniti etn ster se! Cenk ocsnampan! om sor eteaSe sanatter m"tmewat anon tant 

: , sai challenged. Every button is used, right 
(for strafing) and crouch. © training area. down te the two hidden onex: below ths 

analog sticks. 

have to try going through it at least once. 
You might want to drop a few grenades 
down there first, though. 






eon Se Se eS: 



RES as 



‘ 8: Hetal Gear Solid® ond Konami ar registered trademarks of Konami Co, Ltd. Metal Gear Solid VR Missions” is a trademark of Konami Co, Ltd. 
~~ PlayStation and the PayStation logos are trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. The ratings icon is 0 trademark of the Interactive 
tion. ©1999 Konami of America, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 

OctogerR 199990 

Publisher Bandai America Release Date November 
Developer Bandai Type Action 


went on an interplanetary manage 

lent Bomber is shaping up to. = Choosing the right bomb for 

be one of the coolest ‘little’ — the right bad guy is half the 
games of the year. The conceptis both — battle. Your character can 
brilllantly conceived and completely also jump, and that too pro- 
ripped off at the same time. It simply vides a startling expansion 
takes the basic Bomberman mechan- of the basic Bomberman 
ics—dropping bombs and setting them — premise. With the ability to 
off from a safe distance—into an action double-jump by bouncing off 

A P ; 4 | 
realm more than a little bit similar to —_ walls, the game takes on some a ae Bi tt ones pee eed spe Bee 
Metal Gear Solid. platform elements too. you remvenn in ow Sart: eo S, were oe 
You have lots of different kinds of Graphically, the game looks just Your Domas cesirey Soin fem frp ee 

: fers and their fire. kill him. 
bombs at your disposal, including swell so far, but it's the intricate strate- re 

napalm, electrical, gravity and paralysis. gies of the bomb types, matched with 
the literally explosive pace of 
gameplay, that really makes 
this shine. We're looking for- 
ward to seeing a finished 
version of the game, and it 
deserves to be a smash hit. 

< Using the auto-target sys- 

tem, the player can lock on to 4 A voice-over gives you important mission A Real time graphical movies shunt the 
any object and detonate their instructions before you head into the next "story" along, and often include visits from 

bomb at will. level. Listen up; you’ll need ‘em. sarcastic robots. 

Publisher Bandai Release Date November | €) | (0) 
Developer Bandai Type Survival Horror Titik 
¥ Shooting vampires 

in the face seems to 
do the trick, but like 
Resident Evil, you 
have to make sure 
they‘re super-dead. 

tg . a be’ = it's no surprise that Bandai 
Sn gee VM oo 3 Pe Seeemeeee §cecided to bring us a low rent version of 
4 You stare longingly at the bed, wondering if there’s time for a nap before vampire Resident Evil. Featuring almost identical 
armageddon. Lie down now and you'll sleep forever... heh, heh, heh... gameplay and extraordinarily similar graph- 
ics, Countdown Vampires might be unchari- 
tably described as a clone. Uncharitably 
because the version we saw was at a way early 
stage and is kind of overshadowed by Bandai's 
own Silent Bomber, a much more attractive title. 
There are plenty of freaky zombies... oops... | mean, 
Vampires to blast, and like Resident Evil, they vary in scale, appearance and danger level. 
Fortunately, the haunted town is filled with weapons and tools with which to destroy 
them. The zombies... oops, did | say Zombies again? The Vampires wander around slow- 
ly in an undead stupor, much like, uh, zombies, so they're easy targets. 
The survival horror genre has been invented by, and so far, completely dominated by 

A \s there something moving in the shad- 4 Lurking in the darkness are creepy 
ows there? | hope it’s a kitten. A nice, soft, short vampires with red, glowing eyes; : : ; os - : 
furry, cute kitten. | love kittens! Here kitty, often the only indication that they’re Capcom with Resident Evil, and now with Dino Crisis. Bandai's attempt to cash in on this 

kitty, kitty... there. Wait a minute... short vampires? = market had better be good. We'll just have to wait and see. 

OctogerR 1999 
HTTP! // 


Of course, we'd never say this to | 
Lara's face, but she’s got some | 
really great curves. Especially now 
that those swell guys at Core are 
using “softskin” techniques, to 
make sure that her joints stay 
together and look like they should. 

ast month we broke the story on Lara's latest 
adventure, so we figured this month we'd bet- 
ter get some follow-up coverage in, before you come 
over and lay the smack down on our candy-asses! 

For those of you that missed out on our TR cover- 
age last issue (shame on you!), here's a quick summa- 
ry of what's new this time around: The whole game is 
set in Egypt; there is a much deeper storyline than 
before; Lara has new moves, like rope climbing and 
swinging; an inventory system has been added so you 
can carry special items around; there are no more 
switches and boxes—the puzzles are all new, and 
make more sense; and of course, there's the usual bet- 
ter graphics and lighting, and Lara herself has been 
redone to look much smoother. 

What we didn't mention last issue is that a 16 year- 
old Lara will be making an appearance! See, the main 
bad guy in the game is the adventurer who originally 
trained Lara, so in the Training Mode, you get to go 
back to when Lara was younger and practice with him. 


& This is a great shot to show off Lara’s 
smoother curves, more natural joints, and 
rounder... smoother... fully-packed... um, 
you get the point. 

ye Adventure 

28 ; 
Sr > 

she'll look on the PlayStation 2? 

It's kind of like in the third Indiana Jones movie, when 
we got to see a young Indy. 

This month we got our hands on an early demo 
level of the game, which was designed to show off 
some of the game's many new features (all of these 
screens are from this demo). Although the release of 
the final game is coming up soon, Core is notorious for 
not having playable versions of the real game until the 
very last second. So check back next month, when 
we're sure to have even more on this hot title. 



4 No matter how you look ot her, the new 
Lara model stays completely smooth and 
glitch free. Can you just imagine how good 

The dash ability is back from 
| Tomb Raider Ill, and you'll need 
“as it to cover great distances and 
| solve certain puzzles. 

& Lara’s getting a lot of 
new animations for her 
new game. For example, 
she can now bump ‘n 
grind her way up pes: 

Even though 
the entire 


4 Nice butt! No, really, the designers have 
done a great job creating smoother curves, 
thanks fo “soft-skinning” and texture maps. 
Way to go, guys! 

gracious me. 

Am, Fire! 

For the first time in the Tomb Raider 
series, Lara can turn her guns on 
objects ins 

fact, many 

use her gun 

game has 
you search- 
ing through 
tombs and 
you can 
still expect 
a lot of 
varied rooms 
and designs. 

4 Here’s an example: First, Lara goes 
into her new “target” view, which you 
can zoom in with to aim at far away 
objects. Next, line up the red dot, pull 
the trigger, and BLAM—no more price- 
less vase! Wait... priceless? D’oh! 

was lots to explore—should be a good 

Look for puzzles that can be solved without having to run everywhere to throw switches. sign of things to come. 


pe ae 

OctogerR 1950990 

Publisher Tecmo Release Date Sept/Oct 
Developer Tecmo Type Racing Sim 




The most fun you can have with a 

horse—Well, legally, anywa arent te AL 
oe pit Be y y a: — — ean 
ver in Japan, horse racing is one of the —_ the arcade side, players take Lt CU 

of few activities where betting IS legally charge of their chosen steed ae me aaa oan ee tras. ape rack will be a malor port af the gasie. Once 
permitted. As such, it has a huge following and and guide {t to victory over a herse information screen alone has 15 you’re in these gates, though, it’s too late to 
game versions are always tremendously popu- huge number of authentic US variables to consider. worry. You might as well place your bets. 
lar, with fierce competition between the Gallop __ tracks. Tactics are crucial here 

Racer and Derby Stallion series. Well, get ready, | and range from simply wielding the crop (whip), 
because Tecmo is bringing its third Gallop Racer — to more involved tactical positioning. On the sim- ‘POSITION 
game to the US in a satisfyingly complex pack- —_ ulation side, a vast number of parameters are ye 

age of simulation and arcade equestrian fun. On — present affecting all areas of the game: horse 

characteristics, track length and condition |i@4temes nr Poet epithe one a et 
and prevailing weather all-have significant jim or hy _ 7% wth te 

impact on the outcome of each and every 
race. There is an option to create ‘original’ 
horses from your existing stable and a quick- 
access 2-player mode for those more 
inclined to action. Gallop Racer is scheduled 
for a September release and may well set 
the benchmark for its genre. 

« At this point, you’re either smiling and 
heading to the Winner’s Circle, or you’re hiding 
out from your local bookie... 

+ " 
ean ‘i m 

A The arcade-style graphics lend an element of fun to all that serious 
analyzing stuff. Come on, Sea Biscuit! Daddy doesn’t want a broken leg! 


Publisher Activision Release Date TBD 
Developer Warthog Type Space Shooter 

ctivision, In a move that is sure to sur- 
prise and delight Trekkers every- 

appearances from time to time, the look and play a lot like Colony Wars. We where, Is preparing to release the first ever 

majority of the game will be focusing don’t see anything particularly wrong Star /rek title for the PlayStation sometime 
more on the single pilot vessels. with that, though. 

during the summer of 2000. However, 
despite the fact that the game will be 
based on episodes of Star Trek: The Next 
Generation, it won't be focusing on the 
Enterprise or any of the other Galaxy class 
starships in the series. Rather, players will be 
thrown into the cockpit of the Federation's lat- 
est single pilot fighters and forced to take on 
Federation threats one-on-one. 

Throughout 30 highly varying missions, players will meet up with classic characters, 
such as the Borg and the ever-popular Klingons. Activision has even told us that the 
game will feature several alien 
races that have never 
been seen before. Colony 
Wars fans will also be happy 
to know that several of the key 
development team members of. that 
- : series will be directly involved with this title. That 
PY Tea: ent) fact alone makes Star Trek a game work looking 

aS forward to (it's already got Noah drooling). 

© You won’t get to drive 
one of these _ right 
away, though... 

» This game is going to showcase some beautiful on and impressive 
lighting effects. Trek fans are going to be mesmerized. 

Preeti cnn 

a Eidos Interactive and the Eidos Interactive logo are registered trademarks of Eidos Interactive. Inc. Fighting Force 2, Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation, Core and the Core logo are all trademarks of Core 
PlayStation Design Limited. Fear Factor is a trademark of Eidos Interactive. Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver is a trademark of Crystal Dynamics, Inc.PlayStation and the PlayStation logos are registered trademarks of Sony / 
Computer i int inc. The ratings icon is a trademark of the Interactive Digital Software Association. Titles in this advertisement are rated Teen through Mature by the ESRB. ; 


989 gets dow 

ry two of the most accessible 
forms of motor racing on Earth. 
NASCAR can be repetitive, and 
Formula One can drag on for 
hours, but it's hard not to pay atten- 
tion when a motorcycle hits a dirt 
ramp at eighty miles per hour. The 
resulting aerial action might even make 
your granny sit up and take notice. 

989 has gone for a nice mixture of 

ism. SuperCross Circuit also features 
~ real riders, including Mike LaRocco, 
Larry Ward, Greg Albertyn, Ryan 
Hughes and Casey Johnson. 989 will be adding 
more famous name racers to that list, making this 
one of the most comprehensive motorcycle 
games ever made. For non-biker fans, we should 
explain the difference between Motocross and 
SuperCross. Almost as the name _ indicates, 
SuperCross features bigger jumps, more aerials 
and usually takes place in a stadium rather than an 
outdoor course. There are other differences, but 
for the purposes of gameplay, that's basically it. 
Adding to the level of realism here is 989's pro- 
prietary EnviroFX technology, which applies differ- 

4 There’s a sight that every rider really wants 
to see. The problem is that you still have to 
make a safe landing to complete the race. 

4 Remember, you 

: don’t have the track 
arcade action and seat of the pants real- te yourself—a 
collision with 
another rider could 
spell doom. 

989 Studios November 

989 Studios e Racing 

SupeRCRoss CiRcuir 

d dirty with its hot new racer 

track. What this means is that wet 
mud will react like wet mud; dry, 
hard scrabble will cause lots of lat- 
eral drift and so on. These factors 
are further affected by weather 
and time. Puddles will dry up, and 
ruts will emerge and expand during 
the race as bikes tear up the course. 

Although the game features famous 
raceways. like Pontiac Silverdome, 
Unadilla Valley and Sam Boyd Stadium, 
it's even more fun to create your very 
own track using the track editor. This 
will allow you to place hazards, build 
jumps and totally redefine your racing experience. 
If you remember how much fun Nintendo's 
Excitebike was, imagine how that would feel wh 
3D tracks and real-life physics! 

You can continue to customize your experl- 
ence by tinkering with the bikes themselves, 
adjusting suspension, tires and gear settings. 
Even subtle changes will dramatically affect your 
racing potential. The game is planned to ship in 
November, and by that time similar offerings will 
be available from both Acclaim and THO. It should 
be a biker battle Royale come Christmas! 

riders to be fe 


4 The tracks ap- 
pear to be very 

realistic and 

85 best 9 59-99 tota 

OctogerR 199099 

These are just a few oF the 


4 Tight turns will require 
you to put your foot 
down in the dirt. 

Po best O44 96. total @ 27°90 

A The rider is as well modeled as the A Differing camera angles show off the 
bike, a necessary feature of any realistic slick graphics, and let you replay your 
Motocross racing game. finest moments. 

Eee ee ore eos 7 ey ca 

4 Arena and outdoor levels provide a A This rider hotdogs by raising his arms 
difference in both graphics and track aloft. However, since his teeth are about 
scale. Outdoor tracks are bigger and to be driven through his butt, he should 
have more trees, strangely enough... pay more attention to the road. 

OctogerR 1999 

YouR Quin 

Publisher Capcom 
Developer Capcom 

In an attempt to increase replay 
and player interaction, the master 
designers at Capcom have includ- 
ed a brand-new gameplay feature 

in Resident Evil 3. During certain 
moments in the game, players are presented with choices that will affect 
future events. Choose wisely and the game will be much easier to finish. 

(722 FOOL RE 

If you choose the top cool, you will have to fight this “tyrant” character in order 
to avenge the death of Brad Vickers. Do this only if you have some herbs handy. 

taki am ae 


However, if you choose the bottom option, then you will run into the police the 
station and not have to face the Nemesis. This is a good option to choose if you are 

low on health. 

\ If there’s something 
we truly love about the 
Resident Evil series, it 
would have to be all 
gratuitous blood 
and gore. When we 

caretal of the giant crocodiles 

A little creepier, a little scarier 

ast Issue, we gave a general overview of Resident 
: w Evil 3, but weren't able to go into much detail. 
Since then, we've received a playable Japanese version of 
the game and are now able to talk a little more about how 
it actually plays, as well as what new features Capcom 
has come up with. 

Those of you who played Resident Evil 2 should 
remember that you could choose to play one of 
two characters, Leon or Claire. During the middle 
of the game, you switched over to whichever char- 
acter you weren't using and then the story contin- 
ued. In RE3, Capcom is doing basically the same 
thing this time around, but wrapping it up in pret- 
tier packaging. Players start out in the role 
of Jill Valentine and control her for the first 
third of the game. Then, for reasons that 
we don't want to spoil, you take control of 
Carlos, a member of an Umbrella Task Force. 

After you accomplish a few specific tasks with him, you 
once again assume the role of Jill. 

To add a bit of replay value to the title, Capcom has 
included a feature that allows the player to select what they 
want to do in specific situations. For example, every time 
that the Nemesis shows up, you are offered the choice of 
running away and hiding or attacking the brute head-on. 
What you do will effect the outcome of events that occur 
later on in the game. Because of this, most peo 
to play through the game a few times and 

; Pay ie Ris. Wa 

the different ‘& ay 

choices change. 
Another cool 
addition is the 

“escape but- 

the job. 

Release Date November 
Type Survival Horror 

4 Every time you kill 
a major enemy like 
this nasty “tyrant” 
| character, you get 
|} awarded with spe- 
| cial items. Some- 
| times it’s just first-aid 
| kits, other times it’s 
| something like a 
| weapons upgrade. 

| VY For a small portion 
| of the game, Carlos 
| will actually fight 
| along side you and 
®@ fire at any enemies 
| that you fire at. 
_ 4 Those of you who 
| played RE2 will find 
| this very familiar. 

>» Now is not a 

good time to be | 

sitting down on | 

Your best bet is | 
and fire at him © 
from a distance. 

Aside from spies to run past an enemy, 
there has been no real way to evade 
attacks in the RE series. This has been 
corrected in AES with the inclusion of a 
dodge feature. By hitting the Circle button 
at the right time, players can evade pretty 
much any attack they come up against. 

ton that allows you to sidestep 
certain attacks, but only if your 

timing is dead-on. You have to 

hit the button (Circle) just 

before the attack is about to 

hit you. If successful, you 

will sidestep the assault and then be 

able to run away or fire off a round of 
It looks like mastering this 


et hit with 
an attack and 

technique could save you a few herbs in 

the long run. 

It's great that Capcom decided to 
add a few new things to the survival hor- 
ror recipe, but it still all boils down to 

how scary the game is going to be. 
Thankfully, from what we have seen so 
far, Resideat Evil 3’s got enough chills and 
thrills 2 p.even the bravest players on 

T ell seats. 

at Even though we’ve shown this zombie a 
million times before, here he is again. Hey, it’s 

in his contract, okay? 

if you time it just right, you'll jump out of 
the way and not take any damage. 


c — 








AMR a 
: att 
st aa i 

aalstie mar 

WRIA Bt § 


he att i 
lb i 



AN ape 


Suikoden Ii and Konami are registered t ademarks of Konami ., Ltd: PlayStation and the PlayStation logos are 
Entertainment Inc. The ratings icon is a-trademark of the Interactive Digital Software Association. ©1999, 

OcTtogerR 1999 

Nothing else removes 
you from the conse- 
quences. of your 
actions like a sniper 
rifle. “Tee-hee”, you — 
think to yourself as — 
you kill a bad guy from 
the safety of a far 
away rooftop. The 
sniper scope in this 
game is super-rad. 



(a) nce a_ perfectly respectable 
Double Dragon-style fighting 
game, Fighting Force has metamor- 
phosed into something that could best 
be described as a prettier, more action- 
packed Tomb Raider. \f the level design 
and gameplay matches up to the game's 
initial promise, this might well prove to 
be one of the best games of 1999—no 
exaggeration. Eidos has completely 
abandoned many of the elements from 
the original Fighting Force and turned 
this into a very different proposition. 

For one thing, the multiplayer aspect 
is gone. Now Fighting Force 2 is a single 
player game with the emphasis on 
exploration and weapons. There's climb- 
ing and jumping to worry about, too, all 
of which make this more and more like 
Tomb Raider. The emphasis on weapons 
Is huge—there are more than twenty 
and they include some pretty slick 
devices. Of course, there's a shotgun, a 
bazooka and you always carry a big stick, 
but weapons like the sniper rifle add 
huge depth to the gameplay. How will 
you take out a room full of guys with 
just six bullets? The zoom feature eas- 
ily rivals anything seen in top games 
like Metal Gear or Goldeneye. 

Okay, let’s see... Who should | blast first? 
Hmm... they both appear to be equally evil. 
I guess Ill have to toss a coin. 


| fim = | ’ |  & 
WG) & CSG. 

Viore info on the sequel that's not really a sequel after all 

Publisher Eidos 

Developer Core 


Graphically, things couldn't be better. 
The main character, Hawk Mason, 
makes his return from the first game, but 
with sharper animation in an environ- 
ment that puts anything from Tomb 
Raider to shame. Good use of textures 
and truly impressive explosions guaran- 
tee the visual appeal of this game. The 
weapons, the bad guys and especially 
the lighting effects also look fantastic. 
The storyline, given that this is an 
adventure, is much more fleshed out 
than in the last game. Dr. Zeng, after a 
failed attempt to destroy the world, has 
vanished. His research foundation has 
been sold to a mysterious corporation. 
Zeng, it seems, had been working on the 
ultimate soldier, a cybernetic creation. 
The government is naturally concerned 
that a private organization would have 

Walk softly and 
carry a very big elec- 
trified bashing stick. 


Here’s one thing 
they kept form the 
first game—interac- 
tive environments. 
Nearly every non- 
human object can 
be blown up with a 

couple of well- 

placed shots. 

You can take out the gun emplacements 
from a distance, but this one has spotted you 
and is already blasting. 

Release Date Fall 
Type Adventure/Fighting 

‘a Our chill friend on the wall over there is 
about to learn what happens when you 
don’t pay attention. 


control of such technology, and sends 
Hawk in to investigate and blow stuff up. 
The only things missing from the 
early version we looked at were fleshed 
out levels and artificial intelligence for the 
bad guys. The way the 
weapons work in 3D lev- 
els (like grenades bounc- 
ing around — stairwells) 
means that there's more 
to this than just 
mad blasting. 
We can't 
wait to see 

Swimming will play an important part 
in the finished game, and requires great 
stealth, not to mention some flippers. 

Mason takes out the corpo- 
ration’s computers after his 
weak-ass server crashes one 
time too many. 

Is it body armor or does 
he just work out a lot? 
Who knows? Who cares? 


A huge arsenal of weapons awaits the p er, and mos 
of them can be found just laying around on 




ep Se iy 


Soe ore 



y =» 

DOULA Meet. 5 L 



csapeennansenenn sete REIN Ie 

ee AERP, 

All new gameplay and graphics feature 150 new animations 
like goalies sprawling out on their backs to cover loose: 
pucks. New I.C.E. Artificial Intelligence designed with the 
help of 8-time Stanley Cup® Champion Scotty Bowman means 

players execute Jet like ane pros. Add in Mike ee ae. 

the best thing to hit» the ee since She cebopas 

OctogerR 1999 


In order to keep the player immersed in the 
game, the Vagrant Story team has opted to use 
only in-game graphics for cutscenes. This 
works well because the game features some 
of the most detailed and coolest-looking 
characters to date. 

s While we are unsure if she is the main villain of 
the game, Sydney certainly doesn’t seem to be too 
friendly. Our bet is that she eventually becomes a 
good guy. 

\ The building and character designs are top 
notch, and the level of graphical detail is stagger 
ing. Square just keeps getting better with each 
PlayStation game it releases. 

Distortion and other cool 
special effects show up 
from time to time, giving 
Vagrant Story a very 
cinematic presentation. 

Vagrant Story 
takes place in, under 
and around the 
Manor of Duke 
Bardorba. Despite 
the fact that the 
game will only take 
about 8 hours to fin- 
ish, the developers 
say that there is at 
least 30 hours of 
gameplay if you visit 
every location. 


As with 
pretty much every other dun- 
geon-based game, VS will 
feature its fair share of puz- 
zles and switch manipulation. 

Publisher Square 

Developer Square EA Type RPG 

y | 
; 7 f | 


Release Date 2000 

; ] A 1 


Ga & Goat 


A medieval adventure that's a slight departure for Square 

uring a recent media event, Square officially 
unveiled Its latest title, Vagrant Story, to the 
American press and confirmed that the game would be 
released in the U.S. sometime next year. Since this issue 
of PSM is pretty much dedicated to Square anyway, we 
thought we would go ahead and give our readers a first 
glimpse of what could be one of this company's most 
interesting PlayStation projects yet. 
In a lot of ways, Vagrant Story is a unique departure 
for Square. Not only is it going to be a rather short game 
(a lot of people should be able to finish it in 5-8 hours), but 

range. You then have the option of selecting which part 
of the enemy's body you want to hit, such as the head, 
leg or arm. So, for example, if your opponent runs fast, 
you would want to attack his legs to slow him down. 
That's a great idea. 

Despite the fact that we have seen very little of 
Vagrant Story, we were thoroughly impressed by it. This 
could end up being another great example of why Square 
is one of the largest and most talented game companies 
in the world. You can be assured that we will be covering 
this title quite a bit over the next few months. 

it will feature numerous elements 
taken other Square and 
non-Square titles. It also won't 
feature any of the company's 
now-famous FMV segments, except 
for a short one that runs at the start. 
Rather, everything is done using the 
in-game graphics in order to provide 
a consistent feel and look through- 
out the game. 

The combat system, itself, heavi- 
ly borrows from Parasite Eve, but 
also features some new additions. 
When you approach an enemy and 
select to fight them, a white sphere 
will appear that shows your attack 



We're not sure what role 
this dragon plays in the 
overall scheme of things, 
but we do know that is 
appears at the beginning 
of the game. Common 
sense would dictate that 
the dragon is controlled by 
the enemy of the hero of 
the game. 





AGILITY 328 38 

The Status Screen gives you a listing of 
your attributes as well as the condition 
of your various body parts. You don’t 
gain experience by defeating monsters, 
but you can strengthen your character 
by equipping amour and weapons left 
behind by defeated opponents. 

Smashing through the glass roof, the 
dragon appears wi 
look quite menacing, but actually is not that 
powerful at all. 

Lila 55°100 MP T00- 

The battle sequences take a bit of 
getting used to as they don’t follow the 
standard RPG-style of combat. You have 
several more options to consider when 
attacking an opponent, such as what 
part of their body you want to attack. 
We vote for the neck, ourselves... 

a good, strong weapon and you 

warning. He may should ‘have no problem vanquishing this 
foe. Just keep in mind, there’s going to be a 
lot worse enemies later on. 

During your quest, you will come across all manners of opponents. From 
Minotaurs to dragons to undead soldiers, Vagrant Story is sure to please any and 
all fantasy game fans. 

‘alco |aMe-yoL 1 1¢ MAU] lag) ot- (4 Mar [dialer (4 lelaMeomast- Jel aellit iielat Mmer- laat-lel Mr -laremol + tia¥ladlelal, 

Tatar 40] ]e){ aU iaal¥]F-1ii7 ot t-] bem ual Mm OF-laat-le| Sam 300 140 Decalolele, Mile Mm iia + mevlolele)| Me taste) | dia Me [at ME lalelv mar [we(dela Mer laal-lel - 5 Mi mal) 9) o) tale 

I2 torturous tracks designed for full metal contact. 

Tak t- lal 1 al-lamemde- Tale l ial? MOL tanto) idole Ol tmelem -lelell Maar liaal + 

Ol +-liaM aelaaWy, \olol'd em F- late Meolalt-lale)°)olelal 101 & Maeles ar- late dela Metal Malla tiih 

Demolition Racer is a trademark of Accolade Inc. ©1999 Accolade, inc. All rights reserved. Developed by Pitbull Syndicate. All other trademarks and trade names are the properties of their respective owners. PlayStation and the PlayStation ; 





Deaton Reconesise 

lie ; OSETION: —— Serie POINTS: 
Damier Rae Y ss -" ~ ; da gi 
Resovace of bereise pe ote s 4 . Doo 70. 

so leo 
Ae hitch tars 

Cad auisen dee whee elt ye os 
tv? Be pen Tiny, oF slit Mea ase pe 

\ c / 

Fear Factory, Empirion, Junkie XL, and Cirrus 

Pre-order Demolition Racer from select retailers and resiTae 
“2 748 

receive the limited run Soundtrack CD which includes I4@ 

all original Songs and reé-mixes. 

8 different vehicles to race. 
IG cars on the track in €ach race. 

2 player split-screen racing. 

Smash through destructible fences, doors, barrels and more... 

PlayStation: INFOGRAMES 

logos are are registered trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. 




DE ith Pokemania cutting a wide 
swath across the nation’s youth 
(and indulgent parents’ pocketbooks, as 
well), it seems fitting that Tecmo answers 
back with the sequel to one of the best vir- 
tual pet sims to grace videogaming since its 
inception. The original Monster Rancher 
made waves among the hardcore 
PlayStation fans for its cute, quirky play that 
utilized music and game CDs in order to 
create monsters in a special “Shrine” with- 
in the game. In the sequel, many of the 
Same features have survived, but a whole 
new host of enhanced options as well as 
several brand new ones have joined the 
monster breeding fray. 

Taking place on a separate continent 
from the original, you'll employ a perky 
trainer's assistant, named Coltia, who will 
aid you with decision making, as well as the 
day-to-day care of your chosen beast. You 
can still take it to the ranch for drills to 
improve its stats or battle it against similar- 
ly classed monsters. If you remain in town, 
you may discover that you can buy or sell 
monsters, create new ones in the Shrine, 
freeze or combine them in the Lab or even 
take on odd jobs for money, if you're lucky 
enough to have a Pocket Station. The Job 
option may change for the final version of 
the game, seeing that Sony has put the 
PocketStation on hold for an indefinite time, 
but the exclusion of this mode won't direct- 
ly affect the game. 

For those already familiar with the 
Monster Rancher universe, Tecmo has 
included a plethora of other new, subtle 
changes in the game. Environments are 
now completely three dimensional, allow- 
ing the multitude of new, as well as familiar, 
monsters the chance to roam about the 
landscape more naturally. In fact, every- 
thing within the game has been increased, 
including the number of items to buy and 
collect, the different ways to interact with 
your monster (you can now play with your 

What was once training schoo! is 
now called Errantry. Even with 4 
new structure and a tougher . 
regimen, the aim remains the 
same. Boost those stats! 


OctogerR 199q90 


32 Breeding Sim 

e TBA ) 


. Adventure 
park during segments’ are 
separate seg- now dependent 

on your pet's life 
ments) and meter in order - 
the sheer to really com- 
plete each jour- 
amount Of ney to the 
challenge. different ruins. 
But, never 
fear fans— 

Tecmo has left in adventuring 
segments, standard battle con- 
trols as well as training school 
(now called “Errantry), where 
your beast can acquire new 
techniques. There's even a 
chance to run into Holly from 
FIMBA, the training assistant 
from the original, during special battles! 

Due for a release any day now in con- 
junction with a fully animated cartoon 
series to run on the UPN television net- 
work, Monster Rancher 2 may prove to 
give those skilled in virtual pet raising anoth- 
er thing to look forward to this fall. 

Battle is the key to progressing and earning money throughout Monster Rancher. 

v New monsters await those who’ve traipsed 
through Tecmo’s monster-laden universe before. 

Torble sea 
Tec. Hit Tec. ; 
BaSki. Setiter*.. 
PEt cM : 

has incteased by 
has increased by 4. 


a heer you 

_ Errantry locations 

it’s time to take your ‘monster on the road. 
Think of the groupies...! 

~ You'll gain Life Points, as well as the 
- specific stat points, each time you successful- 

ly complete each stage in Errantry. The more 

points you get, the better your moster. 

you'll have to face off against a 
monster. If you win, you will get paid 
very handsomely. 

OctosgerR 199q0 


A Roads are more complicated and, more 
importantly, more road-like. 


4 An improved graphic engine means better 
light sourcing and better detail. 

Publisher 989 Studios 
Developer 989 Studios 

Twisren METAL 

— TM4 make up for the crappy part three? 

89 has absolutely no problems 
» when it comes to sequels. In fact, 
out of 15 games currently available from 
989, 12 are sequels—this could be what 
happens when your company is named 
after a number. Maybe you get obsessed 
with numbers. 

Like the Twisted Metal games before it, 
number four has a different special weapon 
for each car, but adds the ability to 
customize both arsenals and game 
environments. 989 promises that the levels 
in this new Iteration will be larger and more 
expansive than those we've seen in 
previous versions. 

The meat and bones of any Twisted 
Metal game though, is the deathmatch 
mode. Nothing beats racing your friends 
around the arena in a battle to the death. 
Massive explosions, cunning traps and bril- 
liant strategies are the order of the day. 
Naturally, the four-player version of this 
requires a multitap. The Deathmatch levels 

published by GT Interactive. 

A Jet Moto is still one of the best-loved 
racers for the PlayStation and introduced 
sponsored "perimeter" advertising. 

Singletrac, the originator of the Twisted Metal 
series, has been responsible for some of the 
most exceptional PlayStation titles over the 
| years, both before and after its split with Sony. 
Warhawk, a wondrous-looking shooter for its 
time, never saw a sequel. Jet Moto is about to 
see its third incarnation (again, from 989 
| Studios) and Critical Depth was a critically 
| acclaimed, but never massively succesful title as the 

A Critical ears aa sia 3D shooting 
magical undersea kingdom. 


this time are specifically designed for multi- 
player battles, and the gameplay should be 
improved as a result. 

Like any good, modern game, 989 has 
made sure that Twisted Metal 4 has plenty 
of hidden modes, characters and features. 
Unlocking these will make up a good chunk 
of the single player mode. It also expands 
upon the last game's use of “realistic” 
physics. Naturally, there's nothing at all real- 
istic about somersaulting cars, but the fact 
that the physics applied are constant means 
that you can deliberately pull off some rather 
interesting aerials. 

The game certainly looks cool, and for 
newbies, it promises to be the best 
Twisted Metal yet. The only 
question that remains is this: Can 
it provide a challenge new 
enough and fresh enough for 
players who already have the last 
game? We'll wait and see. 

& Who in the Tae is all the way up here 
on the roof firing at you? 

Release Date November 
Type Car Combat 


A The nasty sees finally finds itself 
in a suitable environment. 

— variation in the 
backgrounds and more 
realistic buildings are 
_ tradema 

rks of Twisted 

Metal 4. 

The first Twisted Metal game kind of 
appeared from nowhere, and was 
produced by SingleTrac, one of the 

original PlayStation innovators. Following in the footsteps of the then-awesome 
Warhawk, it practically invented the car-combat genre. SingleTrac also developed 

Twisted Metal 2, before 989 Studios and Sony took over the franchise (along with 

4 Warhawk featured detailed 
and smooth graphics, as well 



surfaces in the 
PlayStation days. 


to a new.  environment—the 



fO | 

Jet Moto) and had the next sequels developed else- 
where. Not to be outdone (and given that they had 
sort of Go (oVilatcremlarene(-191-)) erate went on to repeat 
the feat for GT in 
the shape of Rogue 
Trip, in many ways a 
better game than 
the Sony Twisted 

Metal sequels. 

| ne ee ed 


Yo oXelo iat-1x-¥MatoMillare(-Wilalli-Ke (el (<a okey oMelal=Vol 4 

on those post office forms. Since you have no 
idea when youll be returning. Everything you do in this 
game will have an impact on the way the journey ends. 
If it ever does. 

You start ona (oN -S1 me alo] m of-Yo) [awe] Min\-M-Yele|-We) mi at- 
universe. And ends — well, that's entirely up to you. Every 
single person you 3 
meet, every step 
and every decision 
you make will ulti- 
mately shape your 
destiny. And the 
fate of a planet. 

In short, the 
ike lake lero] ie fete k 
fol g-m ofe)X-Yo oll 41 
every single living 
creature witha 
great meteorite 
AelMEKe Ute dno late, 
furiously hurtling 
planet. Ferocious 
monsters threaten 
at every turn. Evil magic lurks in the shadows. And to raise 
the stakes, questions of identity hang in the balance. 

Nom Zolemiliim oe] si(-Meolelol la imiat-M-071 Melale ll alte -Yelt ls 
ied aic-1eMlalmu-to] ba iliit- Wm fel Ze lolate] Mexelii] ote] MM (oll ote] n 
oft Koln P4- Morel iil o} [rexel r=xo moron ollatel itelamureni-mel are M11 
up decoys to take the fall. But no matter what, there's 
still no end in sight. 

Because who you choose to talk to and share 
information with will greatly affect you. Characters can 
think and feel for themselves. Some will join you on 
your quest, others will betray you. And to add to the 
challenge, you have the option of playing two different 

characters, both unique in personality and both having 

© 1999 tri-Ace Inc./LINKS/ Minato Koio/ENIX. All Rights Reserved. STAR OCEAN The Second Story is a trademark and ENIX is a registered trademark of Enix Corporation. 
PlayStation and the PlayStation logos are registered trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. 

. : rd 


an impact on the cules of the game. 

Even your emotions determine the fate of your 
journey. You may choose to be romantically linked with 
another character, or you may choose to remain friends. 
But no matter what, it will affect your path. And more 
seriously, if a friend dies in battle, you'll feel incredible 
rage that will cause you to fight with even more furious 
combat moves. 

And there is 
no easy way out. 

fete) exelnve Rs 4 xelo 

not just appear 

& ™ 

xe ‘ along the way. You 
must create many 
items from raw 
materials. And to 
do that you will 
then find yourself 
mastering difficult 
skills like alchemy, 
metalwork, song- 
writing, and even 

You will find 
Melllex-1im elke hUlate 
the countless routes while traveling through this game. 
Pa\sce Lat -1k-Melk-Meyi-1mns]OR-Ya\e| aYotMala\-We(-(-1 eta elle (“117-9 
da MurelK- Velho econ'{-tm Lave] Maveyiallare petatekel-icell Mavenel U1-9 
nYoXerola\i-1e se] [ola MaaroN 4] eatexo lal ol-Wro] <-Val ol me] celal (cre Vale! 
that anything is possible. Including the fact that you might 

not ever make it back. 







siete E PERTH a EAbez tote} is Ue stoste 4) 4 ireiri: syyeetiiy fare 
GSE RUM Heat tat 5 fii } sf = 4 | 
SE Mae A = ; ' : i iver areas sa et an a Beit 
Bo eH Aaa Se eel as HEM BaNtee Le i 
pa & AA A 4 ait = : ha OA aS a Sisal ae 
int Beieizin miei 4 I : nae Aa aint f 
i iy i : A eee 

e vane rey .r ished Bans 




R aye jLel 




aie a 
eanivaiinsterree ah 
anatase if bisa 



x ay i bi ; Series 

Roslsaiiiainsainiaise Eirevatrenn ita Esti H set 

Pa : a = : E é ae 
a 3 



sibdesibeses Casey iorigstacsah/ ip’ siciaaddpicas-opsiie 




This game is 


recommended for mature 
audiences only. It contains 
adult language and content. 


Dozens of sweet environments without He's not Fat- With this new Cow-Launcher, people will HOWDY HO your way through 
any lame, tree-hugging hippies! He's 3-Dimensional! really respect your AUTHORI-TAH! mega multi-player action! 


PlayStation | - 

TM & © 1999 Comedy Central. All Rights Reserved. ® & © 1999 Acclaim Entertainment, Inc. All Rights Reserved. PlayStation and the PlayStation logos are registered trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. 




© 1999 The 3D0 Company. All Rights Reserved. Crusaders of Might and Magic, New World Computing, 3D0, and 
their respective logos, are trademarks and/or service marks of The 3D0 Company in the U.S. and other countries. 
PlayStation and the PlayStation logos are registered trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. All other 
trademarks belong to their respective owners. New World Computing is a division of The 3D0 Company. 


OcTtosgerR 1999 

her Square EA 8 Winter 

oper Square 



ALTRE4 Limtrete: 

ae ~ 

) ay back in the days of 16-bit gaming, 
ete” the Super Nintendo was privy to a late 
Ses of Squaresoft RPGs which then went on 
to be favorites among fans. Of these titles, one 
of the most beloved was Chrono 
Trigger. Featuring a memorable cast 
of characters, plenty of time travel, 
brillant designs, as well as an 

same exact area. There will 
be plenty of occasions wherein 
those who have played the 
original will recognize storyline 
elements and_ loca- 
tions from Chrono 
Trigger, but Square 
insists that Chrono Cross is definitely 

& The battle system is a little cdeasritiong at 
first, but its unique take on multiple, 
customizable attacks give it a_ slight 
Xenogears feel. 

P While shes name “hanes a eee: to 
Chrono Trigger, the graphics have been 
overhauled for the 32-bit age. And, of 

7 Expect —mascive course, that’s a good thing... 

bosses and some 
very impressive spell 
effects during your 
journeys into dun- 

unprecedented amount of endings 
(approximately 80 endings in. all), 
the game went on to rival Final 
Fantasy with devoted fans, and 
earned the crown as one of the 
best RPGs of all time. 

Now, nearly five years 
after the release of Chrono 
Irngger on the Super NES, 
Square has finally quelled the 
rumors from the masses with 
its announcement of a sequel, 
Chrono Cross. Using a separate cast 

led by a hero named Serge and heroine 

named Kid, the development team, composed 
of members from the Xenogears team and 
other various talent, the game remains within 

geons and mazes. 

no rehash—most stuff is all-new. 

Featuring a 3D set of characters 
and polygonal backgrounds, most of 
the gameplay features within 
Chrono Cross have been com- 
pletely revamped to include a 
revolutionary new fighting sys- 
tem which doesn't require an 
inordinate amount of leveling, 
while the host of multiple end- 
ings, time traveling and attention 
to soundtrack remain the same. 
This is definitely one of the RPGs to 
watch for, and when it hits shelves next year, 
it's hoped that tt will be worthy heir to the very 
lofty Chrono Trigger throne. 

cs “Sasi + Fanalee ! 

Mert 22 Fae AO es ie 

Te ta 


4 Character designs are no beeieye property on a Akira “Schou 
(Dragon Ball, Chrono Trigger). They’ve been handed over to Nobuteru 

Yuuki (Lodoss Wars, Seiken Densetsu 3) and look amazing. 
the same world as Chrono Trigger, but not the 



1 989 Studios 
a Seavlacrlie Sim 

yer 989 Studios 

 There’s slightly 
more emphasis 
in this version on 
tricks, and the 
courses are defi- 
nitely built to 
reflect that fact. 


= it wou be possible to squeeze a series of four games 
from the theme. Well, that’s exactly what 989 has had the bare-faced, rosy-cheeked nerve 
to do. Cool Boarders 4 is almost upon us. This time however, 989 is changing things up a 
bit. First and foremost, there is no snow, and there are no snow boarders. 

>» Just joking. There are, in fact, plenty of both. Included this year (It should really 
i be called Cool Boarders 2000) are super-freak twelve year-old Shaun White of 


Burton, and Salomon‘s Michele Taggart (number one in the ISF ratings). In addi- 

i alessdovsikerra spreson com j tion to the professional boarders featured in the game, the player has 

skills and lack of respect for property. the option to create and dress your own boarder. You can doll them 

up in styles from Billabong, Levis and 
even Arnette sunglasses. Tip: If you choose 
Levis, don't wear too much denim, because 
it could chafe you badly when it gets wet. 

There are all new play modes to choose 
from, some of which are specific to individual 
mountains, and there are the usual one and 
two player modes (in split screen). Downhill, 
Half Pipe, Slope Style, CBX and Big Air 
Stadium events should keep even the hard 
core boarders out there happy. All in all, Coo/ 
Boarders 4 promises to be the biggest and 
best Coo! Boarders to date. 

Whe says you need snow to sacaabeardt 
This’ icy boardwalk is every bit as slippery, but 
detracts from manueverability. 


4 \ Grinding i is one oe those things that’s super- 

easy in games and ends in disaster in real 

life—Just like double-jumping. 






Visi werecestiong or cal 

{400-7772 ter mane ind. 



rights ved’ Drea Works Interactive ts a trax of DreamWerks L-L °C... PlayStation and the PlayStation logos’are registered tr 

Meta! of Honor ©1999 DreamWorks. interactive-L:C-C All. 


in combat, life ov death is often a 

split-second choice. You're on a COVEF\ 

operation for Military imelligence with 12 

sabotage enemy U-boats. All to cripple 
_ the Nazi F 

egime and ensure freedom. — 

2 Player Split Screen Mode 



SP@RTS radical i} 
entertainment. ™ 

5 Different Events 

PlayStation and the PlayStation logos are registered trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment inc. MTV Sports: Snowboarding - Game and Software © 1999 Radical Entertainment, : 
Ltd. “MTV Sports’ names, trademarks, and logos and all related titles and logos are trademarks of MTV Networks, a division of Viacom International Inc. "MTV: Music Television” name, PlavStati raa ical 
trademark and logo "MTV: Music Television’ and all related titles and logos are trademarks of MTV Networks, a division of Viacom international inc. Snowboarding is a trademark of THO Inc. ay station : 

Game and Software exclusively licensed and published by THQ Inc. MTV Sports and MTV Music Television exclusively licensed to THO Inc. THO logo and THO are trademarks of THO Inc. entertainment... ™ 


OcTogerR 1999450 

st iblis r d83 Studios ‘eleas > November 

PREVIEWS ser 989 Studios v2 Basketball TB 

» Yes Kobe, we know you’re 
the new Michael Jordan, 
there’s no need to rub it in. @ | 
This is what happens <> "2 
when Phil Jackson 
takes over... 

oa less throttling this year 

rankly, last year's NBA season was one of the 

most miserable sporting spectacles ever. With 
the season chopped in half, Jordan gone and more 
whining than a bag of puppies, It looked like the sport 
was doomed. Fortunately, the season was saved by 
some bravura performances near the end, with the 
choke-enhanced Knicks nearly pulling off a miracle (but 
where was the Jazz, man?). 

One of the biggest new features in this year’s 
ShootOut is Touch Shooting and Passing. Both of these give 
you greater control over your game, allowing you to switch drib- 
bling styles in-game and even control the final accuracy of a shot. 

The motion capture for the game was done using the talents of 
Brevin Knight from the Cleveland Cavaliers, Charles Outlaw from the Orlando 
Magic and Robert Horry from 
the LA Lakers. Also used was 
Paul Pirece from the Celtics, gulag oo . 
who was one of the motion § “ni ¢@ a A _ 2X 
captured players in NCAA == >» & 3 os 
Final Four. As well as the 
usual stats and figures, NBA See 

‘ A Webber is all like, “What's up, 
e. Shrempf? Why’re you standing over there 
, like a tool? I’m up here, sain on 

your sorry Supersonic ass” 

A& Touch passing ~ 

is nice, but you really 
just want to slam dunk, 
right? In your face! 

\ ShootOut also features real A Shaquille O’Neal shows off 
crazy camera a a . awards, like MVP, Player of the ? pan ie Killen eek wie Lee Boats lined gee 
pa pea eocarersed gpm on mae Year and Rookie of the Year. This ¥ Py guard me, fool.” and better animation. 

: could be a game to look out for. aaa 

er 989 Studios 
joper 985 Studios 

Basketball grandstanding ail y 

gets out of hand as every $2 8 Ly y pores ; 

player on the court tries to Sd | | y 

swat the ball simultaneously. ra : y | an / | 
o : Ss uA a. Wi “io 

Relea e November 


ith graphics more than twice as detailed than those 
seen in last year's NCAA, 989 is doing more than 
Reeatio an old game. NCAA Final Four 2000 looks set 
to blow the socks off of the 99 incarnation. This year's 
version features new player animations, captured with 
the help of former Kansas All-American Paul Pierce. 

The players in this year's iteration use a new “skin- 
ning” technique to lessen the sharp, angular joints that 
are indicative of a polygonal basketball game. 

For commentary, 989 has included the mellifluous 
tones of in. nae 
ESPN's Quinn "oneness 
Buckner, who'll fill the leaders can’t 

: believe how 

announcers booth with — high that 
brilliantly crafted thoughts _ little guy skied. 

on the progress of the 


The markers under each player The reflections on 

indicate which button will pass to which _ the court are largely UCLA is about game. New gameplay features include 
player, almost like a football game play. there for fun, but to win this jump the ability to switch to a pass even after 
This should make those behind-the-head they do give a valu- ball, but the 

passes a little bit easier to complete. able sense of height __rest of the team you Start to shoot, and an enhanced cre- 
edie a eater ctr sniatrounnintaaaaees AAG ARE OO DAG ~~ fUSl —-- Goes ate-a-player feature. The game will 

up for a jump shot. seem to care. Z 
ila alesse release in November. 

action driven by a 
engine technolog 

programming routines allow levels to 
dissolve into cinematic cut-scenes and 
full motion video (FMV). Loading screens 
are eliminated, making the adventure a 
continuous, focused experience. 

Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation's 
redesigned inventory system replaces 
traditional inventory rings with an 
easier-to-use interface allowing items to 
be combined, collected and stored. The 
new inventory also features Lara's diary, 
which includes her personal notes from 

And SET sayeth: ‘I am the shadow 
across the sun; | am the bringer Of akin to the original due to the 

lands and shall be ceaseless.’ 

each adventure and a location map that 
players can access for hints and tips. 
Application of the transformed system 
will give new life to puzzle elements — 

a key feature of Tomb Raider: The Last 
Revelation. Clear objectives and smaller 
locations will result in less time spent 
traveling between areas. Individual envi- 
ronments are more reminiscent 

of the original game - tightly focused and 

CORE DESIGN is at it 
again. This fall will see the 
return of two top games with 
the PlayStation's hottest char- 
acters and Core's knack for 
addictive gameplay. Tomb 
Raider: The Last Revelation 
and Fighting Force 2 are sure 
to satisfy fans as well as cap- 
ture the imagination of new 
players. For more on two of 
the hottest titles coming this 
fall, read on.. 

puzzle-oriented, but with higher levels of 
detail and a greater number of 
objects than seen before. 

The atmosphere will also be more 

emphasis on ancient locations 

plagues. My wrath will consume all and tombs. To further the atmos- 

pheric detail, the lighting 

system features spotlighting. 

New environment mapping allows 

a variety of surfaces and objects 
to reflect and react to light sources. Lara 
herself will have a new remodeled look -- 
fully skinned and more detailed. A range 
of new moves, both simple and complex, 
provides an assortment of brand new 
puzzle and trap mechanisms for Lara to 
negotiate. The puzzles are based on 
Egyptian mythology and will operate 
like complex board games right at the 
player's fingertips. 


vive SOL a Aleia Fe 



NOILV 13A34 1SV1 4AHL 

game is still, in 

- “an adventure 

Special Advertising Section 



titles. Since we're dealing with Egypt, 
our artists and animators have 
really been able to let their 
imaginations go so we've 
got mythological baddies 
as well as natives and 

generics. Due to the nature Ki 
of the plot, you'll find a lotp 

of rather strange things 
happening and don't be ® ee 

} your are pitting yo 
/ against an adversary 
through the adventure. 

Will there be another gz 
in the Tomb Raider serj 

_ Well you know what they sa 
You just can't keep a 
good girl down...! 

Hawk Manson 

198? Enrolled in the U.S. 
Marines- Saw active duty in 
Panama. Grenada. and the 
middle east- Served one year 
in the elite Navy Seals 

Ah be Pe Ma Ll Lo Mita lo > b-Yed a-T ae 1-To| 
on medical grounds 

4996-1999 Freelance security 
advisor for local law 
enforcement agencies in the 
United States and Europe. 
Police records cannot prove 
any links to vigilante 
activity* but Manson is 
suspected of strong arm law 
enforcement and has been 
seen at paramilitary 
training camps in Texas and 

e000 Part of the team that 
uncovered and stopped Dr. 
Zeng from wiping out the 
population of planet earth 
at the turn of the century. 

Current Occupation: Currently 
employed as a Weapons 
Inspector for the United 

Alias: The Hawk 
Height: b’2 

Weight: 19b lbs 

AN ol Tah e- @ 
Experienced in projectile 
weapons and motor vehicles 
© ee aat- ee -  a -od - 

\ computer system 

and objectives. 

Well, What's New? 

a Ls a ee 
everything is new. Core 
Design took the best 
elements of the original 
game, which was the 
fast-paced hand-to-hand 
combat and object 
interaction and carried it 
to the next level in 
gaming. Sporting a brand 
new 3D game engine and focusing on the action genre rather than 
simple beat’em up has really opened the eyes of tough to please 
hard-core gamers. Rather than using an entire "Force" of 
characters, Core has chosen to focus on one main character 

(see side bar), Hawk Manson, to lead the charge in this sequel. This 
allows for more 
storyline elements to be 
introduced as well a 
greater number of 
animations or moves 
the character will have. 
The main objective of 
the game is not known 
at the outset. The 
Storyline is integrated, 
giving clear objectives that allow the plot to unfold. Cut scenes will 
be used to give the player his next objective or further information. 
Then as the player progresses through each location, a number of 
scripted scenes will be used to advance the story line. Hawk is also 
equipped with a data handset of which information is received via 
the Control Base. The Base will give Hawk additional information 

“In fact we have introduced many new weapons, which will help 
the player to deal with some of the most difficult situations making 
the action more realistic and rewarding. All the fighting moves and 
the system have been redesigned so that interacting with them 
results in a more balanced game for the player," Ken Lockley, 
Producer at Core Design. 

€ 4404 ONILHDIA 

The player must negotiate nine global 
locations, split into approximately 24 
separate stages. The levels vary from the steel 
mills of Pittsburg and a tank factory in Japan 
to South America. Each location holds a clue 
that leads to the final confrontation with the 
ultimate enemy. Throughout the missions 
Hawk will also collect body armor at the 
various locations which provide additional 
strength and protection. The game flow also 
splits after the fifth level where the player is 
given a choice that will result the player 

visiting different locations. 

_ Each of the 50 enemies and bosses has 

unique artificial intelligence and is 

Special Advertising Section 

knowledgeable about the layout of his 
surroundings. For example if Hawk enters a 
room the characters may react in differents 
ways. They may choose to confront the player, 
try to raise the alarm or run for assistance 
and if fired upon directly they run away, but 
also raise the alarm in the process. This is 
where some of the stealth capabilities play 

a role in the game. Some characters will not 
perceive the player as a threat unless 

a direct action is taken against them. 
Avoiding confrontation is some situations 
may be a more strategic decision. 

"The Al and game flow control in FF2 create 
much more varied and interesting potential 
outcomes in any given situation. For instance 
the removal of an enemy before he manages 
to set an alarm (Bringing reinforcements into 

a room — This would be BAD!), will make 
passage through that area substantially 
easier. The player will also be able to learn 
from the behavior of individual enemies and 
in later levels, avoid having to deal with the 
reinforcements by taking the “alarm setting” 
enemy out FIRST before he is able to call 
them," says Lockley. 

The original game's major weakness would 
have to be repetition. With FF2 the ratio of 
hand-to-hand combat and weapons use is 
roughly 50:50. We had to completely re-think 
the control system to allow many more 
combat moves / combos. There are specific 

combos for specific weapons, even moves 
when guns are emptied (player can use 
empty pistol to hit enemies.) We also have 
‘chargeable’ moves that take time to charge, 
but are extremely powerful. Due to the fact 
that there are more weapons available and 
to the type of 3D environments the count of 
moves has almost doubled from the previous 
Fighting Force. 

Moveslomsclie(tm-laemalelaldlale Mi me)ca—me@O@)\\oe-lale| 
idg(-m@l@):1- MO1ClOM-le-m-]| Mag-lel—usl-la.¢Me) ml @elg— 
Design Limited. The ratings icon is a trademark of 
the Interactive Digital Software Association. 

Special Advertising Section 

Ge <!lCO=s. 



Special Advertising Section 

When the daughter of a powerful Chinese 

businessman disappears into the hedonistic and. ea 

dangerous Shan Xi Protectorate under mysterious 

circumstances, our team of specialists infiltrate 
the city and attempt to reach her first. Hoping | 

earch, destroy and fire- 
fight your way through 
the archaic chaos of an 
alternate reality China and 
its inhabitants. Along 
the way, you will be constantly 
challenged by the henchmen of the 
girl's father who have no intention 
of letting you get to her first. 

But what begins as a mercenary snatch and 
grab to retrieve a young runaway instead 
becomes a mission more perilous and 
important than any other that you could've 
imagined: a battle for the survival of the 

to leverage her safety for a sizeable pile of cash. 

es i se 8 

¢ * . * 
. * . = & "hig et 
& * " . s 

planet against the most unimaginable of 

The Gameplay Experience 
FEAR FACTOR is a suspense action 
adventure game unlike any of its predeces- 

sors. The gameplay is not about just winning. 

It is definitely not only about shooting mon- 
sters (although there will be plenty of that 
within the game) or solving typical puzzles. 
The objective of FEAR FACTOR is to provoke 
emotional responses from the Player (such 
as, laughter, screams, anger) by immersing 
them into the imaginary world and into the 
story of the experience. 

rm tog 
_" ee 

Like watching a great horror action film, 
when the movie is over, the audience is 
rewarded with a satisfying experience... 
they've been scared, they've screamed 

and they've jumped out of their seats. 

When you finish FEAR FACTOR, the 
ultimate reward will not be any different. 

Multiple Player Characters 
By design, you will get to "become" different 
characters within FEAR FACTOR, so that you 
may experience all of the facets of the story. 
This is not achieved through gimmicky game 
mechanics such as “mind controlling", "body 
jumping” or ‘soul possessing". It is 

accomplished through logical plot editing 
and creative cinematic direction. 

As you move from character to character, you 
assume more than new talents and abilities, 
you are also presented with new challenges 
and knowledge which helps you advance 
through the experience. Like any great 

Story, FEAR FACTOR has a wide range of 
characters as well as interesting sub-plots 
that will draw your player's attention and 
keep you entertained for hours. 

Fast-paced, with plenty of terror and thrills, 
FEAR FACTOR is a game in which the story 
is the focus of the your interaction. 

Special Advertising Section 

Motion FX Technology 

While previous games have combined 
Real-time Characters with Pre-rendered 
backgrounds, the result has always been to a 
flat, dead world in which wide open spaces 
are largely devoid of any sort of human 

FEAR FACTOR surpasses any previous 
experience in the genre because EVERY 
background in the game is ANIMATED, 
dubbed MOTION FX Technology. This 
means that the worlds of FEAR FACTOR 
will be alive, with dynamic action taking 
place within the backgrounds. 

By creating the worlds of FEAR FACTOR 
with Motion FX, you are fully-immersed in 
the game universe: one that is visually 
breathtaking while at the same time taking 
advantage of the gameplay possibilities that 
the animated backgrounds provide. 

! N oi E R A Cc T | V E 


[- 4 

Interactive. The ratings icon is a trademark of the Interactive Digital Software Association. 


ecial Adverti 



An interview with Amy Hennig Director of Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 

How would you describe Legacy of Kain? 
What type of game is it? What kind of 
experience can players expect? 

Our goal from the beginning was to provide a seamless, 
immersive game experience — an epic adventure set in a 
relatively non-linear game world, that rewards players’ 
exploration and problem-solving skills. Soul Reaver is 
an action-adventure game with an intuitive set of player 
mechanics, an innovative combat system, lush visuals, and 
RPG-type elements like character growth, ability 
acquisition, and story progression. 

What are the most compelling 

aspects of the game? 

The first thing that comes to mind is the data-streaming 
technology — this allows us to provide a seamless, 
interconnected game experience, eliminating artificial 
divisions of the game world (and the annoyance of load 
times). Once the player begins a game, we never want to 
disrupt the immersion of the game experience, or pull them 
out of their willing suspension of disbelief. 

Besides providing a seamless experience, this technology 
also allows us a greater variety of creatures, sounds, music, 
and environments in a much smaller area. Most games 
have to keep an entire level resident in memory (thus the 
load times, and the often apparent lack of graphic variety 
in levels); by streaming the data off the CD, we only have 
to keep a very small, localized area in memory at any one 
time. Run down a hallway in Soul Reaver, and the 
environment can change drastically — without the player 
ever having been aware that data was being dumped 

and loaded. 

Second, our world-morphing technology provides 
something players have never seen before. As Nosgoth’s 
first “angel of death," Raziel can shift at will (more or less) 
between the spirit realm and the physical world; when he 
loses all his energy in the material plane, he is automatical- 
ly forced back into the spectral realm. In the game, these 
two realms exist simultaneously, the spectral plane being 

an eerie, expressionistic, “twilight” version of the physical 
world. During these plane-shifting events, the entire 
environment morphs in front of the player's eyes — the 
architecture twists and distorts, the lighting changes, and 
the denizens of the area fade in or out, depending on their 
planar affiliation. 

Third, Soul Reaver offers an innovative combat system, 
which allows players to easily interact with enemies in a 
full-freedom 3D environment. By holding down the 
“autoface" button, the player can engage with and 
maneuver easily around enemies, sidestepping around them 
while planning an attack, and dodging and lunging easily 
to evade or launch attacks. Because Raziel’s primary foes 
are vampires — and therefore only destroyable by impaling, 
sunlight, fire, or water -- the game also requires the player 
to formulate a plan of attack, to find weapons or use 
potentially-fatal elements in the environment to his 

Finally, behind all the action is a complex storyline, 
conveyed primarily through in-game cinematic events and 
voice-over. | think players will be impressed by the quality 
of the script and the voice-acting in Soul Reaver — the 
voices are all provided by talented, experienced actors 
(most of whom are reprising their roles from the first 
game), and the voice direction and casting were provided 
by highly-respected industry veterans. 

How big is the game? How long will it take 
players to finish it? 

Geographically, the game is huge — but Raziel moves at a 
pretty good clip, and the placement of Warp Gates allows 
the player to teleport across the game world fairly easily. 
In terms of hours of gameplay, it will depend on how a 
player approaches the game. Players who proceed from 
one major goal to the next, without revisiting previously- 
explored areas to find bonus levels, will probably get 35-40 
hours out of the game. For players who take the time to 
find all the bonus items and hidden glyph spell levels, the 
game should provide over 65 hours of gameplay. 

Any tips for playing the game? 

Secrets or hints? 

Mainly, players should remember that the game is all about 
freedom of exploration — each time Raziel receives a new 
ability, the player should explore areas previously visited to 
discover power-ups, spells, etc. The player can charge right 
to Raziel’s next goal, if desired — none of these bonus areas 
are required to finish the game — but the player will have a 
richer (and longer!) gaming experience if they revisit 
previously-explored areas with new abilities. 

So keep your eye out for locations that seem suspicious, 
and areas that you can’t get to yet —- make a mental note 
of these, so you can return later when Raziel earns a new 
ability. Each of the new abilities opens up previously- 
inaccessible areas — so if there’s a gate you can’t get 
through, an unreachable opening high up in a wall, a 
suspicious-looking window, an area you can’t reach without 
swimming, or some odd apparatus that you can’t operate 
yet, it probably means there's a bonus item, or a new area 
to be unlocked, nearby. 

Secondly, don't forget to autoface those enemies! Soul 
Reaver's combat Is built around the autoface system — you 
can fight enemies without using it, but the experience is 
much richer if you take full advantage of the autoface button. 
And finally — when in doubt, shift into spectral. If you think 
you're stuck, the twisted architecture of the spectral 

realm may provide the clue that you need to progress. 

rN FF & KR A GS TF bk VM CB 

Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver and related characters are trademarks of Crystal Dynamics. © 1999 Crystal Dynamics. All rights reserved. Crystal Dynamics is a wholly owned subsidiary of Eidos Interactive. Eidos Interactive is a registered trademark of Eidos Plc.® 
1999 Eidos. All rights reserved. The ratings icon is a trademark of the Interactive Digital Software Association. 

OctogerR 1999 

psm reso 

—S soe 

Guardian Force 

Guardian Force Locations 

It woulda? t be ears ie a ‘Final Faria es game fy you u couldn t summon Guardian Fo ces to ee ou out d 
they help to make your characters stronger and faster, you should make an os to find 

Forces and what you have to do to get them. 

rinal Fantasy VI 

ce guide 

inal Fantasy VIIl is easily the deepest and most com- 
plex RPG yet released on the PlayStation. You could 
spend months just trying to discover all the secrets 
and side-quests that the game has to offer. To make things eas- 
ier for you, we've come up with this resource guide that cov- 
ers the two coolest aspects of the game: Guardian Force and 
the Triple Triad. We decided not to do the standard walk- 

>PePrPpePrePrrererePrerePrePrrrePrrePrerrerrr ere FF Pre Pe PP RP Pw YS 


derenet strategy guide, because the game, itself, is pretty 
straightforward. Besides, we wouldn't want to spoil any of the 
adventure for you. Rather, we have covered just the areas of 
the game where players will probably need the most help. 

Note: Parts of this guide were based on the Japanese version 
of the game, so the names of certain abilities or spells may be 
a little bit different. 

Quezacot. ns es Fee a See “When i in your classroom at a) Garden, tur ¢ on the Computer, and go through the tutorial. 
Shiva..... <n eee ONTO ESEDOVE, ww 25 > 

oe and ioe him at the Cave of Fire. 

Leviathan ........ Pot tere ne ae ~ Draw it from Neogt, the Te that, dwell Is in the. besethGht of the Balamb Garden... ./ il 
Pandemona......... ee ~ You need to draw it from Fujin. 

Cerberus........... ..... Fightand defeat it in the front fall of the Galvadia. Garden: * 

Alexander.......... Piva. s he Draw it from Edea. : : | 

a, ee pe oat OS a Go to Sentora Ruins, and defeat the Tonberi béss. This can be aise you defeat Odin. 

Giant Soothe Ratesaes < Pea See ee seaas _— and defeat th the Cactuar Boss on Cactuar Island. 

Eden »..., a a _ Draw from Ultima‘in the Bahamuttuins. gg. 

Bahamut. Soe rayne Sa eee one SPeeen ee -. Go to Warship Island, which is located at the southwest c corner of the world map. Then fight and defeat it. 

Finding and Earning Odin 

Odin is in the Shitora Temple located on the islands to 
the North of Edea’s House. As soon as you enter the 
temple, you will have 20 minutes to find and defeat 
him. Trust us, that's easier said than done. If you have 
Diablos, you should equip his “No Encounter” ability (if 
you have it), so that you don't run into any other ene- 
mies. Here is the quickest pat) to ae to Odin: 

1. When you reach the area of the temple that has two 
ladders going up, go up the left one. When you reach 
the top, go through the window. 


<< Odin sits 

on his throne and 
awaits thouse who 
dare challenge him. 

down the_ ladder 
and stand in front of 
the small statue 
located between 
the two ladders. Hit 
X and it will open up revealing another blue light. Then, 
a Staircase should appear to the right of you. 

4. Head up the stairs until you see the large statue, and 
then climb up the nearby ladder to reach it. Remove the 

2. You will see a strange control console in front of yous _— red lefteye from the statue and continue up the stairs. 

Walk up to it and hit X and the top part of the console - 

will open, 
\ revealing a blue 
2 glow. 


< Odin’s Temple 
is located on one 
of the islands 

North of Edea’s 

5. Climb up the next ladder you see and you will find 
another large statue with a red eye. Place the ref eye 
you got from the other statue and place it in this one. 
You will then get a special, five-digit code number. 
Memorize it. 

6. Grab both of the red eyes from the statue and head 
all the way back down to the earlier statue. Place both 
red eyes in this one and enter the five-digit code that 



you learned. The door below you will open up. 

7. Enter through the door to face Odin. 

Note: After defeating Odin, you won't get him like you 
do the other Guardian Forces. Rather, depending on 
your luck stats, Odin will appear from time to time and 
help you during battles. 

Squall 1823 

Name: Speed-J 

Ability from:Pandemona, Cerberus, Eden 

Effect:|t allows you to enfuse magic with your Speed 
therefore raising it. The power of the spell and number 
in stock determine how much the number will rise. 
Required AP: 120 

Name: Accuracy-J 

Ability from:Diablos, Cerberus, Eden 
Effect:lt allows you to enfuse magic with © 
Accuracy therefore raising it. The power of the s 

: red AP: 200 

Name: Evasion-J 

Ability from:Cactuar, Eden 

Effect:|t allows you to enfuse magic with your Evasion 
Rate therefore raising it. The power of the spell and 
number in stock determine how much the number 
will rise. 

Required AP: 120 

~ Name: Luck-J 
Ability from:Cactuar / 
Name: HP-J _Effect:it allows you to enfuse magic with you Luck th 
Ability from: Quezacotl, Ifrit, Brothers, Diablos, refore raising it. The power of the spell and number 
Pansuncie ermine how much the number will rise. 

Effect: It allows you to enfuse magic with your HP 
therefore raising it. The power of the spell, and the 
number in stock determine how much the number 
will rise. 

Required AP: 50 

Name: Attribute Attack 

Ability from:Quezacotl, Shiva, frit, Brothers, 
Leviathan, Pandemona, Alexander, Grasharaboras 
Effect:Allows you to give your weapons magical prop- 
erties. (Example: if you want your weapon to have fire 
then just use fire)! think the more powerful the spell 
the stronger the attack. Note:If you use Ultima you can 

get every element in your attack. 
Required AP: 160 

_ Name: StrengthJ : 
_ Ability from: Shiva, Ifrit, Brothers, cS 
‘Effet ato a 

Name: Attribute Defense 
Ability from:Quezacotl, Shiva, 
Bethan, Pandemona, Alexander 


Name: Body Strength-J 

Ability from: Quezacot!, Shiva, Carbuncle 

Effect:|t allows you to enfuse magic with your Defense 
therefore raising it. The power of the spell and number 
in stock determine how much the number will rise. 

Required AP: 50 

Name: Attribute Defense x2 
Ability from:Quezacotl, 
Pandemona, Alexander 
Effect:Same as above except you can use 2 magics. 
Again | think the more powerful the spell the stronger 
the defense. 
Required AP: 130 

4 Name: Magic Power-J 

- Ability from: Siren, Diablos, Carbuncle shiva, 

lfrit, Leviathan, 

rerefore raising it. The power of the oe nl 
stock determine how much the number 

Name: Attribute Defense x4 
Ability from:Grasharaboras 

Name: Spirit-J 

Ability from:Shiva, Brothers, Leviathan, Cerberus, 

Effect: It allows you to enfuse magic with your Spirit 
therefore raising it. The power of the spell and number 
in stock determine how much the number will rise. 
Required AP: 50 

1d nt mber in stock determine how much the number 

OcTrogserR 1999 

Name: Status Defense 

Ability from:Siren, Carbuncle, Cerberus 

Effect:Same as above except you get the defense of — 
the attack 

Required AP: 100 

Name: Status Defense x2 

Ability from:Siren, Carbuncle, Cerberus 
Effect: Same as above, but you can get Status d 
against 2 things. Like Death and Poison. 
My Rating:7/10 - 

ed AP: 130 

Name: Status Defense x4 

Ability from:Cerberus, Grasharaboras 

Effect:Same as above, but you can get Status defense 
against 4 things. 

Required AP: 180 

Name: Ability x3 
Ability from:Diablos, Carbuncle, Cerberus 
Effect: This is a great ability. You can now Equi 
facts r or Party Abllities on one character instea 

Name: Ability x4 

Ability from:Bahamut 

Effect:same as above except you can equip four 
Character of Party abilities on a single character. 
Required AP: - 


Command Abilities : 

‘Ability preaic 


in past FF's. It's a¢ t 

OctogerR 1999 
HTTP! //wwuaPSMONLINEs«cOom 

‘Character Abilities 

Name: HP+20% 
Ability from:Brothers, Diablos, Carbuncle 
__ Effect:it increases your HP by 20%. 

_ Required AP: 60 

Name: HP+40% 

Ability from:Brothers, Diablos, Carbuncle 

_ Effect:it increases your HP by 40%. 
Required AP: 120 

will take off. all status 

Name: HP+80% 

Ability from:Brothers, Diablos, Carbuncle 
Effect:it increases your HP by 80%. 

_ Required AP: 240 

Slows you to use the defend comr . 

Name: Strength+20% 
When defending you take 0 damage from 

Ability from:|frit, Pandemona 
Effect:|t increases your Strength by 20%. 
_ Required AP: 60 

Name: Strength+40% 

Ability from:|frit, Pandemona 

_ Effectilt increases your Strength by 40%. 
Required AP: 120 

Name: Strength 

Ability from:Bahamut 

_ Effect:it increases your Strength by 60% 
- Required AP: - 

Name: Body Strength+20% 

Ability from:Shiva, Carbuncle 

_ Effect:it increases your Defense by 20%. 
_ Required AP: 60 

Pandemona, Grasharebere , 
ou steal a little bit of the ene 
Name: Body Strength+40% 

_ Ability from:Shiva, Carbuncle 

__ Effect:it increases your Defense by 40%. 
. _ Required AP: 120 

Name: Body Strength+60% 

Effect: It increases your Defense by 60% 

Name: Magic Power+20% 

_ Ability from:Quezacotl, Siren, Diablos 
-Effect:it increases your Magic Power by 20%. 

Name: Level Down Required AP: 60 

Ability from: Tonberi 

Name: Magic Power+40% 

Ability from:Quezacotl, Siren, Diablos 

__ Efffect:it increases your Magic Power by 40%. 
Required AP: 120 

Name: \Vagic Power+60% 

Ability from:Bahamut 

Effect:You Magic Strength is increased by 60%. 
_ Required AP: - 

il make the enemies level ris 
Eerence after the battle. 

Name: Spirit+20% 

Ability from:Shiva, Leviathan, Alexander 

_ Effect:lt increases your Spirit by 20%. 
Required AP: 60 

Name: Moogle 
Ability from:Any 
ot Summons a Moogle to perfcin a = 4 

Name: Spirit+40% 

Ability from:Shiva, Leviathan, Alexander 
Effect: It increases your Spirit by 40%. 
Required AP: 120 

Ability from:Pandemona, Cerberus 
_Effect:it increases your Speed by 40%. 

Ability from:Any(You have to use the item; 

Name: Spirit+60% 
Ability from:Any(You have to use the item; Devil's 


Eff ct: It increases your Spirit by 60% 

Name: Speed+20% 
Ability from:Pandemona, Cerberus 
Effect:t increases your Speed by 20%. 

Required AP: 150 

Name: Speed+40% 

equired AP: 200 

Name: Evasion+30% 
Ability from:Cactuar, Tonberi 

_Effect:lt increases your Evasion Rate by 30%. 
Required AP: 150 

Name: Luck+50% 

Ability from:Cactuar, Tonberi, Eden 
Effect:|t increases your Luck by 50%. 
Required AP: 200 

Name: HP Bonus 
Ability from:Brothers, Cactuar - 
Effect: When ever you get a Level up, you gain oe 

_ HP's. 

Required AP: 100 

Name: Strength Bonus 

Ability from:|frit, Cactuar - 

Effect:Every time you gain a level you gain ext 
Strength points. 7 

Required AP: 100 

Name: Body Strength Bonus 
Ability from:Carbuncle, Cactuar 

_Effect:Every time you gain a Level you gain extra a 
Strength points. 
Required AP: 100 

Name: Magic Power Bonus 
Ability from:Siren, Cactuar 
Effect:Every time you gain a level you gain extra Wage 

_ Power points. 
Required AP: 100 

Name: Spirit Bonus . 
Ability from:Leviathan, Cactuar 7 
Effect:Every time you gain a level you gain extra z 
Spirit points. 

Required AP: 100 

Name: Protect 
Ability from:Brothers | 
Effect:The character that has this equipped will protect 

__ the other characters from physical damage. 
Required AP: 100 

Name: Seize 
Ability from:Diablos, Bahamut 

| _Effect:Now when you attack you steal an item too. 
Required AP: 200 

Name: Counter 

Ability from:Carbuncle 
Effect: When attacked you will attack back. 

é aod — 
Aej4 ay} pue uoneysheig ‘uoneisossy eseMyoS LASemenUPIs ime} JO YJeWUOPeI} © Si UCD! SHulyes OUL “WdIHN eu} JO ONpOJY PesuEdly AjjeIoIHO 
syieWwaepes ase O60] WA IHN eu} pue Vd IHN Dee aeT eee: O-] AOYOOH jeuoeN ‘enhee Aeyooy ;euOIeN eu} Jo JONpOIY pasueory AjjeIoIVjO 
ALUM ULM) mn VellesBOU] DUP THN au} JO Ajiedoid ay} ase UlaseyY pajoidep sysewW puke SOHO} Wee} pue 
; 5 ee pue aweu dno Aa|ue\s UY} PUB PJPIUS THN eu} ‘enBee7 AsyooH JePUONEN “THN “pueig ,.Suy 
We “S'N au) UI Sy d1U01}99/3 Jo syreWapE. palajsibes 1o"syrewepe: ole B}O|UVW 4Jeqho pue obo] SIHOdS WA EU} ‘SLHOdS W3 ‘SHV 21U01}09|/5 66610 
4 j * 
e : 


(oro et 18) Lemp ley] 




" checks. 

hecks. "I've 

te, retaliate or just plain 
Drop the gloves for a one-button brouhaha 
been flattened and | can't get up 


Dish out hip checks. Open-ice c 

veeeeee 460 









Lh. ae © 

Y . 
‘pmoad $ 


Attention keepers 

Prepare for a D-splitting, 



ing puc 

Tile ai 

TT Pa 


OctogeR 199940 

_ Name: First Attack 

_ Ability from:Pandemona, Cactuar, Tonberi 
Effect: This will give you first attack in battle. 
_ Required AP: 160 

Name:Summon Magic+30% 

Ability from:Quezacotl, Shiva, Ifrit, Siren, Levia 

Pandemona, Alexander, Grasharaboras, Bat 

Tonberi, Eden 

; Effect: Increases the damage of the Summon spell 

~ Name: Medicine Knowledge 7 

_ Ability from:Alexander 

_ Effect:Increase the effectiveness of a potion by 2. A 

potion would now heal 400 HP as apposed to 200 HP). Encounter 50% Less 
quired AP: 200 | fro Diablos 

Name: Walk and Recover 
_ Ability from:Cactuar, Tonberi 
- Effect: The character that his this equipped will now 
_ recover their HP’s just by walking. 
quired AP: 200 

Ability from:A|| 
ffect: Increases the HP of the G.F. by 10%. 
to learn: 40 

_ Name: Auto Potion 
~ Ability from:Leviathan, Cactuar, Tonberi 
Effect:Every turn in battle you will be healed 200 HP's. 

: ~Name:G. F.HP+20% 
: from:All 
: : nereases the HP ofthe GF. by 20%, 
_Name: Auto Reflect | . - 

_ Ability from:Carbuncle | . oe 
_Effect:When ever you are in battle, Reflect is automat: : 
ally cast On you. 
equired AP: 250 

_ Ability from:Brothers, Diablos, Carbuncle, ‘Lave 
a Pandemona, Cerberus, Grasharaboras, Baha 
Cactuar, Tonberi, Eden 

Effect:increases the HP of the G.F. by 30%. 

AP to learn: 140 

_ Name: Auto Haste 
Ability from:Cerberus 
_ Effect:When ever you are in battle, Haste is automati- 
cally cast on you. 
_ Required AP: 250 


) pero: Grasharaboras, Bahamut, Eder 

Name: Auto Protect ct:Increases the HP of the G.F. by 40%. 
_ Ability from:Bahamut 

_ Effect:When ever you are in battle, Protect is automat- 

ically cast on you. 

Ability from:Quezacotl, Shiva, Ifrit, Sire 
Leviathan, Pandemona, Alexander, Grashe 
Bahamut, Tonberi, Eden | : 
me | YY #_, Effect:With it you can double, even triple the dar 
Effect: When ever you are in battle, Shield is automati- |—l(‘? 4 1 Gea you do with your G.F. 

i pone: Auto ee 

F How it works: When you Summon a G.F. hold down — 
Select. Then just start pressing the S button(square) as 
fast as you can. The only problem is that you have to ~ 
stop pressing it when you see the red X (Or it will be 
reset). If you do it right you can increase the power of 
the spell by a lot. Here is a little chart to help make it a 
little more clear: 

equired AP: 250 

_ Name: Double Consumption 

Ability from:Cerberus, Bahamut, Cactuar 
Effect:Doubles the power of any magic that you cast. 
equired AP: 250 

_ Name: Triple Consumption 
_ Ability from:Eden 
Be ies the power of any magic that you cast. 

- When you see the name of the attack hold down 
= select. 
Guardian Force Abilities _ _ -When you see the Square symbol in the bottom right 
7 ae a rt pressing the Square button. 
neh you see the red X stop pressing it, when the 
X leaves Start peso it again. 

Name: Damage Return Marie: Gacamon Magic+10% 

Ability from:Al Ability from:Quezacotl, Shiva, frit, Siren, Leviathe 

Effect: When your are hit 1/4 of the Damage is returned  Pandemona, Alexander, Grasharaboras, Bahamut, 
~ to the enemy. Tonberi, Eden 

How to get: You need to turn 100x Saboten Splinters _—_Effect:Increases the damage of the Summon spell 

j Menu Abilities. 

‘Required: 100 Iron Needles. Name:Make Thunder Magic 
Ability from:Quezacot! 
Effect:|t allows you to turn certain items int / 
Magic you can make: 

Magic Stone Fragment = 5x Thunder 

Ma Guu = 5x Thunder-ra 

_ Name: Ribon 
Ability from:Anyone(another fairly secret ability) 
_ Effect: With this ability you status can never be 

How to get:You will need to play through the 
k tstation mini-game to get this one. 


heiohe:: . -sespege tea 

bre sie elgos 

~ R = a 7 
‘ ee? a, i Se Ta wate , ge oi “a = 
at jos = zs _—* " ord a a See te 
" Be Visit or cal . : ‘ ‘ ee m Seon F sea 

. Aadeia 1-800-771-3772 for more inte. I aaa = SS a Bie = ae =. = 
PlayStation f on : Be * 3 : 

ay Static ‘andthe Playstation logos.are registered trademarks of Son} Y. Cometic Emenetament ite “SitMOUETTE MIRAGE" is atrademark of Treasure/ESP. Original Game ©.1998 Treasure/ESP. English Translation © SPAZ 1998. This 
me is published by: SPAZ under license by Treasure/ESP. ‘Working: Ons ne SPAZ 2 are registered ‘trademarks of Working Designs, Inc. All rights reserved. The-first game that goes both ways! ~Web Address: 
ee com = a near ete Call ee mi gn ‘. e he 

“en — 
was hae . = m 
neu or — 

pe creat —— 


shisha spun ansicor itaantnaatiacene net oie 
NTRS 3 Riera, 

at as iS 

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it} ati 
ditt Pata ay 
aD aNhant 
ney Tete: 


a an ‘ 
Ute ray i Myth a eee erie 
TN ea a Arse ea TA 

i 9. aaa aud Spied aka anf Aa Rc A nl rte 
ist r . " Zi 

- Real-time strategy blended with blazing action es DYoy4—a\-Me) mo) Dra aateca(—s (ame lal im) eel tom tem. (enm(a(= 
- Sharp, 3D terrain with true elevation - Solo play, head-to-head, or skirmish versus the Al 
- Play three distinct sides across 30 missions - Pulsing cinematics and soundtrack 

1999 Electronic Arts. Westwood Studios and Electronic Arts are registered trademarks of Electronic Arts in the U.S. and/or other countries. Westwood Studios % estwo QO 

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are registered trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. The ratings icon is a trademark of the Interactive Digital Software Association. 


OctogerR 1999 
HTTP! // 

Windmill = 20x Tornado 

Dynamo Rock) = 
AP to learn: 30 

20x Thunderga 

Name:Make Ice Magic 
Ability from:Shiva 

Effect:|t allows you to turn certain items into magic. 

Magic you can make: 

Magic Stone Fragment = 5x Blizzard 
Magic Stone = 5x Blizzard-ra 

Magic Guidance Stone = 5x Blizzardga 
Wind of the South Pole = 20x Blizzard-ra 
Wind of the North Pole = 20x Blizzardga 
Fish Fin = 20x Blizzardga 

| - Sparkling Water = 50x Water 

AP to learn: 30 

Name:Make Fire Magic 
Ability from: frit 

Effect:|t allows you to turn certain items into magic. 

Magic you can make: 

Flare Stone = Flare 

Phoenix Wing = 100x Firega 
Phoenix Soul = 100x Firega 
Bomb Spirit = 100x Firega 
Magic Stone Fragment = 5x Fire 
Magic Stone = 5x Fire-ra 

Magic Guidance Stone = 5x Firega 
Dragon Fang) = 20x Flare 

Bomb Fragment) = 20x Fire-ra 
Red Fang) = 20x Firega 

AP to learn:- 

Name:Make Life Magic 
Ability from:Siren 

Effect:|t allows you to turn certain items into magic. 

Magic you can make: 
Holy Water = 2x Zombie 
Death Stone = Death 
Holy Stone = Holy 

lyashi Ring = 100x Curega 
Phoenix Soul) = 100x Araise 
Healing Mail = 20x Curega 

Revive Ring = 20x Arise 

5x Cure = Cure-ra 

5x Cure-ra = Curega 

Tent = 10x Curega 

Cottage = 20x Curega 

Zombie Powder = 20x Zombie 
Nokogiri's Edge = 10x Death 
lyashi Water = 20x Cure-ra 
Mesmerize Blade = 20x Regen 
Life Ring = 20x Rise 

Wind Whisper = 50x Curega 
Moon Stone = 20x Holy 

-_ Souls of the Dead = 20x Death 
_ Kitchen Knife = 30x Death 

_ AP to learn: 30 

Name:Make Void Magic 
Ability from:Diablos 

Effect:|t allows you to turn certain items into magic. 

Magic you can make: 

E\jis Tailsman = 100x Haste 

Soul of Thamas = 60x Triple 
Rocket Engine = 50x Triple 
Engine = 100x Haste 

3 Stars = 100x Triple 

Magic Stone Fragment = 5x Slow 
Magic Stone = 5x Haste 

Magic Guidance Stone = 5x Stop 

Dash Shoes = 20x Haste 
Black Hole = 30x Gravide 
spider String = 20x Slow 
lron Sphere = 15x Gravide 
Dragon Bone = 20x Quake 
Dragon Scale = 20x Double 
AP to learn: 30 

Name:Make Status Magic 
Ability from:Diablos 
Effect:it allows you to turn certain items oO Magi 
Magic you can make: = 
Antidote = 1x Bio 

Golden Needle = 3x Break 

Eye Medicine = Drain 

Mountain Medicine = 2x Silence 
lron Pipe = 20x Beserk 

Magic Stone Fragment = 5x Silence 
Magic Stone = 5x Beserk 

Magic Guidance Stone = 5x Bio 
Ochuu Tentacle = 30x Drain 
Cocotrice Feather = 20x Break 
Friend Killer Sword = 20x Confuse 
Liquid Substance = 10x Merton 
Sleeping Powder = 20x Sleep 
Charm Claw = 10x Bind 

Reo tve- 20x Bio 

Name:!Make Support Magic 
Ability from:Leviathan 
Effect:|t allows you to turn certain items into support 

Magic you can make: 

Remedy = 5x Heal 

Shield Stone = Shield 
Protection Stone = Protection 
Aura Stone = Aura 

Rescue Set = 100x Heal 

Ring of Giants = 60x Protection 
Turtle Shell = 30x Protection 
Rune Bracelet = 40x Shield 
Moon Curtain = 100x Shield 
lron Curtain = 100x Protection 

Dark Matter = 
AP to learn:- 

Curtain of Light = 100x Reflect 
Magic Stone Fragment = 5x Heal 
Magic Stone = 5x Dispell 

Magic Guidance Stone = 20x Dispell 
Nokogiri's Edge = 20x Dispell 
Vampire Fang = 20x Drain 
Fighting Spirit Fragment = 5x Aura 
Barrier System = 40x Shield 
Dragon Fang = 20x Heal 

Dragon Skin = 20x Reflect 

AP to learn: 30 

Name:!Vlake Forbidden Magic 
Ability from:Bahamut 8 
Effect:|t allows you to turn certain items into magic. 
Magic you can make: _ 
Meteo Stone = Meteo 

Ultima Stone = Ultima 

Star Fragment = 5x Meteo 

Sparkling Energy = 3x Ultima 

5x Wave Bullets = Ultima 

100x Ultima 

Name:Make Medium Class Magic 

Ability from:Quezacot! 

Effect:Allows you to take a spell to the next level. 
What you can Make: 

5x Cure = Cure-ra 

5x Fire = Fire-ra 

5x Blizzard = Blizzard-ra 

5x Thunder = Thunder-ra 

AP to learn:60 

Name:\Vake High Class Magic 
Ability from:Alexander 
Effect:Allows you to take a spell to the Highest evel 
What you can make: 
5x Cure-ra = Curega 

5x Fire-ra = Firega 

6x Blizzard-ra = Blizzardga 

5x Thunder-ra = Thunderga 

10x Aero = Tornado 

10x Double = Triple 

AP to learn:120 

Name:lMake Cure Medicine 

Ability from:Carbuncle 
Effect:Allows you to turn items into Cure Items. 
Items you can make: 

4x Tent = Mega Potion 

2x Cottage = Mega Potion 

4x lyashi Ring = 20x Mega Potion 
Healing Mail = 6x Hi-Potion 

2x Phoenix Soul = 10x Phoenix Tail) 
Revive Ring = 8x Phoenix Tail 

lyashi Water = 2x Hi-Potion 
Mezmorise Blade = 2x Mega Potion 
Life Ring = 2x Phoenix Tail) 

AP to learn:30 

Name:Make Status Medicine 

Ability from:Siren 

Effect:Allows you to make Status items. 
Items you can make: 

Rescue Set = 20x Remedy 

Ochuu Tentacle = 3x Eye Medicine 
Coctrice Feather = 3x Gold Needle 
Zombie Powder = 3x Holy Water 

x Friend Killer Sword = Remedy 
‘5x Sleeping Powder = Remedy 

= 10x Antidote 
x Mountain Medicine 

Name:Make G.F. Cure Nee 
Ability from:Leviathan 
Effect:Allows you to make items to cure you 
Items you can make: 
Pet House = 2x G.F. Return 
-lyashi Ring = 20x G.F. Mega Potion 
Phoenix Soul = 40x G.F. Return 
Healing Mail = Pet House 
Silver Armor = 2x Pet House 
Armor = 4x Pet House 
mond Armor = 16x Pet House 
ive Ring = 6x G.F. Return 
later = 2x G.FHi-Potion 
Blade = 2x G.FHi-Potion 

10x Writings of Magic 
10x Writings of Spirit = 

5x Silver Mail = Gold Armor 
5x Gold Mail = Diamond Armor 
5x Diamond Armor = Elemental Guard 
10x Ring of Giants = Ring of Gaia 

10x Power Wrist = Hyper Wrist 

10x Orihalcon = Adamantium 

20x Adamantium = Iron Curtain 

Force Bracelet = Devil's Bracelet 

Ox Devil's Bracelet = Moon Curtain 

Ox Hypno Crown = Royal Crown 

) on: = Status Attack 

Ability from:Alexander 

3x Potion = Modified Potion 

3x Modified Potion = Hi-Potion 
3x Hi-Potion = Modified Hi-Potion 
3x Modified Hi-Potion = X-Potion 
3x X-Potion = Mega Potion 

10x Remedy = Modified Remedy 
10x Modified Remedy = Elixer 

‘Status Attack = 4x Elixer 
Status Guard = 4x Elixer 
Rescue Set = 2x Last Elixer 

_ Poison Fang = 20x Darkness Bullets 
Poison Powder = 10x Darkness Bullets 

OctogerR 19990 

Items you can make 
3x Mega Phoenix = F 
Rosetta Stone = Wiseman ° 
Writings of Magic = 
Writings of G.F. = 10x Magi 
Writings of Draw = 10x Magic Gi 
Writings of Item = 10x Magic G uidan 
Winner's Soul = 10x Magic G 
lyashi Ring = 30x Cottage 
Devil's Appetite = Wiseman Stone 
Mog Charm = Wiseman Stone 

lron Pipe = Aura Stone 

Star Fragment = 2x Meteo Stone 
Sparkling Energy = 2x Ultima Stone 
10x Experimental Hero Medicine = Hero Medicine Diamond Armor = 50x Cottage 

x Hero Medicine = Experimental Holy War Medicine Revive Ring = 5x Tent 

xperimental Holy War Medicine = Holy War _ Incredible Strength = 2x Aura Stone 
Power Wrist = 10x Aura Stone 
Turtle oe = 10x Protection Stone 

Name:\Medicine Level Up 

Effect:\Make more powerful cure items. 
tems you can make: 

50x Phoenix Tail = Mega Phoenix 
10x Elixer = Last Elixer 

Ability from:Grasharabora: 
Effect:Allows you to make 
ltems you can make: 

20x Mega Potion = Elixer 
Writings of Luck = Luck Up 
2x E\jis Tailsman = Speed Up 
Elemental Attack = 4x Elixer 
Elemental Guard = 4x Elixer 

~ Name:Change Card 
ty from:Quezacotl 

ero Medicine 

Name:Make Bullets 
Ability from:|frit 
Effect:Allows you to make Bullets. 
Items you can make: 
Sparkling Energy = 10x Wave Bullets 
General Bullets = Quick Strike Bullets _ 
Spread Bullets = 2x Quick Strike Bullets 
Sharp Nail = 10x Armor Piercing Bullets 
Screw = 8x General Bullets 

Missile = 20x Destruction Bullets 
Machine Gun = 40x Destruction Bullets 
Laser Cannon = 5x Wave Bullets 
Computer = 20x Wave Bullets 

Bomb Fragment = 20x Flame Bullets 
Red Fang = 40x Flame Bullets 

y from: Tonber' 

Name:Selling Price 
Ability from:Tonberi 
_Effect:Now you can sell your items at a higher pri 
But, the items you buy will now be more exper 
arn:150 | 

en Knife = 20x Armor Piercing Bullets 


a nails — v 2355 $3 
— === 
pe att - = 

ceuiat. Wee 





aie In 


i Hi 

e original 



G Police, Psygnosis and the Psygnosis logo are TM or @ of Psygnosis, Ltd. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. PlayStation and the PlayStation Jogos are 
registered trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. The ratings icon is a trademark of the Interactive Digital Software Association. 

eye hand bu | 
one of your cards. Bye C 

card game, please c 

The Card Club group is a group of people in Balamb 
Garden who enjoy playing cards. Certain rare cards can 
only be obtained from some of them. They are divided 

into ‘ranks and you must beat them in the order 
that follows: 

Jack - The guy hanging around the location board in the 
main hall. 

Crab - He walks along the path in front of the carpark. 
Diamond - The 2 girls walking towards the location 
board in the main hall. 

Spade - The guy sitting next to the 2nd floor elevator. 
(He is next to another guy also sitting around. 

Heart - Shuu in Garden control room. You get 
Carbuncle card from her. 

i pen to 1 corel a a 
you will have to challe 
The standard cards ar 

Card How To Obtain It 
Debuchocobo .. The guy sitting on the bench in front 
of the Balamb Garden Library 
Angela. 6... ¢8 From Watts of the Forest Owls 
Gilgamesh..... From Card Club's King 
Komoguri...... From the little boy in a blue shirt 
running around Balamb Garden's hall 
Kochocobo. .... Read Kochocobo section 
Quetzocohuatl . . Fisherman Horizon‘s male station 

master (2nd floor in the 
station house) 

4 Most of the 
useful cards can 
be won by find- 
ing and 

ing different 
Guardian Force. 

King - Talk to Doctor Kadouki in the infirmitry and go 
back to your room to rest alone. Someone will appear 
to challenge you. Obtain Gilgamesh card from him/her. 
Joker - He randomly appears in the training center on 
the bridge next to a draw point. Obtain Leviathan card 
from him. 

Earning The Kochocobo Card : 

To obtain the Kochocobo card, you first need to visit all 
the 6 Chocobo forests in the world. At each of them, 
you need to play the mini game to get the big chocobo 
to come out. Basically, your goal is to use the Chocobo 
Sonar to detect the chocobos at various location and 
summon them down. There is a pattern to each forest 

and your goal is to have 1 single chocobo left standing. 

That chocobo would summon a big chocobo when you 
talk to it. Before riding off on it, you need to search 
around with your Chocobo Sonar. Find a location with 
the highest rating and summon the big chocobo to it. 
lt will dig and you will usually receive stones. (Aura 
stone, Ultima stone, Holy stone, etc..) Do this at all 6 
forests and proceed to the Chocobo Holy forest. 

You can only get there by Chocobo so proceed to the 
Chocobo forest near Travia Garden and grab yourself 
one. Navigate yourself toward the eastern beach in 
relation to the forest and walk across the waters to 
the next continent. Walk around until you get to the for- 
est. Once there, watch a chocobo dance (cute! “_/) 
and then talk to the small chocobo to obtain the 

Kochocobo card. 

Chocobo forest locations: 

1. Near Edea’s house 

2. North of the Sentora Ruin 

3. South West of Sabotender Island 

gs eee es Obtained from Zoon after giving him 
‘Tonari no Kanojo’ 

At ka After defeating Ifrit 

SHOU. = oe, 2nd floor of Dollet's pub Walk east to 
battle card master 

WIE oh After defeating Brothers 

Minotaur ...... After defeating Brothers 

Card How To Obtain It: 

Kabunkle ...... From Card Club’s Heart 

Den0sis. Fight and defeat Diablos 

Leviathan...... From Card Club's Joker 

Odin.......... Fight and defeat Odin 

Pandemonium . . From the man standing in front of 
Balamb hotel 

Kelberos....... Fight and defeat Kelberos 

Alexander. ..... From Piet at Luna Base 

Phoenix From the guy in blue in a room at 
Esthar’s presidential building 

Bahamut ...... Fight and defeat Bahamut 

Grasharaboras . . From the guy behing the counter in 
Timber pub 

Eda Fight and defeat Ultima 

< When playing 
the Triple Triad 
card game, this is 
one screen that 
you want to see a 
lot of. You Win! 

OctogerR 1999 

4. Northern end of the map next to the Shumi village 
5. South of the chocobo forest near the Shumi village 
6. North of Travia Garden behind the mountain 

At certain times during the game, you may encounter 
a battle where there are no enemies present. When 
this occurs, you should notice a UFO flying around. In 
all, there are four different locations where these UFO 
encounters can take place: 

1. Timber: Mandy Beach (the short stretch of beach 
north east of Timber. located next to a railroad) 

2. Galbadia: Near the town of Winhill 

3. Travia: Hiadesu island (the small island east of Travia 
garden. It's near a long stretch of beach) 

4. Esthar: Kashukubaaha Desert (the big patch of yel- 
low sand on the south-east side of the map.) 

Equip ‘No Encounter’ for the duration of this quest so 
that you can walk around in peace. Note that you will 
still encounter the UFO and Koyokoyo with the ability 
on so don’t worry. After these sightings, travel to the 
Chocobo Holy forest (at the northeastern part of the 
world, there is a densely forested area. Locate a 
Chocobo forest there. (The Chocobo Holy forest) and 
land your ship above the rocky land next to it. Walk 
around and you should encounter the UFO. Destroy It 
and proceed to Balamb but before you do, make sure 
you have 5 Elixirs and the ‘Item’ ability equipped on 
one of your characters. Land around where Balamb 
garden used to be and encounter Koyokoyo. *DO 
NOT* attack it. Just use 5 Elixirs on it and get the 
Koyokoyo card. 

‘cuvll 10 Cards (Chara Cc 

Card How To Obtain It 

Wards 2 kee From Doctor Odain (the guy with a 
circular plate on his neck) in Esthar 

KOS ac From the man in black in Derring city 
(Card Queen Quest) 

Laguna... From Elone in the Lunaside Base 

SONG... From Selphie's friend (the one she 
talks to when you're there) in 
Travia garden 

Gishs oon From FC member #2 in the lecture 
room you first start out in 

We ee. From the female station master of 
FH. (Card Queen Quest) 

LC ee ee From Zell's mother in Balamb 

oe... From Rinoa’s father (Colonel Karway) 
in Derring City. You must lose Ifrit 
card to him to win the Rinoa card. 

ee From Dodona in FH. (the guy sitting 
near the station house) 

Ene... From Edea at Edea’s house 

Bef cs . From Cid at Edea’s house or during 

MD system event 
SUA | From Laguna in the Esthar 
Presidential Building 

<4 You can earn one 
of the character cards 
if you challenge these 
girls. Find them in the 
main classroom. 

“.. Top 25 Breakthrough Title” ; 
- Next Generation Magazine (aeNasie ltl (of=Tpal=meoxe) atsxe) (= mye) (e separately.) 


Sey: ™ 

vi eae enna 

etellet t  ae t e 





ON {<a Someosar-\i(- ale llarem (saci oe 

¢ 6 degrees of flying freedom in 3-D aerial courses. 


e Feels like the real thing! 



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trademarks of Titus Software Corporation. Interplay and the Interplay logo are trademarks of Interplay Productions. All rights reserved. Distributed exclusively by Interplay Productions. All other copyrights and trademarks are the property of their respective owners. 

cit wag ‘ on hy 
ee ee Ft i be ae, 

As much fun as the law allows. 
And easy? One word: Cake. 

PlayStation | 

wey g 


> ? 
CASH OUT A oN ain: 

You'll think youre on the Strip, 
with graphics more serious than 
a casino floor bouncer. 

© 1999 The 3DO Company. All Rights Reserved. 3DO, Vegas Games, and their respective logos, are trademarks and/or service marks 
of the The 3DO Company in the U.S. and other countries. PlayStation and the PlayStation logos are registered trademarks of 
Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. All other trademarks belong to their respective owners. 


Fire up the lava lamp, throw on some gold 
chains, load up Vegas Games™ 2000 and... 
cha-ching! You'll be rollin’ with the players 
faster than you can scream “Hit me!” 

Were talking classic casino games here. 
With sounds and graphics so money, all 
youre missing are the honeys and the 
highballs. Games like Blackjack, Deuces Wild, 
Craps, Seven Card Stud, Roulette and 
Baccarat. Theres slots more where those 
come from too — over 20 sure-bet game 
So skip the lounge act. | 

AMEN nal -1exelar- lol marelallarel(U(e(-ro) 

This is the real deal: 

MING CHOICES! Bakar. Sis Rote an mae 







AVA Abie (oKecelan 

OctogerR 1999 

antasy | 
by defeating monsters i 
a specific salary rc 
rank In order to increase 
have to pass special tes 
through your studen 
crack team of PSM ( 
to all of the test's 300 au 
to. You can just cheat and joo 

A Tests can be accessed through this classroom terminal. 

LV Answers Answers 









14 Yo ee NCYN 


4 As you gain experience, you can take harder tets. 

LV Salar LV Sala LV Salar 
A 800 re i 

13 —-11000 316500 

Hidden around the world of FFVI// are ten magazines entitled “Timber Magazine”. If you can manage to collect all of them (there are fake ones, as well), you will find a 
new function on Squall’s computer, where you can find out more info about Laguna Loire. Here is a listing of then ten locations where the magazines can be found: 

1. Dollet Bar 

2. Dollet Inn 

3. Timber Maniacs 

4. Timber Inn 

5. Fisherman's Horizon 

6. Shumi Village Inn 

7. Trabia Garden (Graveyard) 

8. Edea’s Home (Orphanage) 

9. White SeeD Vessel (Left side of contro! room) 
10. Balamb Inn 

Note: There is a fake Timber Magazine that can be found in the living room of Zell’s house. 

This conclude’s PSM's guide to Final Fantasy Vill. We hope you enjoy the game as much as we did! 

| City Studios, Ine. and Amblin Enterta nent, c. arpath is a trademark of Univers | City Studios, Inc. ar ' Wmblin Entertainment, 
Interactive L.L.C. All rights reserved. DreamWorks intera nWorks L.L.C.. PlayStation and the PlayStation 

_ The most vicious predators in history are back 

from extinction and ready to fight. Battle 


to the death against a Mega Raptor or 13 

other savage dinosaurs. Crush objects and 

feast on edible power-ups in over a dozen 

r arenas from The Lost World and Jurassic 

; __ Park. Because when these flesh-ripping 

| claws and bonecrushing jaws meet, the 

only instincts that matter are kill and eat. 

Bil rights rese 


| ¢ Free Magazine Otter © Collectible 5D trading Card © Memory Card Stickers 
Bonus Pack Includes: - Special CD Offer* Includes: Music Soundtrack, PC Screensaver Program, Anime 
Wallpaper, and Selected Voice Files. *(small shipping & handling fee required for Special CD offer) 





Do you think you can survive in this 
wor id by following the rules? 


1 ane ‘ ; MHours of spoken dialog! 

The first ever RPG/Dating Simulation on the Playstation®! | : 
e e Se “. “ee es 3 he ; 3 ig - a iia gh 5 ‘a a $ 
Unique combination of hand-dra wonderful 3-D environments? <t. | 

> ak 
” "Al 


‘% % ‘. es 
." i : 
up : S : ‘ é R ‘ nf a t %. - , # : 
1999 ANUS. ©1998 RED Thousand Arms is ts reserved.” Licensed by Son Entertain ‘use With the PlayStation ond. the PiayStation logos ate registered trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment inc. DualShock is a registered 

OctogerR 19990 


y-engine as 

simple ing Of zombies for: dinosaurs. 
Everyth om the puzzles to the mixing of 
tanga Weis fat more based in sci-- 

ence rather than the fantastic, making for a 
game that plays out more logically than its 

>_> > > & = & * 

about rhe 
Lal HED cel ieee 

The following walkthrough aie OU 

entire game with all its branches andi 

| 1. You will start out being directed by the game 
| Itself through the first bit. After examining the torn 
fence, enter the double green doors to a storeroom 
and push the shelf in the back right for a pick-up, 

then get the Backup Generator Area/Ground Level 
| key from the shelf in the left corner. Exit 

2. Rick calls, asking you to get the power back on. 
Gale will take the Backup Generator Area key you 
| just found. Follow him to the Generator Room. 
Inside, switch the batteries so they are arranged 
| red, blue, green, white, then hit the switches. 

| 3. Outside the generator room, Gail is missing and 
a Raptor attacks. Run back to facility and Rick calls. 
Meet him in the control room. 

4. In the Office Hallway, use the ventilation shaft. In 
the ventilation duct, drop through the first open hole 
into the Control Room Hallway and enter the 
Control Room. 

5. After the briefing with Rick, exit and enter 
Management Office at the other end of the Control 
Room Hallway. Inside, grab the shotgun, then hit 
| the switch on the wall by the other exit to turn on 
| the computer. Use the computer, then grab the 
DDK Input Disc “H” and the plug from the card- 
| board box on the counter. Examine the body in 
| adjoining room for Panel Key 2. 

ur iSiss3 

, Crisis uses silives same game- 
the vastly: popular 
esident Evil Series; there is much 
more to this exciting action thriller than a 

oadececd teStil-ha 
but thankfully, the 

egy for one of the best 9: 

This guide contains a 

complete walkthrough 
= of Dino Crisis! 

now to get each of the four endings. Items like ammo 
and health pick-ups are not revealed, but are easily 
spotted in most areas. The item you actually get from 
@ particular spot is random, anyway. You will want to try 
moving every shelf and object in a room to find hidden 
items. Also be sure to check every dead body and 
every Counter as you never know what you might find. 

= s& 

6. Exit Management Hallway through other door, 
dodge the raptor in the hall and enter the Locker 
room through the brown door. Examine the Journal 

nation: 0426. Grab the DDK code disc “H” from the 
top of the lockers. Exit and reenter the 
Management Office and use the 0426 combo on 
the large safe to get the key for the Facilities Main 

4 Enter 0426 at the large safe to get the het to the front 
door and an iter. 

7. Go back into the hall, through the laser gates, 
through double doors, into the Main Entrance. Go 
upstairs and out the door at top. Go through the hall 
and out the door leading outdoors. Enter the door to 
the Antenna Control Room and read the green jour- 
nal to get the combination: 8159. Go back to the 
second floor hallway. 

8. Enter the lounge through right door and use the 
combo 8159 on the safe in the back to get a hand- 
gun upgrade, which will turn your handgun into a 
Glock 35. 

through: Dino Crisis three’ ‘times to pro- 
vide-you withthe most complete.strat- 

ames “—s weer 

Of The Guardsmen on the table to get the combi ky DDK Input Disc "N” from the counter. 

4 file of personnel changes on the ground which will 


Lastly, save often or at least each time you find a new 
Save room. 

If you're not looking to have your hand held through 
every step, we re also providing you with a cheat sheet 
listing every code and password in the game and 
where it's used. No Gor can remain locked with this 
guide in your pes v 

9. Use the two DDK Discs on the door to the Chief's 
Room by the windows. The password is HEAD. Get 
the Panel Key 1 from the scientist and snag the 

A After dodging a raptor or two, ge 
the corner to enter'81 nside is | 

10. Back on the first floor, use the Main Entrance 
Key on the main entrance and go outside. Grab the 
DDK Code Disc “N” off the corpse. Also read the 

have the registration number, 57036, of a Mark 
Doyle. This info can eventually be used to forge a 
new ID card. Reenter the complex. 

OctogerR 1999 


prints from John Doyle outside the main entrance 
and entering 57036 as the reg number. You will only 
be able to make one ID, however. 

g Gale 

ale, you agree that the mission is para- 
/ ‘Te just intimidated by him. He is 

11. In the back of the Main Lobby, use the DDK 
“N" Key Discs on the double doors after Rick calls 
you and enter NEVVCOMER as the password. 
Inside the Elevator Lobby, examine the map to 
acquire the complete first floor map. Exit out the left 
door. Enter the first door on your left. Examine the 
red book for info on creating a fake ID. Then look at 
the grease board to get the registration number, 
46907, of a Paul Baker. Note his pager number and 
use the phone on the table to page him (so you can 
find him later). Exit. Go down to the Lecture Room 
Hall. You may have to face two raptors at once, but 
you can use the switches on the wall to activate 
steam to disable the dinos momentarily. Enter the 
last left door at the end into the Lecture Room. 

15a. Exit the control room and go left around the 
corner, through the now open gate leading down- 
Stairs. Ignore the compys in the Medical Room 
Hallway and enter the Medical Room on your right. 
Grab the ID from the desk and read the yellow 
binder about writing over IDs. Check the room com- 
pletely for items, then leave. Continue through the 
door at the end to the B1 Hallway. 

16a. In the next room, Gail dives under the closing . : 
metal gate after Dr. Kirk. Use the elevators to reach | _ ee 
the Lab Entry Area, but you do not have the correct | 7 . os 
ID. Go through the door right of the gate. 


17a. When the raptor attacks through fencing, tap 
the action buttons to push it back into the electrical 
wires. Disengage the laser security gate and unlock 
the door to the Generator Room for future use. 
Enter the cargo staging area. Check out corpse 
against the wall to read a memo which includes info 
on where the DDK “L” Discs might be. 

20a. Use the new ID on the elevator to reach the 
Laboratory Entry Area. Tap the action buttons to kick 
the raptor off you when it attacks in the elevator. 
You don't have the DDK Discs necessary to get 

through the locked door leading to the main lab, so 
go back upstairs. 

21a. Go out past the backyard area, out in the direc- 
tion Rick went. Continue to follow the outside path 
leading to the large elevator after Rick calls with 
news of Tom’s death. Avoid both raptors and go 
through double doors at the end of the path. 

18a. Head back upstairs to the first floor and use 
the ID on the remaining locked door by the bath- 
room with the red insignia leading to the Strategy 
Conference Room. Inside, grab the DDK Disc “L” 
and the Fingerprint Collection Device. Read the info 
on the Fingerprint Collection Device, which tells you 
what It is used for. 

A There are several doors thre 
DDK Discs for entry. To get th 

solve word puzzles, which 
game progresses. 

12. In the Lecture Room, grab the Backup 
Generator Key for floor B1 key from the counter. 
Another Raptor will attack through the ceiling, but 
Gale will come in and save the day; a surprise, con- 
sidering that you thought he was dead. Exit the 
Lecture Room and use the hole into the ventilation 
system by the vending machines to enter the bath- 
room. Return to the Control Room. 

22a. The game will take over and a giant 
Pteranodon will pick you up. Tap the action buttons 
to get out of Its grip and grab your dropped weapon. 
Go through the back right door. Inside the Elevator 
Control Room, you'll find Tom, who holds the DDK 

Code Disc “L”. Also grab the DDK Input Disc “L” 
from the counter. 

23a. If you try to exit the way you came—using the 

outside path—the ground will give way and you'll 

» | need to tap the action buttons to climb back up. You 

pec need to find another way back to the main facility. 
: Return to the elevator control room. 

13. Back in the Control Room, it is decided that 
Regina must get power going to the subterranean 
levels. Exit back out to the backyard area and use 
the B1 Key on the locked fence around corner from 
the torn fence. Go down the ladder into the base- 
ment and arrange the four batteries so that the 
order Is red, blue, green, white and hit the switch. 
After Rick calls, head back to the Control Room. 

24a. Go through the sliding door in the back of the 
Elevator Control Room. Examine the map on the 
wall to acquire the complete map to this area. 
Continue through the door outside, go around the 
fan and through the door at end. In the Elevator 
Power Room, grab the B1 Crane Card from the cor- 
ner. You will now have to lower a bunch of pipes so 
that they line up and to supply power to the eleva- 
tor. Use the following diagram for the correct order. 

19a. You now have everything except for some fin- 
gerprints to make a fake ID, which will allow you to 
access the elevator. There are two places to get 
some fingerprints. In the elevator room, notice the 
body and the beeper going off. This must be Paul 
Baker, who you paged earlier. Use the fingerprint 
_| collection device to get some prints from the 

| corpse. In the Office, use the ID on the computer 
and, when prompted, enter the 58104 registration 
number from the grease board and say “yes” when 
| asked if you want to use the fingerprint collection 
device. A new ID will then be produced. You can 
make another ID for the same purposes by getting 

14. In the Control Room, Gail will see movement 
downstairs and your team will also receive a dis- 
tress call from one of your team members, either 
Cooper or Tom. This is the first branching point. 
Whichever decision you make, your destination will 
be marked in red on your map. 

<4 Hit the 
colored switch- 
es on the six 
panels in the 
order they 
appear here. 


OctogerR 1999 
HTTP! //wuw.PSMG 

25a. With the power supplied, exit. A Pteranodon 
will grab you. Tap the action buttons to get out of its 
grip and push it into the moving fan. Go back to the 
large elevator and use it to reach floor B1. 

26a. |n the large cargo area, go up the stairs and use 
the B1 Crane Card to activate the crane. Use the fol- 
lowing diagram to program the crane. 




A There are several ways to move 
the crates out of the way, but 
here’s a two-step way. 


With that done, head back upstairs into the elevator 
and back down to the lab, where you rejoin the 
main walkthrough. 

15b. Head to the backyard gate and out the outside 
path, following Rick to the large elevator. Two rap- 
tors will attack here at once. Go through the door at 
the end of the path. 

16b. The game will take over and a giant | | 
Pteranodon will pick you up. Tap the action buttons | 
to get out of its grip and grab your dropped weapon. | 
Go through the back right door. Inside the Elevator | 
Control Room, you'll find Rick attending to a severe- 

ly wounded Tom. He will give you a DDK Code Disc 

“L" and there will be another DDK Input Disc “L” 

on the counter. 

19b. With the power supplied, exit. A Pteranodon 

will grab you. Tap the action buttons to get out of its : 

grip and push it into the moving fan. Go back to the 
large elevator and turn it on, then go get Rick and 
Tom and use the elevator to reach the Carrying Out 
Room on floor B1. 


=z 20b. See step 26a. 

7 — 


21b. With the path clear, Rick will take care of Tom, 
while it’s back to the mission for you. Exit out the 



smaller door on the left and you will automatically | 

go to a cutscene where Rick and Tom get attacked 

by a raptor in the infirmary and Tom loses his life 

saving Rick's. 

22b. After the scene, unlock the small door leading 
to the B1 Backup Generator for future use and dis- 
engage the laser security gate. Go around the cor- 
ner and a raptor will attack through some fencing. 
Danger will flash, so tap the action buttons to push 
the dino into the live electrical wires. Continue 
through the door at the end. Head to the Medical 
Room using the following hallway. 

23b. You will find Rick and a dead Tom and after 
short, but emotional, exchange with Rick, he will 
head back upstairs to the control room. Grab the ID 
from the desk and read the yellow binder about 
writing over IDs. Check the room completely for 
items then leave, going back upstairs. 

24b. See step 18a. 1s 

25b. Head back downstairs to the locked metal h 

gate in the B1 hall and Gail will call, asking you to 
get into the lab using the elevators, but unfortu- 


29. In the Research Meeting Room, grab the DDK 
Input Disc “E" from the table and read the yellow 
research binder for information about Dr. Kirk's | 
Private Research Lab. Notice the locked door and 
get the lock code, 7248, from the computer termi- 
nal, then exit back to the Computer Control Room. 

: 30. Enter the lock code, 7248, on the computer 
terminal in the Computer Control Room to 
unlock the previously locked door to the Gas 
Experiment Room in the Research Meeting Room. | 
Go back there. 

31. In the Gas Experiment Room, you'll find a sci: /" ™ 
entist still alive, but being poisoned. Adjust the mix- F % 
ture of three different chemicals, so that the air 
becomes breathable using the terminal with the 
three different colored buttons. When the air is 
clear, enter the room and talk to the scientist. The | 
game will take over and the scientist will give you a 

B1 key chip that will help get you into Dr. Kirk's per- [i 
sonal lab. The key has 3695 written on it. Inspect FF 
the body again to get a key for use on one of the 
small locked boxes in the medical room. Try to exit | 
and a Raptor will attack. You want to lure the raptor [i= 
into the chamber, then quickly run out, locking it [e™ 
inside, then flood the chamber with poison gas. 

ich=buUtton wilt sour B coca 
re ogat Green= 

nately you don't have the right ID to use the eleva- | ’ 

tors. See step 19a. 

26b. With a new ID, head over to the elevator and 
use it to get into the laboratory entry area. Watch 

out for the raptor, who will attack through the ele- ‘ 
vator's ceiling. This is the point at which the branch- | 
es meet, so continue with the main strategy from |™ 


27. In the laboratory entry area, use both DDK “L” 

Discs on the door to the lab. The password to enter # 

is LABORATORY. In the next hallway, go through 
the laser security gate and around the corner, 
through another laser security gate into the 
Computer Control Room. 

28. In the Computer Control Room, read the yellow 
security manual about the DDK Discs and check the 
computer terminal. Exit out the room's back door 
and go down the hall, through another laser securi- 
ty gate and enter the first door on your left to the 
Research Meeting Room. 

32. Exit and head down the hall to the Library 
Room. First find the handgun upgrade, which is a |e 
site attachment that increases accuracy, then 
access the computer terminal using the B1 key chip 
you just received. Enter 3695 (written on the key 
itself) when prompted to enter a code. A puzzle will 
appear. Once solved, an archive down the blue aisle 
will glow green. Examine the archive shelf and use 
the B1 key chip to receive the Key Card R. Read the 
info on how to get the Key Card L, the second of 
the two keys need to enter the private lab. The 
other key is in the Chief's office on the second floor 
and you will finally get to use those panel keys. 

< Arrange the dif- 
ferent blocks so 
that they look like 
the diagram. You 
are basically rewrit- 
ing the magnetic 
strip on the key. 


OctogerR 1959990 

>» 4 

to keep from being swallowed whole. You aren't 
going to kill it, but you will be able to keep it at bay 
for a while with some good timing until Rick unlocks 
the door to the Communication Room. Try running 
back and forth to stay out of his mouth when he 
lunges. After a moment, the door will unlock 


37. Go to the administrator's office and investigate 
the frame behind the desk. Insert panel key | into 
the first slot and panel key II into slot two. You will 
then be prompted to enter a combination to get into 
the safe. The combination is on the panel keys 
themselves. Key | says SOL and key II says LEO. If 
you turn them upside down, the letters make num- 
bers so that key | reads 705 and key II reads 037. 
Enter 705037 as the combination and receive the 
Card Key L. Go back the computer control room in 
the basement. 

Following Gail 
By choosing Gail, you're saying that you don't com- 
pletely trust Rick’s abilities and feel you should back up 
your team leader, although there is no doubt that Gail 
can take care of himself. Just about every hallway will. — 
ave at least one or two raptors, so be sure you're 
on health and have plenty of ammo. There 

45. Inside the Communication Room, Regina 
contacts the extraction helicopter. Now get to the 
heli-pad. Take the elevator to the first floor and 
make your way to outside the main front entrance 
of the facility. 

41a. Follow Gail out the back door of the computer 
room, down the hall, through the library room and 
Out to the laboratory entry area with the elevators. 
Go through the open gate and around the left, 
through the door into the next room. Go through 
the double doors into the large cargo area. The 
game will take over and you'll find that Gail has 
caught up to Dr. Kirk. Get the Communication Area 
ID from Kirk. Head back to the first floor Control 
Room. Rejoin the main strategy. 

38. Back in the computer room on floor B1, notice 
the display on the wall and the slots on either side 
of it. Use the Card Key R on the right slot and the 
game will take over. Gail and Rick will come to help 
you insert the keys and the screen will rise, reveal- 
ing the door to the private lab. To open the door, you 
need to use the DDK “E" Discs. The password to 
enter is ENERGY. 

46. Wind your way around to the large gate by the 
corpse and exit. Haul ass down the passage 
towards the heli-pad and go through the right door 
into a large airplane hangar. 

47. |n the hangar area, climb the stairs and run to 
the other side of the balcony. Grab the grenade 
launcher and the grenade launcher ammo, then go 
back the way you came to the main floor. To get 
through to the other side of the room, you need to 
move the boxes around. Use the diagram for the 
proper order. Once clear, exit out the double doors 
to the heli-pad. 

4 Followi ug Rick b. 
J you.are sRowing # se is 
help yau wd th Pe en ot 
vate pr S i are Way! : 

39. Inside Dr. Kirk's private lab, notice the simulation 
computer, and the Emergency exit. Move the shelf 
to get a shotgun attachment, and stocks that will 
eliminate reload time. Exit. 

41b. After Gale leaves, enter the private lab and use 
the console next to the emergency exit. To get the 
exit open, you will have to enter three different 
letter codes which Rick will flash on screen. They 
are completely random, so there is no way to just 
give you the codes. You're going to have to write 
them down, but be warned. You have to pay atten- 
tion, as they flash by pretty quickly. When success- 
ful with all three codes, the emergency exit will 
open. Enter the exit and you will emerge in the large 
cargo area. Get the Communication Area ID from 
Dr. Kirk. Head back to the first floor Control Room. 
Rejoin the main strategy. 

A Run the simulation again’ by pres 
terminal at the table in this,or« 
Initializer and 3. ignite third e : : of re ‘ ke 
important to remembe > i "he eo No ig The Tcies that 

3 Ninwol IE | appear when you” 

“access : } 

Emergency Exit 
are random, so aR 

Tre re sere to 

re is is nly c one wa 

~ will be it ine Fol 
ig if you 

40. Back in the computer control room, an alarm will 
sound and the room will be locked down. Grab the 
screwdriver tool from the tool box and use it on the 
panel behind. A puzzle will appear and to solve tt, 
you must rotate the squares and put them together 
in the right order so that It matches the given exam- 
ple. The alarm will then cease. You have only ten 
minutes to get out. You learn that the place is crawl- 
ing with more dinos and they're coming your way. 
Gail wants to shoot his way out, but Rick has 
another idea. He suggests you use the emergency 
exit back in Dr. Kirk's private lab, but he doesn't 
have the right codes to open It yet. You have to trust 
him. You will now be given a choice. Go with Gail 
and blast your way out or trust Rick and take your 
chances with the emergency exit. 

48. After the cinema, run. Keep moving, using the 
downed helicopter to keep some room between 
you and the beast. Equip the grenade launcher and 
take a few shots when it gets close. Once Rick gets 
the elevator working, he'll let you know. Follow him. 

42. Go to the first floor Control Room and use the 
Communication ID Card to finally access the 
elevator there and head to the second floor. You 
emerge into a communication room. Get the 
Antenna Activation key from the box on the wall. 
Exit to the outside. 

49. When the elevator stops, exit into the under- 
ground passage to the facility. Go down the pas- 
sage and enter the materials room on Regina's left. 
Inside, get the C. O. Pass Card and read the memo 
on the ground by the shelf about a possible escape 
route, then exit out to the elevator on the right at | 
the opposite side of the tunnel from the rubble. 

43. Go down the long balcony leading to the 
Antenna Room and enter the last door at the end. 
Use the Antenna Activation Key on the emergency 

< Arrange the 
three panels so 
that they look 

like this and slot to raise the facility's communication antenna. Find and use the small door to the right of the large 
ee pees elevator door. In the B3 Backup Generator room, go 
em in e 

around the corner and remove the white battery 
from the case. Exit and give the white battery to 
Rick, who uses it to replace the broken one , start- 
ing the power back up. 

order dictated 
by the number 
we've listed 
above each. 

44. When you exit, a T-rex will attack. Run down the 
i balcony away from the beast and use your shotgun 
, | 





ecncrieng GieURRINE SAORI RIRERNL tetnien et beet 

Cin A SRSERE San li Ho HSER Ried Sonos Hes Ps nimi, rns Sonn er 

Cb Ronan Sewetath peiSoaitotel PeRSIaee Sy 

s =< ‘ee ee, ES tae eo 
~ a a nee eas og Se 
~ ll l A N a eT ae erm mom om wre 



NFL GameDay 2000 gives you 1,200 new plays and 200 new 
motion captured moves designed and performed by 45 NFL 
players. There’s a Training Camp Mode to practice plays, and 
a GM Mode to manage your team. over multiple seasons. We’ve 
even added a revolutionary telestrator along with Dick Enberg 
and Phil Simms commentary. Now everyday is game day. : 

©1999 NFLP. Team names and jogos are trademarks of the teams indicated. All other (NFL-related marks) are-trademarks of the National Football League and-NFL Properties. Officially licensed product of PLAYERS INC. The PLAYERS 
INC logo is a registered trademark of the NFL players. Q1999 PLAYERS INC. Developed: by 989 Studios and Red Zone Interactive, inc. 989 Sports and the 989 Sports logo are trademarks of Sony Compufer 
Entertainment America Inc. ©1999 Sony Computer Entertainment America inc. Licensed for use with the PlayStation game console.-PlayStation and the PlayStation logos are registered trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment inc. 

an’ ¢ 
anes a = 
a $ ss 


ough Hell. 

ever ona video game. an acelin 
murder, and ghostly vendettas are some of the 
terrors that you will be forced to confront as 
you make your way through this 3 disc epic of 
horror. lf your nerves and your intellect are 
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those who accept the challenge of this trip 
through dementia.  JALECO. 
JUGGERNAUT © 1999 Will/Tonkinhouse. Presented by Jaleco USA. Jaleco and the Jaleco logo are registered trademarks 
of Jaleco Ltd. PlayStation and the PlayStation logos are registered trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. The 

ratings icon is a trademark of the Interactive Digital Software Association. 

OctogerR 199098 

i a 



~ 2] 5 oor 
7 7 [an 

| With the path clear to the scientist, make your way 
around and collect the DDK Input Disc “W”". 

60. Inside the Immigration Office, Rick will join you 
and will immediately start working on getting the 
exit open. You will also hear a transmission coming 
through the dead guy's radio. There are still some 
researchers alive and they are using the large ele- 
vator, but a dino is on their tail. While Rick gets the 
exit open, you need to go and save the researchers. 
Before you head out on your rescue mission, grab 
the B2 Key Chip 2 with 0392 written on it from the 
computer counter. The large elevator will be 
marked in red on your map. 

MUDMemA me MUip>memaA 

<4 Use the programming 
shown here to get the 
crane to move the 
boxes out of the way. 

61. When you reach the large cargo area, the large 
elevator will open and the T-Rex will come charging 
out and will crunch into the massive generators and 
loose consciousness. The elevator door will then 
close and you will not be able to reopen it. To 
restore power to the large door, access the case 
holding the batteries Rick set earlier and remove 
the white battery. Now enter the room to the right 
of the big door and return the battery to its place in | 
the case with the others. Arrange them so they go | 

51. Follow Rick through the small door into the B3 |. 3 
Control Room. Inside, grab the B3 Crane Cards 1 | 
and 2 from the main table and next to Rick. Read }, 

the red binder located on the terminal left of Rick | © 
about a person who has a DDK disc and how he /"" 
may be found near the B3 crane. Exit the left door. 

54. Make your way back through the control room |- 
and around the large warehouse area and go 
through the locked door in the back left corner, 
using the Carry Out Key. Go through the door at the 
back of the hall leading to the Rest Station. Here, |- 
check the right wall to acquire the B3 floor map. Exit 
out the unlocked double doors left of the map into 
the Central Stairway Area Passage. 

right to supply power to the door. Go back out to the 
Large elevator and open the door. 

52. In the large Central Weapons Area, cross the 
room towards the large door. The game will take 
over and you will see a dead scientist holding a DDK 
Disc and two brand new dinos called Theizinos will 
attack. As one of the bulky dinos attacks, a chain 
will be broken, causing a container hanging above 
you to come crashing down. Danger will flash on F 
screen, so tap the action buttons to dive out of the 
way. The way to the scientist will now be blocked, 
but the containers can be moved by the crane if you 
can find one more Crane Card. 

62. Inside the large elevator the body in the center 
has the Port Key Card, the body in the back holds 
the DDK Input Disc “D". Return to the Immigration | 

55. Go upstairs to the Passage To the Experimental 
Area. Go through the door at the end into the 
Security Pass Room. Turn off the alarm at the com- 
puter terminal with all the red screens. Grab the lee 
DDK Input Disc “S” and read the red file near it to j=™ 
discover that the computer by the corpse, behind 
the desk, can rewrite an ID like the computer in the 
first floor large office. Also check the woman's body 
to get the B2 Key Chip 1, then exit the way you 

Rick the Port Key Card, which he uses to open the 
exit to the port, but is blocked by a vortex. To be 
able to proceed, you're going to have to find a way | 
to make it disappear. Grab the DDK Code Disc “S" | 
from the hallway floor in front of the vortex. Back in 
the Immigration Office, talk to Rick again, then exit. | 

56. Back in the hall, go up through the ventilation 
system and follow it around and drop into another 
Experiment Area Passageway. When you grab the 
Level C Card, you will hear a noise and then a rap- 
tor will strike from under the floor grating in front of 
the door. Deal with the raptor and use the Level C 
Card on the level C door, entering the Stabilizer 
Design Room. 

63. Head to the Security Pass Room and use both 
DDK “S" Discs on the locked door. The password 
to enter is STABILIZER. Go through the now open 
door into the Parts Storage Area. 

64. After the sterilization process, continue through 

—_ = 2 7 P%, 

57. In the Stabilizer Design Room, grab the DDK 
Code Disc “W” from the counter top. Read the yel- 
low notice messages to learn a bit about how the | 
Initializer and Stabilizer work and some info about | 
codes you may need later. Exit. 

door to the Experiment Room Hallway. Go through 
the laser security gate and through the C Level door | 
into the Stabilizer Experiment Room. The DDK 
Code Disc “D" will be on one of the counters. Exit. 

53. Go through the large door, into the Transport | _ 
Passageway and grab the third B3 Crane Card from | 
the back of the truck, as well as the Carrying Out [ 
Key next to it. Return to the Central Weapons Area | 
and use the three Crane Cards on the crane con- | 
trols. The crane will turn on and you will get a |= 
screen similar to the last time you moved crates. | 
The following is one possible sequence, but this 
puzzle can be solved different ways. 

use of the DDK Discs “D” on the locked door. The 

58. Go around to the Researcher Rest Area and you password you should arrive at is DOCTORKIRK. 

will find Gail is already inside, apparently snooping 
around, then quickly leaving. Read the yellow 
Researcher's Journal to find out what some of the | 
other researchers think of Dr. Kirk. Exit. 

66. Enter a passageway containing a couple of | 
security doors to get through. Examine the slot for 
inserting something to open the door and you will 

59. Head back downstairs to level B3 and Rick will |} find that it is a slot for a Key Chip and will have the | 
_| call, saying he has the security lasers unlocked. Go |g} "umber 0392. To open the door, you will need to | 
m back to the Rest Area and use the DDK “W” Discs encode both key chips in your possession the same 
“*| on the door leading to the port. WATERWAY is the way you encoded the key chip in the Library Room 

password to enter. Enter the Immigration Office. on floor B1. The terminal for encoding the key chips 
is in the Security Pass Room, so head there. 


red, blue, green, white, then pull the switch to the " 

Center and the game will take over. You will give - 

the door at the end and out the door opposite the | 

65. Go back to the Parts Storage Room and make a 

i —4 =| 

67. At the key chip terminal on the wall in the ree eas 

Security Pass Room, insert Key Chip 1 in the left that they look 

slot and Key Chip 2 in the right slot. Access the cen- like this and 
lb ted to enter a num- — 

ter screen and you'll be prompted to ente a nu Scars 5 Alea 

ber. Input 0392 and then manually reorganize the order dictated 

coding on the magnetic strip, just like you did back by the number 

we've listed 

in the Library earlier. This time, you have two strips pi alee 

to rewrite, though. Once reorganized, take the Key 
Chips back to the passage beyond the Parts 
Storage Room with the security doors and use 
Key Chip 2 at the first door and Key Chip 1 at the 
second door. 

71. Access the main generator terminal in the third 
Energy Control Room. When you run the simule- 
tion, it will be successful, but you still need Dr. Kirk’s 
ID. As soon as you finish running the simulation, 
you'll hear a shot ring out back in the third Energy 
Power Distribution Room. Go there. 

72. Enter the distribution room and you will find the 
female scientist dead from a gunshot. Examine her 
to find a piece a paper reading 1281. To the right of 
the female scientist's body is a panel covered with 
bloody fingerprints. When you go to the back of the 
room, Dr. Kirk will duck out the back door. 

73. Follow the doctor through the back door and 
into a hallway and through another door. In this new 
room, the doctor will put a gun to your head, but 
Gail will rescue you. You must get the third Energy 
Generator up and running by first collecting the 
Initializer and Stabilizer. Kirk tells you that you can 
find the Initializer and Stabilizer in the Level A 
Rooms downstairs on floor B3. Kirk will then give 
you the Level A Pass Card. Rick then joins you and 
has another idea. He thinks you should try to build 
your own stabilizer and Initializer from the parts 
located on this floor in a nearby room. Kirk will give 
you the Planning Disc needed to access the parts 
and create the devices. Apparently, floor B3 is full of 
dinosaurs, making It a very dangerous place. The 
choice Is yours. 

left is highlighte 
strip. Highlight 

strips. Once thi 
you no time at all to get. 
like the examples. 

68. Follow the passageway right. Keep going until 
you enter the large third Energy Area in B2. First go 
Straight from the door you entered and, halfway 
down the walkway, find the switch on the wall to 
lower a walkway reaching the center of the room. 
Enter the third Energy Control Room. 

69. In the third Energy Control Room, find the com- 
puter terminal with the yellow binder on it. Read the 
instruction manual in the yellow binder on starting 
up and then controlling the generator. Find and take 
the stairs leading down. In this lower area of the 
control room, find a shelf to push to receive a pick- 
up and find a blue Researcher's Journal to find out 
that you need Dr. Kirk's ID Card to operate the third 
energy generator. Further down, on a computer, 
you'll find the Level B Key Card. 

Eattbwitig Gail 

Stabilizer. from a levél A.roortis. much shorter Just 

throtigh theifacility willaave atleast onebut more like- 
ly twogdinds-ready yoleitis best té just run: past 
them, unless your way. is completely blacked. There are 
fee toommany. gina, to kilthem alt 

74a. The first thing you need to notice is the loca- 
tion of the room where the Initializer and Stabilizer 
are held on floor B3. Enter Kirk's private library room 
to find Kirk being held at gunpoint by Gail. Read the 
old document on the desk, which Is a proposal writ- 
ten by Kirk asking for more money in exchange for 
the most destructive and powerful weapon ever 
created. You can use the fingerprint collection 
device on Kirk to get his fingerprints needed to 
make Kirk's ID card. You can also go back and take 
the fingerprints needed from the bloody prints (also 
Kirk's), next to the dead female scientist in the third 
Energy Power Distribution Room. Exit the private 
library and through the next room out to the large 
third Energy Area on B2. Head downstairs to the 
Special Weapons Storage Room ies al on 
your map. 

70. Back upstairs, go through the door opposite the 
generator terminal, into the third Energy Power 
Distribution Room. Get the B2 map from the wall 
and, to the right of the unconscious woman, you'll 
find a circuit panel that lets you switch the power | 
from the facility to the third Energy Generator. 
When you access the panel, a puzzle much like the 
one you faced in the Lab Contro! Room will come 
up. You must take the three patterns and arrange 
them so that they appear like the given example on 
the lower left. With the power supply now going to 
the third Energy Generator, check out the 
researcher's memo on the table. Inside, you'll read 
about a wiretap that was placed in Parts Storage, 
plus some info on creating a fake Dr. Kirk ID card. 
Kirk's registration number is 31415, but you stil 
need his fingerprints. Exit. 

Although mire dangerous, this branch—wihere you go. 
dewn to..B3 and.find™ they completed ‘nitializer and” 

abaut every hallwaysand.rogm"you eftet’ on your way, 


Fou can = some clean Kirk prints from 

OctogerR 1990 

Fingerprint- dite: nas eeen 

ee ad 

m print foulid next to iis 8 female 

75a. On your way there, stop by the Parts Storage 
Room and go through the Level A door and check 
around the corner, along the window for a grenade 
launcher upgrade which remodels the cylinder so 
grenade bullets can be fired continuously (very use- 
ful!). Now go to the Stabilizer Experiment room and 
go over to the corner with the secure case. Use the 
1281 combination found on the bloody piece of 
paper left by the dead female scientist in the third 
Energy Power Distribution room. You will get a 
shotgun upgrade that turns your shotgun into the 
more powerful SPAS 12. 


76a. To get to the room storing the Initializer and 
Stabilizer, head down to floor B3, past the room 
with the large elevator and the downed T-rex, past 
Arsenal Storage into the Transportation Passage. 
Enter the small level A door back in the main 
Transportation Passage, which leads to the Special 
Weapons Storage room. 

77a. Inside the Special Weapons Storage room, 
read the essay on third Energy basic theory written 
by Edward Kirk. The actual weapons, along with the 
Stabilizer and Initializer, are stored in an airtight 
room through the giant plate of glass. Find the small 
elevator and take it to the second level of the stor- 
age area. In any case, you'll find the Initializer and 
Stabilizer. Grab them and exit. Rejoin the main strat- 
egy at this point. 

OctogserR 1999 


74b. After the conversation with Dr. Kirk, Rick and 
Gail read the yellow file on the desk to learn about 
the three parts each device is made up of. Enter 
Kirk's private library room to find Kirk being held at 
gunpoint by Gail. Use the fingerprint collection 
device on Kirk to make Kirk's ID card. You can also 
go back and take the fingerprints needed from the 
bloody prints, (also Kirk's) next to the dead female 
scientist in the third Energy Power Distribution 
Room. Exit the private library and through the next 
room out to the large third Energy Area on B2. 

75b. Head to the Parts Storage Room and, behind 
the level A door, you will find two storage contain- 
ers with something in them. Check around the cor- 
ner, along the window for a grenade launcher 
upgrade, which remodels the cylinder so grenade 
bullets can be fired continuously. Use the Planning 
Disc to access the main terminal that opens the 
locked storage containers. You will then be prompt- 
ed to enter a six digit sequence. The different col- 
ored buttons will each have a different tone 
assigned to it. Leave the terminal and push the 
machinery against the wall to reveal the bug that 
the memo in the 3rd Energy Power Distribution 
Room spoke of. Play back the recorded message to 
hear a series of six musical tones, which is the code 

the Planning Disc and enter 367204. The two 
locked containers will open and offer up the two 
core parts. Exit the Parts Storage Room. 

tones you hear 

resent 367204 

76b. Go to the Stabilizer Design Room and use the 
Planning disc at one of the computer terminals 
inside. You will be prompted to enter a four digit 
code. Examine the memo to the right to get some 
information on how to get the codes you need. 
Back at the computer terminal, use the Planning 
Disc and when prompted, enter 0367. You will 
receive the Protect Part 1-B for the Stabilizer. Next, 
head over to the large piece of machinery in the cor- 
ner. Use the planning Disc here and then enter 
0204 when prompted. You will then receive the 
Protect Part 1-A for the Stabilizer and Protect Part 2- 
A for the Initializer. Exit. 

A The machine in the back corner will yield both the 
Protect Part 1-A for the Stabilizer and Protect Part.2-A for 
the Initializer after you enter the code 0204. 

77b. Now go to the Stabilizer Experiment room. Go 
over to the corner with the secure case and use the 
1281 combination to get a shotgun upgrade that 
turns your shotgun into the more powerful SPAS 
12. Now enter the assembly room through the 
Level A door and use the Planning Disc on the case 
to receive the last part the Protect Part 2-B for the 
Initializer. Now it's time to assemble them. Find the 
terminal where weightless production is done and 
use the Planning Disc, then use all the parts you've 
collected. You assemble each device individually, 
with the core part sitting in midair. The protective 
parts will be floating around the core part and you 
need to carefully spin the core part left and right to 
line it up with the protective parts. With both the 
Initializer and Stabilizer properly assembled, you 
need to do one last thing. Create a new Dr. Kirk ID. 
You will rejoin the main strategy at this point. 

<The combo of 
on the tape rep- 

on the terminal. 

< Both protective 
parts must be con- 
nected to either 
end of the core 
before the devisce 
is complete. 

78. Go to the Security Pass Room and access the 
computer behind the desk using the ID. When 
prompted, enter Kirk's registration number, 31415, 
then use the fingerprint collector containing Kirk's 
prints. With the new ID, exit back to the third 
Energy Control Room. 

. Once you have Je and his registration number, 
3141 5, you can use the ID créating and altering the 
puter in the Security Pass Room. 

79. First use Kirk's ID at the main generator termi- 
nal to start up the generator. 

80. Now return to the main third Energy Area and 
take the elevator to the third Energy Area B3. At the 
end of the path, press the green-lit button, then 
place the Initializer in the space that folds out. 

81. Access the computer next to where you placed 
the Initializer to connect it to the inhale shaft. 

@ generator, activate the Initializer. 

82. Go back upstairs, using the elevator to the third 
Energy Area B2 and walk across the foot bridge 
leading to the center you lowered earlier. Go up to 
the green-lit button and press it. A space will appear 
where you are to place the Stabilizer. 

83. Now use the terminal left of the space for the 
Stabilizer to activate it. The game will then take 
over. Regina will run into the third Energy Control 
Room and use the terminal there to go full power. 


- This is the final branching point and your decision determines the ending you 
will get. There are really just three different ending cinemas, but the best one, 
where everyone survives, can be reached by either branch. You can assume 
that in each ending, you're going to have to face the T-rex one last time, but we 
won't spoil the endings for you. 

Follow Gail 

| By following Gail, you're sticking to your mission, trying your best to accomplish 
all of your objectives. You've come this far already, even though staying any 
longer is suicide, considering the that third Energy Generator is about to explode. 

85a. When you follow Gail, a location will appear on your map, either the 
Special Weapons Storage Room or the Stabilizer Experiment Room, 
depending on where you got the Initializer and Stabilizer you used to start 
up the third Energy Generator. Two different endings depend what you do 
next. You can either head straight off to Kirk's location or you can go by the 
Helipad on the way, which will get you the better ending. 


Finding Kirk via Finding Kirk— 
the Elevator— Ending 2 
Ending 1 

86c. Find Kirk with Gail, who will give 
you a disc with info on third energy 
as a weapon. Gail then dies and then 
you punch the doctor. Return to the 
Immigration office, where you give 
Rick the bad news about Gail. Rick 
| and Kirk will then leave out past 
where the vortex was and you need 
to follow through a couple corridors 
and out to the port. At the port, you 
will come across the T-Rex lying on 
the ground with blood coming out of 
its mouth. He will be blocking your 
way to the door to the hovercraft, but 
you can go around the other way, 
along the back wall around the mate- 
rials in the center. When you go 
through the small door to the left of 
the larger doors, the dino will move. 

| 86a. Head out of the Immigration 
Room into the Rest Area, then out 
_ the passage leading to the large 
| Level A door. Take the cargo trans- 
port to the other end of the pas- 
| sage, then through the door into 
the Heliport Transport Passage. 
Take the cargo transport there to 
reach the other end, then through 
the small door into the Heliport. 
After the cutscene, go find the 
doctor and Gail at the location 
|| marked on your map. When you 
find Gail, he will have Dr. Kirk at 
gunpoint and will thank him for 
some disc you don't know about. 
You then tell them of the heliport 
and how it is a closer escape 
- route. Take Gail and Kirk back to 
| the: helicopter. Rick will call saying 
the T-rex has destroyed part of the 
tunnel exit, leaving you no way 
| out. You tell him of the helicopter 
~ and he comes to meet you. With | : | 
Gail and Kirk aboard, the heli- | : 
| copter heads down the Heliport |: ~ 
| Transport Passage to meet Rick. 

Forgetting Dr. Kirk and s saving yourselves—Ending 3 

86d. If you decide to just get the heck out of there, continue to follow Rick all the way out to the port. Cross the port, 
walking along the water. Exit the small door to the left of the two larger doors into the garage area housing the hover- 
craft. When you go and talk to Rick, he'll tell you that the hovercraft is out of fuel. He will then toss you the Energy Tank 
to go and fill. Reenter the Port Area and head over to the barrels in the corner left of the waterway. Use the Energy | 

Tank on the barrels filled with some highly stable Nucleum. Go back and give the full Energy Tank back to Rick. 

OcTrogerR 19990 

84. You will then see a scene in Kirk's private library | 

} where some pipes will fall on Gail as the facility | 
starts to shake apart. Run over to Kirk's library to aid 
Gail. He will give you the pulse receiver for finding 

1 the tracking device stuck to Kirk. The game will | 

F again take over as you and Gail and Rick all meet at f= 

| the Immigration Room. The vortex will disappear | 
giving your team the escape route you've been try- 
ing to create. Before you all leave, though, Gail will 
demand to go after Kirk before you leave. He asks 
for a half an hour to find him. You can help out Gail 
or follow Rick, who wants to get the hell out. 

“Follow Rick 

By choosing to follow Rick, you're choosing to ignore your duty and worry site escape. 
As Rick has been saying, it’s a miracle you've survived , so Kirk is left to his own devices. g 

85b. As soon as you make up your mind to follow Rick, Gail will try to go after Kirk, 
asking you to wait a half an hour for him before departing. Regina will go up and 
knock out the severely injured Gail. Rick will throw Gail over his shoulder and take 
off towards the port past the place where the vortex blocked the passage. You | | 
aren't prompted to act by the game, but it's at this point you can take one of two | 

courses of action, each leading to a different ending. You can simply follow Rick out ' | 
to the port to get the third ending or you can trek off on your own back into the facil- . hf 
ity in search of Kirk, using the Pulse Generator to track him to get the best ending. &§ 


Finding Kirk alone using . 
the Pulse Receiver—Ending 1 

86b. If you want to try to see if you can find Dr. Kirk on your own, his Rick es 
Gail out to the port, all you have to do is not follow them, but instead use the pulse 
receiver. Kirk's location will automatically appear on the map screen. While you're stil 
in the Immigration Office and you check Kirk's location, you'll find that he is in ‘the 
Stabilizer Experiment Room on floor B2 or the Special Weapons Storage on floor B3, 
/ depending on which Initializer and Stabilizer you used to power up the third Energy | 
Generator. Check the pulse receiver once again in the Rest Station or any place else S 
once you've left the Immigration Office and you'll see that he has moved. a 

He will now be in the Underground Heliport accessed by the Transportation pas- | — 
sage through the large level A door and then by a long tunnel called the Heliport | — 
Transport Passageway. There are two ways to get there. If you're already on floor | 
B2, there is a secret passage to the Heliport Transport Passageway. 5 

Go to the Researcher Rest Room. Inside, inspect the monitor to the left of the | 
lockers. Since you have the Level A pass card, you can access the terminal which | 
will flash some random codes exactly like the codes you got from Rick to open the | 
Emergency Exit in Kirk's private lab. Be ready with pen and paper, so you can write | 
down the code and be sure to not take your eyes off the screen, as they will flip by | 
very quickly. There will be four different codes to enter to open the door. 

lf you're already on floor B3 and you go through the Carrying Out area on your — 
way, you'll find that the T-Rex has disappeared. When you reach the Heliport : 
Transport Passageway, go inside the cargo mover and, when you emerge on the 
other side of the tunnel, go through the small Level A door to the actual Underground 
Heliport. When you approach the helicopter, the game will take over and show a 
cutscene where Dr. Kirk pulls a gun on you, after your comm device gives you away. 
Regina will quickly knock Kirk out and tell Rick that she will meet them with the cargo 
transport in the Heliport Transport dealt Exit and use the cage saad to 
meet Rick and Gail. 








OctosgerR 1990990 

Cheat Sheet 

The following are all the codes, combinations and pass- 
words found in the game. Use them at your own con- 
venience, but keep in mind that in some cases, certain 
requirements have to be met before a code, combina- enim mM. 
tion or password can be used. You should note that the 3695..... code entered at computer terminal in 
items on the cheat sheet are listed in the order you use ____ Library Room on floor B1 
them in the game. 705¢ cor 

Codes © oe ORE 
0392... .. code entered at monitor in Security Pass 
Room to rewrite Key Chips 1 and 2 : 

367204. . . code entered after using Planning Disc at 
terminal in Parts Storage Room 

. Laboratory 


ce Be 


large office with John Doyle’s fingerprints 
for new ID allowing access to elevators 

& fm wm & BW fw & Be Be th w Bm B fm B wR B Bm w Bw fw RB & &F & h & & & B & & bb & & S & & BB bh PB rrerhr re > & FF Be he FP Fe be & bb & rererre Free Pee PP Pe ee ee ee Bm eh RB ew me fh em & & fh Bm bm bm oe m pe mm be 

Hidden Costumes 

The first two are earned after beating the game once. 
You get the Army-type and Battle-type. The third 
costume, Ancient-type, is unlocked the second time 

you play. 

Bonus Game: Extinction 

Beat the game within five hours to open a bonus 
game. In this new game, you reenter the research 

facility and find and kill a specific number of 

dinosaurs within a given time limit and using only 
the ammo you start with. You also have to make it 

to the extraction point before the time runs out. 

There may be three levels to play. 

> At the beginning or each 
time you load a saved 
game, you can choose 
between new outfits or the 
original Spy-type clothing. 

A Let's do the Time Warp again! It’s just a gun to the left... 
Oops! We will say that this costume definitely made us 
want to play the game again! 

A How cool is this? After you beat the game in under 

five hou problem), 
> ...and changes the appearance of the weapons to a to play. deg onal ou gat ee I ee 

handgun and shotgun made of sticks and bones, and a 
| giant fish that fires grenades. 

> The Ancient-type costume 
has Regina dressed like 

eee San Seen en nee Tee NR ee Pe eM) eH en Ham tee RATAN CENT Re ERT LER AR Fae Ee NSE N TEE ET ee TET OO OORT tee tee aT OEE EER ET NEST eH NEE TEER eT ER ERT tet eee tae teen eee Ee OED SERIE TERE EEN ER RTD hee SERN een ren EEE EETreh tee Verert tater rerseentnerertees rent 

A In the new hidden game, you’ve got to reenter the 
facility and rid the area of any remaining dinos. It’s 

not easy, though. 
Infinite Grenade Ammo ammo available, Now go back and kill every dino in 
- the game which was not possible when Lee first 
= a cavegirl... ve To get infinite ammo for your grenade launcher when play through because of lack of amm« 
: eck wae eee ‘sultry —_you start a new game finish Dino Crisis three times. | 

Picture Show outfit. Tou don't have to get every ending to make the 


Full Color 

Exclusive PlayStation® compatible memory 
card in 4 metallic colors to match 
your Joytech USA™ controller 

IMb Memory Card with 15 blocks 
of memory 

Compatible with all vibration feedback games 
Precision control dual analog sticks 
High quality pad and 8 button design 
Analog and digital compatability 

Available in metallic silver, metallic red, 
metallic blue, and metallic purple 


“The ultimate motocross simulation!” 
- PlayStation Magazine 



apne a SES SER egets bo 


¢ Proprietary “Real Motocross Dynamics” system - The first 
PlayStation® game console game with realistic motocross physics 

¢ 2 time AMA Nationals Champion Ricky Carmichael - Race 
as or against the future of motocross 

¢ High flying stunts and aggressive pack racing action 
¢ 6 play modes from Championship to Head-to-Head 

¢ Over a dozen realistic tracks including motocross, 
Supercross and enduro 

e True weather effects actually influence bike and 
rider performance 

© g customizable dirt bikes 
¢ Adrenaline-pumping soundtrack 


Championship Motocross featuring Ricky Carmichael © 1999 Funcom. Developed by Funcom Dublin, Ltd. Published and Distributed by THQ INC. Championship Motocross featuring Ricky Carmichael and the THQ logo are 
trademarks of THQ INC. Ricky Carmichael used under exclusive license by THQ INC. The Funcom logo is a registered trademark of Funcom Oslo AS. PlayStation and the PlayStation logos are registered trademarks of 
Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners. All rights reserved. 

£ % 

ile supp 

‘fer good wi 

7.4 on ©) rm '(0) OF 








ademarks of CAPCOM CO., LID: 1999 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED PlayStation and the tation logos are recistered trademarks of Sony Computer r Entertainenent | 

rv Save 







™ and © 1999 Bandai Co., Ltd. Distributed by Bandai America Inc., 5551 Katella Avenue, Cypress, California 90630. All Rights Reserved. - ~ 
PlayStation and the PlayStation logos are registered trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. Used under license by Bandai America Inc. 

You know they're down there. Ignoring your best 

lure. Driving you crazy. But with Bass Rise’s 

unique incredible underwater 3-D graphics, you 
might just get your chance to outsmart them. 
It’s not just a game. It’s eight exciting and 
challenging levels reached by capturing trophy 
class fish, twelve different lakes, hundreds of 
Megabass lures, even a dual shock control to 
actually feel the fish tugging on the line. This 
is as real as bass fishing gets. Maybe even 

better. Because now you can see that lunker 

when you wipe that smile right off his ugly face. 




ui real 
ROR mana me nmi m eRe RAL RE ABT i main mehr Pi mee 

mich Weig 





PlayStation | 


Legacy [It Kain: 
soul Reaver 

the strategy—part tuo 

ti Be te Be - > >» > P & > 

strategy. There is so much to explain and talk 
about that there was no way we could fit it in 
one issue. We can’t imagine someone completing the 
game without a little help, so for the second part, we've 

his game is so massive, it makes for ; a massive 

OctogerR 19990 

to go to and what to do to finish the game, as well as the 
strategy for beating Kain himself. We've also included 
information on getting all the Glyph Spells. As in last 
issue’s walkthrough, small details aren't explained, but 
everything you need to beat the game is here. Now It's 

This guide contains a 
complete walkthrough of 
Legacy Of Kain: Soul Reaver 


got all the goods on where 

We recommend going on the 
Glyph Search as soon as the para- 
meters are in place to do so. This 
way, you will have the added arse- 
nal of spells to help you along your 
journeys. If you wish to skip ahead 
to Ash Village and Oracle’s Cave, 
the game can still be completed 

without these spells. 

Glyph spells are elemental pow- 
ers that render a certain amount of 
damage to a number of enemies 
within a certain radius. You must 
use your collected “Glyph Energy 
Points” to cast these spells. You 
will find seven ancient Glyph Altars 

time to finish this awesome game! 

with puzzles to solve to unveil their 
elemental Glyph spells. The Plane 
Shifting Spell is received at the first 
Underworld Planar Portal training 
area. The Force Glyph is found in 
the Melchahim level, which is 
described in detail in the strategy 
from last issue. 

INI kp mer 

fro\ | \V, 
) if 

After you've overthrown ‘Zephon’ and 
secured the ‘Wall Crawling’ ability, you 
will be able to acquire the Stone Glyph. 

Use the Warp Gate to take you to the 

Skinner Level Warp Gate. Go towards : § 
the Skinner Exterior Lake and jump into 

the water, take the first underwater pas- 
sageway to the left and use the ledges 

to surface. Shift back into the Material : 
Plane. Climb the far wall and jump up : 

into the canyon. 

4 Dive into the murky water at the 
Skinner Exterior Lake. 

Canyon Skull Area 
Stone, Skull Area 

4\ Di | 
| yA 
) | 

\ 3 | 

Jump up into the left eye socket of the 
Skull cave. 

Follow it up to the next ledge. Look for 

: the third Wooden Log and jump to it 
|: and follow it up. Below the next log is 

a Planar Portal. Shift into the Material 
Plane and jump back to the previous 
log. Jump and hang onto the fourth log 
above and follow it to the small set 
of stairs to the right. Jump to the 
next ledge, turn right, and jump to 
the following ledge. Go through the 
Hallway ahead. 

Jump up into the left eye socket of the : E* 

Skull cave, go down the hall and climb : | 

up the walls, and jump up onto the 

wooden log above your head. Jump up : 

onto the stone ledge on the left. 

Tall Room 
Puzzle Difficulty Rating: 6 
Stone, Tall Room 

Shift to the Spectral Plane, and jump to : 

4 Shift back and forth through the Material 
and Spectral Planes to move the log plat- 
: ® into j i ’ 

the log that moved into your reach. : en 

Skull Area 

Puzzle Difficulty Rating: 4 

Stone, Skull Area 

When you reach the mouth of the 
skull cave, go to the missing tooth 
area. Jump/glide to the left mountain 
ledge with the burning torch on tt. 
Follow the downward slanting ledge 
into the tunnel. 

Jump and glide to the left mountain 
ledge, illuminated by a burning torch.] 

Entry Hall 

Puzzle Difficulty Rating: 7 

Stone, Entry Hall 

When you see a second set of fires 
near the stairs, jump up on the ledge 
to the right and push a block off into 
the hallway and then into the next 
room. You will need this to complete the 
next puzzle. 

Stone Glyph 
Puzzle Difficulty Rating: 10 
Stone, Entry Hall 

Look at the murals on the walls in this : 

room. The top and bottom levels have 
the same picture. Now look at the block 
areas that are missing and compare 

them to the complete mural to solve the: 
> missing link. There are many blocks in 

this and the adjoining room. Some do 
not have paintings on them, and only 
six of them have parts of the mural 
on them. The blank ones are used to 
get the other blocks down from ledges 
or stacks. You need to use these six 
blocks to complete the murals on all 
four lower and upper level walls. Once 
all are in place, the Stone Glyph is yours 
for the taking. Take the Warp Gate in 
this area for the quickest route to your 
next destination. 

Complete the mural using the markings 
on the blocks to solve the puzzle. 

After completing the puzzle, jump up in 
front of the statue to reach the Glyph. 

OctogserR 19995 


aa ieee 


After slaughtering Turelim Guardian in 
the Tomb of Serafan and earning the 
Force Projectile Ability, you can find the 
Sound Glyph. 

Cathedral, Warp Gate 

Use a Warp Gate to enter the Silenced 
Cathedral Warp Gate and then jump 
down into the vent that you floated in 
located in the main room. 

Cathedral, Tunnel 

Do not float up! Find the bottom of the 
vent and here you will find a tunnel that 
leads to the Sound Glyph. 

Cathedral, Tunnel 

Walk through until you see the 

Zenophim Vampire. Kill him, shoot the 
window above with a Force projectile 
and climb up the wall to your right. Enter 
the hall behind it. Shift into the Spectral 
Plane and pass through the next gate. 

\ Shoot the stained glass window with 
the Force Projectile and enter the hall 

behind it. 

After you have nixed Rahab and 
acquired the Swimming ability, you can 
get the Sunlight Glyph. 

Cathedral, Entrance 

Go to the front gate of the Silenced 
Cathedral and dive into the moat. To the 
right Is an underwater gate. 

Cathedral, Entrance 

shift to the Spectral Plane and pass 
through the gate. Shift into the Material 
Plane and swim to the Exterior Canyon 
where you will see a lighthouse. 

At the front 
gate of the 
dive into the 
moat and swim 
to the under- 
water gate fo 
the right. 


Puzzle Difficulty Rating: 10 

Sound, Pedestals 

Shift back to the Material Plane using 
the Portal in the back of the room. Get 
the mallet from the wall near Planar 
Portal. Return to the gate at the opposite 
end of the room. Climb the wall next to 
the gate to a ledge, turn around, and 
using the look buttons to aim, throw the 
mallet into the first upper alcove on the 
eft. Shift into the Spectral Plane, jump 
to that first Pillar, shift back to the 
Material Plane, and jump into the alcove 
to get the mallet. Return to the pillar, 
turn to your left, and jump to the two 
remaining pillars. Don't try to make the 
jump to the window. Crouch down, put 
the mallet down and then use a Force 
Projectile on the window. Throw the 
mallet onto the ledge and then shift into 
the Spectral Plane. Once across, shift 
back to Material Plane, pick up the mal- 
let, and walk through the hall behind the 
broken window. 

You can get the mallet from the wall 
near the Planar Portal. 

Exterior Canyon 

Sunlight, Exterior Canyon 

Return to the surface and follow the 
ledges to the base of the lighthouse. 
Continue to follow the ledges until you 
find a door into the cave. 

Sunlight, tunnels 

Follow the cave tunnel around until 
you re back outside. Jump and glide to 
the lighthouse from the part of the ledge 
that is closest to it. Enter the cave 
beside the lighthouse to the left. 

and glide 
to the 
from the 
part of the 
ledge that 
is closest 
to it. 

Using the look buttons to aim, throw the 
mallet into the first alcove on the left. 

Crouch down, put the mallet down and 
shoot a Force Projectile on the window. 

Sound Glyph 

Sound, Pedestals 
Swinging the mallet at the bell will earn 

or 4 ? ‘ 
\ Pe. eS 

Interior Canyon 

Sunlight, Interior Canyon 

Follow the path to the left. Enter the first 
alcove to the left and take a pipe from 
the wall of the mountain and enter the 

door. Use the pipe to impale the vampire : 

inside. Follow 
the hall to the 
right and into 
the next room. 

Follow the 
path to the left 
and enter the 
first alcove on 

the left. 


you the Sound Glyph. Exit the 
Silent Cathedral and return to the 
Surrounding moat. 

Swing the mallet at the bell. 

The Sound Glyph is yours for the taking. 



Gas Wheel 
Puzzle Difficulty Rating: 8 

Sunlight, Gas Wheel 

Climb the vents in the middle of the 
room and push the block off to the floor 
below. Move the block into the little 
break in the track on the corner of the 
mechanism. Do not push it in all of the 
way. Turn the crank and this will cause 
the mechanism to spin and small flames 
to shoot out of the walls. When the turn- 
Stile winds back up in the opposite direc- 
tion, push the block into the path of the 
turnstile. This will jam it and keep the 
flames burning. Return the way you 

came in and continue down the path to 
the left. 

Jump to the circular platforms in the 
water near the tunnel! door. When you 
reach the lighthouse, jump into the bot- 
tom of it into the hall. This will lead you 
to the Interior of the lighthouse. 

i. Don’t push the block all the way to gas 
wheel until you have activated the switch. 

The block will 
jam gas wheel 
and keep the 
flames burning. 

Lighthouse Interior 

Sunlight Interior 

Jump to the bottom of the lighthouse 
instead of using the broken stairs. Enter 
the hallway at the bottom to the Piston 

Piston Room 

Puzzle Difficulty Rating: 5 


Get the Sunlight Glyoh from the last 
room at the end of the tunnel on shore 
near the last platform in the water. 
There is a light that shines on the wall 
from the scanning light of the light- 
house. Secure the Glyph by shifting into 
the Spectral Plane when the light is shin- 
ing on the wall. 

After learning the Swimming ability 
and killing Rahab, you can get the 
Water Glyph. 

City, Canyon 

Return to the Vortex at the Sacrificial 
Cliff, jump to the second platform over 
the vortex and turn to the left. Jump into 
the water-filled Canyon. 

City, Exterior 

Follow the canal to a clearing, turn to the 
left and swim up to the water’s edge 
and swim up to the surface. Enter the 
door near the far wall in the corner. 

Guard Tower 

City Guard Tower 

Pull the blocks out of the walls at the top 
of the stairs and then stack them next to 

Room. Follow this direction until you 
reach the Water Wheel behind a set of 
double doors. 

You can enter the hall at the bottom of 
the lighthouse. 

Follow the 
hallways to 
the double 
doors and 
enter the Water 
Wheel room. 

Water Wheel 

Puzzle Difficulty Rating: 7 

Sunlight, Water Wheel 

In the pit, arrange the blocks to form a 
conduit between the two pipes. Follow 
the pipes to the wheel switch and turn 
it. If the big wheel does not turn, then 

The light 
will shine 
on the wall 
of the 
room from 
the scan- 
ning light 
of the 

You now have a spell that will burn 
Vampires! Excellent! 

Follow the 
canal to a 
clearing, and 
swim up 

to the 

the left wall to reach the platform above. 
Jump from the window to the next win- 
dow on the other side of the courtyard. 

City, Gallery & City, Entrance 

Follow the hall to the right and through 
the door and go down the ramp and to 
the left. 

Jump from 
the window 
to the next 
window on 
the other 
side of the 

water's edge. 

you have a block turned the wrong way 
in the pit. Go to the other side of the 
wheel and jump and glide above the 
steam jets one at a time to reach the top 
of the bellow’s ledge. Jump onto the 
moving bellow and, at its highest posi 
tion, jump to the catwalk on the other 
side of the room. 

the blocks 
to form a 
the water 

if all 
blocks are 
then the 
wheel will 


above the steam 
jets one at a time 
to reach the top 
of the bellow’s 

into the 
Plane when 
the light is 
shining will 
the Sunlight 


City, Entrance 

Go up the stairs, then to the right. You 
will pass a human woman in the hall. 
You can absorb her soul without killing 
her; don't get greedy and she will live. 

City, Anteroom & City, Water Tower 
Go left through the double doors in the 
Anteroom and enter the City. You will 
see a wall with two ramps. 

City, Canal 

Jump into the water in front of the 
ramps, shift into the Spectral Plane and 
pass through the gate below. 

the soul 
of the 

OctogerR 19990 

Sunlight, Tunnel 

Follow the catwalk and the hallway to 
the Piston Room. Collect the Glyph 
energy and jump down through the 
holes in the ground in the back of the 
room. Follow the broken staircase in the 
lighthouse upward and return outside 
and back across the moving platforms in 
the water. 

Follow the broken staircase in the light- 
house upward and return outside. 

Jump into the 
water in front of 
the two ramps. 

Inside Water Tower 

Tower, Inside Water Tower 

Use the Force projectile on the circular 
gate and swim up the pipe through the 
propeller and into the next pipe just 
below the surface. Swim through the 
pipe into a room where you can surface. 

Tower, Waterfall 

Jump up out of the water, avoiding the 
Turelim Guardian and enter the Water 
Glyph room up the stairs. 

Shift to 
swim up 
the pipe 
the pro- 

OctogerR 19995 

Water Glyph 

Puzzle Difficulty Rating: 5 

Tower, Water Glyph 

Go up the stairs to the right of the stat- 
ue, and jump across the water. Remove 
the block from the wall and push the 
block into the water. 

Tower 14 Drain Room 
Push the block into the room to the left 

After learning the Swimming ability and 
killing Rahab, you can get the Fire Glyph. 

Hub A, Warp Gate 

Warp to Raziel’s clan area and enter the 
door to the ‘Hub A’ Stairway, enter the 
water in the Temple and swim forward, 
staying near the top of the water, to the 
back wall and to the right corner. 

Enter the water in the Temple. 

Fire, Passage 

Swim through the tunnel (if the wall 
colors don't change from blue to green 
and finally yellow, you are in the 
wrong tunnel and are headed towards 
the Drowned Abbey) and enter a big 
circular room. 

4 If the wall colors don’t change from blue 
to green and finally yellow, you are in the 
wrong tunnel! 


Puzzle Difficulty Rating: 10 

Fire, Passage & Cistern 

In the Cistern, take an unlit torch from 
either side of the entryway. 

Fire, Round Room 
In the room above, still holding the 

and then push it into the drain in the 
middle. This plugs up the drain and 
floods the room. 

Return to the statue in the Water Glyph 
room and take the Water Glyph. While 
in the city, take advantage of the easy 
puzzles to gain a few goodies in the 
Bonus rooms. 

torch, go through the hall with the two 
Vampires and enter the door. 

through the 
hall with the 
and enter 

next door. 

Puzzle Difficulty Rating: 10 

|: Fire, Hallway 
|: At the edge of the hall, aim with the 

‘Look Buttons’ and throw the torch into 
the tunnel that is directly across the 
room at the same height as the ledge 
you are on. Jump down into the pit (Fire 
6 Pillars) and look for the Torch to see 
if you missed. If you don’t see it, then 
it made it into the tunnel. Climb the 
wall back up to the first ledge. Return to 
the ‘Round Room’ and go through the 
door on the opposite side of the room 
(Fire Hallway). 

Aim the torch with the ‘Look Buttons’ fo 
throw it into the tunnel that is directly 
across the room. = 

Door Switch 

Puzzle Difficulty Rating: 3 

Fire, Door Switch 

As you turn the crank on the right wall, 
immediately shift into the Spectral 
Plane. This will hold the doors open that 
close on a timer. Go through the doors, 
then shift back, and jump off the ledge 
into the Fire Glyph Room. 

into the 
Plane will 
hold the 

Fire, Fire Glyph 

Turn the crank and enter the next room 
through the recently opened gate and 
head back through the ‘Fire 4 Hallway’ 
to the ledge you stood on to launch the 
torch. Jump down into the lower level of 
the room. 


Puzzle difficulty rating: 10 

Fire, Pillars _ 

In the Spectral Plane, jump from pillar to 
pillar to reach the tunnel, where you will 
find your torch. Shift into the Material 
Plane, pick up the torch and light it using 
the pyre in the next room. Swing at the 
urn and reenter the pillar room. Using 
the wall climbing ability, return to the 
‘Round Room.’ Enter the gate and head 
back through the Door Switch Room. 
Enter the Fire Glyph Room, place the 
fire in the statue's urn, and jump up to 
reach the Glyph. 

In the Spectral Plane, por from pillar to 
pillar to reach the tunnel. 

Ignite the 
torch by 
waving it 
into the 

Place the 
torch in the 
statue’s urn 
and jump up 
to the Glyph 

After conquering Rahab and receiving 
the Swimming ability, you can get the 
Fire Reaver. 

- J : Puzzle Difficulty Rating: 5 

Return to the statue in the Water Glyph 
room and accept the Water Glyph. 

Return to the Drowned Abbey. If you are 

: coming from the Fire Glyph search, the 
: easiest way to get there is to return to 
: ‘HUB A, The Temple’. Swim to the tun- 
; nel to the left and head back to the 
; Drowned Abby. Return to ‘Aluka, 
: Crypts,’ enter the underwater stairs that 
: end up in the Lower Crypt, and use a 
: Force Projectile on the stained glass 


- Aluka Fire Forge 

Enter the exposed hallway behind the 
Stained Glass window and surface in 

: the Forge Room. Thrust the Sou! Reaver 

into the flames to imbue the Reaver 
with fire. You now have the Fire Forge 
ability. At any time, you can pass the 
Soul Reaver through large flames to 
transform It Into the Fire Reaver. 

Use a Force 
Projectile on 
the stained 
glass window 
and enter 
the tunnel. 

Thrust the Soul Reaver into the flames to 
imbue the Reaver with fire. 

The Soul Reaver can be transformed into 
the Fire Reaver with a simple thrust 
through any large flames. 

To get to Ash Village, you have to jump 
across the Vortex at the Lake of Lost 
_ Souls and then into the water straight 
ahead. Now that you have the 
swimming ability, you can access the 
_ ledge from the water (Cliffs Hub Tunnel). 
Use the crouch button and the X 
button together to rocket out of the 
water onto the ledge. Follow the tunnel 
__ to the clearing. 

crouch + X 
to rocket 
out of the 
water onto 
the ledge 

at the 

To Ash Village and 
Oracle’s Cave 

Puzzle Difficulty Rating: 3 

Hub B 

Climb up the pillar to th > right towards 
the tunnel that leads to the Warp Gate, 
turn around and jump-giide to the left 
wall, Shift into the Spectral Plane and 
pass through the next two gates. 

cou mtyard Welk up to the gate and use 


Planar Lp he on the opposite end of the - 

Drowned Abbey 
(Aluka Level) 


Ash Village Entrance 

Shift back to the Material and jumping 
off the ledge ahead. Move the block in 
the back area a few steps backward to 
access the ledge on the right. 

Ash Village Vent Passage 

Jump across the hallway onto the next 
ledge. Through this ventilation passage 
you will reach the block room puzzle. 

Using the 
block to 
reach the 

ledge above 
reveals a 

Block Room 

Puzzle Difficulty Rating: 7 

Ash Village, Block Room 

When you pull the switch off to the right 
of the center ledge, you will need to kill 
one Vampire in each pool area. Careful... 
they have the energy sucking ability. 
Take a couple of blocks from the pool 
that you jumped over to get to the walk- 
way and put them up on the dividing 
walkway. Push one block from the next 
pool to the same walkway. Push the 
two blocks on the walkway on top of the 
third block in the second pool. Pull the 
stack of three boxes over to the far wall 
and push the last one next to them. 
Climb up to access the continuation of 
the ventilation passage. 

The Necropolis 
(Skinner Level) 

The City 

them up onto the | 
dividing walkway. 



Puzzle Difficulty Rating: 1 

Ash Village, Furnace 

On one side of this room, you will find a 
Gas wheel and on the other, a Fire 
Lever. Turn the gas wheel, then activate 
the Fire Lever. A massive explosion will 
occur and this will unlock a door directly 
behind the Fire Lever. 

Ash Village, Hallway 
This hall will lead to an upper level ledge 

of the Courtyard. Push the block off : : 

the ledge, then jump down and stack 

the two blocks below. Push the © 
stacked blocks to the only ledge you | 

have not explored. 

The explo- 
sion from acti- 
vating the gas 
and fire will 
unlock a door 
directly behind 
the Fire Lever. 

Puzzle Difficulty Rating: 7 
Ash Village, Drawbridge 

Shift into the Spectral Plane and jump to : 

the left ledge. Continue jumping in a 
clockwise direction to the ledges work- 

ing your way around until you are on the = ¥ 

ledge above the one you started from. 
Jump up to the ledge directly above and 
then jump across the room to the Planar 
Portal. Shift into the Material Plane and 
jump back to the ledge with a lever. 

In a clockwise 
direction, jump 
to the ledges 
until you reach 
the ledge above 
the one you 
started from. 

| Sound Glyph | 

- Pillar Room 
: Puzzle Difficulty Rating: 5. 

OctogerR 15999 


(Wall-crawler lava 

Sunlight Glyph 

Ash Village, Hallway 

Pulling the lever opens a drawbridge 
below. Go through and follow the hall 
way to an intersection and turn right 
Pull the block out of the wall, push the 
block to the left a few steps, and jum 
on the block to get to : 3 

© steps, and 
-usethe | 
block to ge 
to the roon 

Jump Room 

Puzzle Difficulty Rating: 2 

Ash Village, Jump Room | 
On top of the smallest pillar, shift ing 
the Spectral Plane and jump to the nex 
pillar and shift back to the Mater 
Plane. Shift back and forth as you re 
taller pillars until you reach the ledg 
above. Finally, jump inside of the cag 
the Pillar Room. 

Ash Village, Pillar Room 
Pushing the pillar over will 

gates, allowing ac 
leads to the next Boss. 


R Tom RAW 
The Fate 

of the World 

is in Your 

Nothing comes closer to offering 
such hyper-realistic combat and 
tense emulation of anti-terror- 
ist warfare. A unique blend of 
strategy and stealth. PSX 
specifics include a sniper rifle 
and night vision stealth missions. 





TS Pi 



© 1999 Red Storm Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved. Red Storm Entertainment is a trademark of Jack Ryan Eiaepdiaee and Larry Bond. Tom ouaney/s Rainb coe of Rubicon, Inc. * 
“ & ” and “Playstation” are registered trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. Other brand names are trademarks or registered trademarks. ng ." gt Ai Heckler & Koch 


Boss Room 

Ash Village, Boss Room 

Pull the three spears from the lifeless 
body in the throne. As you do, Dumah 
will jump to life and the battle will begin. 

<< Dumah’s 
a pincush- 
ion! Yes! 

_ Ash Village, Constrict Courtyard 
Use your new Constrict ability on the 
Statue in the center to open the three 

The Oracles’ Cave 
From the Ash and Oracle Hub, enter the 
canyon that leads to Oracle’s Cave. 

Entrance Canyon 

Hub B, Entrance Canyon 

Use the Constrict ability on the sundial 
to point it towards the large sealed 
entrance. Activate the Warp Gate 
through the door on the right. 

Oracle, Cavern 

Shift into the Spectral Plane and enter 

the opening in 
the cave wall 
to the left. 

< Constrict 
around the 
sundial to open 
the large 

Door Puzzle 

Oracle, Door Puzzle 

Use the Planar Portal to shift to the 
Material Plane and use the Constrict 
ability on the dial in the middle of the 
room and go through the hall to the 
right. Pass through the gate and shift 
back on the other side. Go to the other 
end of the room and take the block out 
of the alcove with the “Y” above it and 
push it down into the lower floor. Take 
the other block across from the last and 
push it into the “Y” alcove. Return to 
the dial by passing through the gated 
hall, take the opposite path, and pass 
through the next gate. Shift to material, 
take the block from the floor, lift and 
push it into the alcove with the “2” 
painted above it. Return to the other 

~ recharge 
~ here. When you want 

: »& Constrict 

: around the 

: dial in the 

: middle of the 
: room to open 
: the hallways. 

: »Take the block from 
: the floor, lift and 

: push it into the 

: alcove with the “Z” 

: painted above it. 

: Throw Force Projectiles at Dumah to get 
: him to chase you into the Furnace 
: Room. Keep a safe distance from the 
: Boss, one that will allow you time to 
: recover from a paralyzing foot stomp 
: attack, as he approaches for a second 
: attack. Stay close enough to the boss to 
: keep him interested in following you. 
: If you loose him at anytime, you will 
: be able to find him back in his boss 
room. Follow this route: Pillar Room, 
: Hallway, Drawbridge, Courtyard, two 
: more Hallways, and then into the 
: Furnace Room. 

Once inside the Furnace Room, turn 

: the gas wheel, pull the fire lever and 
: watch Dumah toast. You will now 

a glyp 

upsand } 

to leave, return to the 
statue and run around 
it once more. 

: side of the room, pull the block out of 
: the “Y” alcove, and push it into the “O” 
: alcove. This will unlock the large doors 
: in the next room. Go back and constrict 
: around the dial and go through these 
: large doors. 

4 Take the 
block out of 
the alcove with 
the “Y” above 
it and push it 
down into the 
lower floor. 

4 Pull the block 
out of the “Y” 
alcove, and 
push it into the 
“O” alcove. 

: Jump Room 

: Oracle, Jump Room 

: Around the right corner, shift into the 
: Spectral Plane and pass through the 
: next gate. At the top of the ridge, jump 
: to the succeeding ridge. Turn to the right 
: and jump to the Planar Portal. Shift back 

> ® Turn the Gas 
: Wheel and pull 
: the Fire Lever, 

‘ and watch 

: Dumah toast! 

: » Use Force 
: Projectiles to 

> alcoves. 

: receive the Constrict Ability. Return to 
: the entrance of Ash Village, climb the 
: wall, and head for the Oracle's Cave. 

< Throw Force 
Projectiles at 
Dumah to get 
him to chase 
you into the 
Furnace Room 

into the Material 
Plane and jump back 
to the last ridge. 

< Shift into the 
Material Plane and 
jump back to the last 

2 Block Puzzle 

: Oracle, Two Block Puzzle 

: Jump across the channel and _ pull 
: the two blocks in front of their closest 
: alcoves and then jump back across 
: the channel and use Force Projectiles 
‘to push the 

: blocks 
: the alcoves. 


ush the 
locks into 


: Oracle, Pillar Puzzle 

: Dispatch the Turelim Guardian and use 
: Constrict ability on the four pillars that 
: encompass the number “9” symbol on 
: the ground. Turn the white segment on 
: the pillars so that they face the center of 
: the room. Return to the Oracle Cavern 

and enter the 

< Constrict 
around the 
four pillars 
that encom- 
pass the 
number “9” 
symbol on 
the ground. 


: Oracle, Oracle’s Chamber 

: Constrict around the crucible in the gold 
: contraption. This will rotate the room, 
: Opening a new passage through the 
: same door you entered through. 

: » Pull the 

: levers so that 
: the hands on 
> the clock 

: read “6 

: o’clock.” 

OcTtogerR 19990 

4 After burning Dumah you will 
receive the Constrict Ability. 


< Constrict 
around the 
crucible in the 
center of 

the gold 
contraption to 
set the room 
in motion. 

: Clock Chamber 

: Oracle, Clock Chamber 

: Pull the levers next to the Moebius stat- 
: ue, SO that the hands on the clock read 
: “6 o'clock.” Jump down through the 
: Opening at the foundation of the clock to 
: access. the 
; Lens Room. 

Lens Room 

: Oracle, Lens Room 

: With one complete revolution, Constrict 
: around each of the four lenses to match 
: the colors of the symbols behind them. 
: The double lenses must make purple- 

OcrogerR 19995 

red and blue. Constrict around the cen- : 
ter beam to shine it at all the lenses to : 

open the door. 

4 Constrict around each of the four lenses 
to match the colors of the symbols behind 
them. The door will then open. 

Floor Clock 

Oracle, Floor Clock 

There are three colored symbols on the : 
walls, three colored pylons on the lens : 
floor, and three colored hands on the : 
floor clock. Constrict around the pylons. : 
to turn the matching colored clock hand : 
to the symbol on the floor that matches : 
the colored symbol on the walls. This : 
will align the holes in the door so you : 

can pass through to the gear room. 

» Constrict 
around the 
pylons to turn 
the clock 
hands to the 
floor symbol 
that matches 
the symbols 
on the wall. 

Encounter #2 

Oracle, Chronoplast 

After the puppet show, Kain will begin 
the offensive on the lower level by : 

charging his weapon. You must reach 
him and hit him with the Soul Reaver 
before he is fully charged and attacks. 
Any attack other than a Soul Reaver 

attack and Kain will merely laugh at you. : 
The easiest way to get to Kain when he : 
is on the upper tiers is to run up the : 
ramp-like columns. Kain will continue up: 
one more tier with every skirmish. : 

4 Raziel stares into the star portals and 
experiences questionable visions of his 
past and future. 

Gear Room 

Oracle, Gear Room 
Push back the two blocks below the 
entry ledge to allow you to dislodge the 

third block from the large gears to get 
them turning. As you do this, the plat- 

form to the left will lift and lock. Jump 
from the entry ledge to the top of the 
axle of the left gear and then jump to the 
platform on the left. From the platform, 
jump to the ledge walkway, then to the 
pendulum platform. Turn towards the 
exit and jump up to the door. Jump 

way until you reach two consecutive 
gates on the right. Use the Force 
Projectile to push the both blocks off the 
platforms. Enter the room at the end of 
the hall. 

< Dislodge 
the third 
block from 
the large 
gears to 
get them 

4 Jump from the top of left gear axle to 
the newly raised platform on the left. 

There are Health Energy Recharges on 

"the top tier, so keep the Soul Reaver in 
: your hand and stay in the Material Plane. 

After the third successful attack on Kain, 
he will jump through the Threshold 
Portal. Raziel follow Kain into the portal 

and will come face to face with Moebius. : 

and the end of this awesome game. 

4 You will encounter Kain for the last time. : 

4 You must reach Kain and hit him with 
the Soul Reaver before he is fully charged 
and unleashes his attack. 

: four blocks 

> over the pat- 
: tern on the 

: floor to 
down the shaft and go through the hall-_ : 

Block Puzzle 

Oracle, Block Puzzle 

: Arrange the four blocks over the pattern 

on the floor to match each other. Two of 
the blocks will have to be flipped over to 

complete this puzzle. The hallway door 7 
will open when you complete the pic- : 

ture. Jump down into the hole in the 

4 Match the 

unlock the 
hall door. 

Pendulum Room 

Oracle, Pendulum Room 
Constrict around the dials so that the 
partial symbol on the dial matches the 

plete the symbol as it looks on the right 
entry wall. On completion of the puzzle, 

| 7 a Pendulum platform swings above in 

each room. Jump up onto each 
Pendulum to reach an alcove above, pull 
the switch in each of the alcoves and a 
large door in the center will open. Go 
through the newly opened door near the 

puzzle key symbols on the wall. On your : 

way to the next boss fight, which is with 
Kain, Raziel stops to look into many time 

: a After the third succesdul attack, Kein 
: will jump through the Threshold Portal. 

4 Follow Kain into the portal to come face 
: to face with Moebius and the end of this 
> @wesome game. 

the Circle and 
> the ’Z’ should 
: fit together. 

: the ‘U’ and 
: the ’T’ should 
: fit together. 

" Warp Gate 
rest of the symbol on the floor to com- : ji 

“The key 
symbols are 
on the wall 
as you enter 
the Pendulum 

» This is how 

<4 This is how 
the Triangle and 
the lower 
symbol should 
fit together. 

> This is how 

Oracle, Warp Gate 

3 After the last portal, you can find a Warp 

Gate through a door on the left. It would 

be wise to visit it so that you can return 

to this area if Kain gets 
the better of you. Go 
through the door at the 
end of the hall to fight 
Kain for the last time. 

< Visit the last Warp 
Gate, we hope you 
won't need it. 



Fat tires and a serious attitude. It’s a lethal combination that will take you just 

about anyplace, any time. So choose your vehicle wisely, then get off the asphalt 

and shout the monosyllabic mantra of 4-wheelers everywhere — Dirt fe fokole 

PlayStation and the PlayStation logos are registered trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. All rights reserved. Game Boy Color is a registered trademark of Nintendo of America Inc. © 1989, 1999 
Nintendo of America Inc. All rights reserved. Hummer®, Humvee®, and the grille design are the registered trademarks of the AM General Corporation. OAM General Corp. Test Drive and Infogrames are registered 
trademarks of Infogrames North America Test Drive Off-Road 3 © 1999 Infogrames North America. All rights reserved. All other trademarks and trade names are the properties of their respective owners. 







¢ Drive the mighty Hummer® WAAWACe lta Ce foleleMexeyay 

¢ 27 vehicles with upgrades EVERYONE 


e 11 real-world tracks 



e Multi-player racing 

Sm lalere-telle)(-mePMelai late m-yalellar= 
To order direct call: 1-800-245-7744 

| The Ultimate over'20,0007 i prizes 
B Gaming Rig!! 

Puzzle Me, Inc. 
“We Make You Think...” 


in the new Sega i nc 

Dreamcast system! | ¢ i, e' — | 
casrprncesci z ae %y _ = aD 315¢ eer? 
€ # we on 
—_— TT ————<, 
= a ae a 
= utes SS 
SS rem ae tee eee 
+] dees 
a5 an 
aN _ aus 
“ aes 
BS Cee 
S 2 -- pegs Se” rae * bo 
asx 2 cues ‘ 4 
SS ae ee ae e 
= eusee iii == fi. 
-. ee 

— arbiter. 


You have the POWER. In this contest you don't rely on the luck-of-the Media Rig Contest. The Ultimate Gaming Environment, 60 inch monitor, 

draw. You determine if you win or not. You win by outscoring others in a game of 

skill. Can you solve the puzzle below? It looks simple, but its only the start. Each of 
five more puzzles will get harder. But this time it's all up to you. Stay in to the end 
with the highest score and the gear is yours. With whatever options you want. Do 
you have what it takes? Then play to win! 

130 watt receiver w/ Dolby Digital Surround, DVD and all components shown. Win 
DSS Satellite Receiver as a BONUS OPTION! This rig will blow you away!! 

We're talkin. GAMING HEAVEN! 

Directions. Fill in the Mystery Word Grid with wre i across that spell 
out the Mystery Word down the side. Hint: use the Mystery Word Clue. 

In the future. For each contest there will be four more puzzles at $2.00 each 
and one much tougher final at $1.00 which will be sent to you ty mail. You will have 
3 weeks to solve each puzzle. We don’t know how many will play but apcey 55% 
will have the highest score possible score to Phase |, 43% to Phase Il, 36% to Phase 
ill, and 32% to Phase IV. Highest score in the final determines the winner. If players 

25 es: [_] ($3.00) Video Game Contest 

(_] ($3.00) Media Rig Contest 
[_] ($3.00) Computer Contest 
("] ($5.00) SPECIAL! Enter them all (SAVE $4.00) 

Age | 

Computer Contest. Win a blazing fast computer with 500 Mhz MMX 
Pentium Il, 128 meg. RAM, 14 Gig. HD, DVD, Windows 98, modem and more! 

Video Game Contest. Play on the hi-tech cutting edge with this line-up: 
Sony Playstation w/ ASCII control “a9 Sega Dreamcast!; Game Boy Pocket; and 
Nintendo 64! Get all four or trade the ones you don’t want for CASH! Bonus options 
include: 33” monitor, $1,000 in games you choose, cash, accessories and more! 




State Zip 


PORTLAND, OR 97207-9315 

Only one entry per person. You must be under 30 years old to win. Employees of Puzzie Me and its suppliers are ineligible. 
Judges decisions are final. Not responsible for lost or delayed mail. Open to residents of the US. and Canada. Winners 
determined no jater than 2/28/00. You can request Winners List and Official Rules by writing: Puzzle Me Rutes, 1511 SW Park 
Ave. #315; Portiand, OR 97201, Merchandise names and models are trademarks of their respective companies who, along with 
this magazine, have no affiliation with this contest © 1999 Puzzle Me, Inc. 

PINCH .....W  PRESS....... K BLAS... 
| BREAK......2 PUNCH..... S Spey... 
STOMP .....T STAND...... R PRESS....... 

CRUSH....... SCORE... SLANT ...... 



eee eee 

ae teee 

Verifiable retail value of the prize packages as follows: Media Rig Contest package $7,012.00 core components shown, bonus options $3,449.00, cash options $1,250.00. Computer Contest package $2,500.00 
for computer, bonus options $2,337.00, cash options $1,250.00. Video Game Contest $1,000.00 for systems shown, $3,549.00 bonus options, $1,250.00 cash options. 

Octoger 1999 
HTTPE// 151 

Face it—you're a Code Junkie. You need 

( () | on J LJ NK 7 _ gS every new PlayStation cheat and password, 

and you want ‘em now. Don't worry, our 
sources are the best. Stay connected with 
PSM and your supply will never go dry. 

~ , 
CC oO cd fet Fi a __ Every month there's usually at least one code in Code Junkies that totally blows open a game or 

increases the fun factor of a title to another level. Each month we pull out those exceptional codes 

F rh rh - and cheat gems and award them with the dubious honor of Code Fix Of The Month. Look here for 
O el i } I OC M _ the hottest of the hot codes for the best games each month. GIMME 

Once you’re loaded 
Even the adorable lit- with cash, head over to 
tle Croc needs a hand Swap Meet Pete’s and 
every now and then. spend, spend, spend. 

Croc 2 

You enter the a 
first part of the & 
money cheat at 
the Title Screen, 
where you will 
_.| hear a little sound 
| after you’ve done 
it correctly. 

The Cute Little Croc Money Cheat 

Cute little Croc is back in an all new adventure. To truly. : 
finish the game in style, though, you're going to have to ° 
purchase plenty of extra supplies from Swap Meet 
Pete's, which is why this new code from Fox is such a 
big deal. Croc uses crystals for money and the follow- 
ing code will basically give you as many crystals as you ° 
want. Then, with a virtually infinite amount of money, ° 
you can buy the maximum number of heartpots, all the ao 
Gummie Lifesavers you'll ever need and tons of those © play, hold R2 im 
little automated Gobbos. When you get to the Title : while you eve en 
screen, press and hold L1 and then press + ¢ = vag ae ee 
* € %. You will hear a little jingle when entered cor- * tals as you want. 
rectly. During gameplay, press and hold R2, then press: ————— 
/. to add a hundred crystals to your inventory. Continue 

to tap “\ and watch the tally rise. 

. It's simple enough to use the money cheat to buy the 
maximum nine heartpots, but you can also fill your 
‘ inventory by first going to the Title Screen and pressing 
and holding R1 then pressing € ¢ + . You will 
- hear a little ding-a-ling when entered correctly. When 
- you start the game, you will have nine heartpots. 

Warzone 2100 

Button Cheat 
Bes God Mode (Note: Will reveal all hidden 
objects on map) 
Set wae ie Unlimited Power 

Cheat Mode 

This realtime strategy game does have some tough 
missions, but with the following cheats even complete 

Msc Vay All Items 
newbies to the genre will be finishing the game. They ; : mo, ee Super Unit Strength 
work a little funny, but are very convenient in that they as s a) _ Weak Unit Strength 
are entered using a second controller plugged into port iis er. + oo, Current Research Complete 
two. While the game loads up after you turn on your ‘ Options tetas : ae Additional Structures 
PlayStation, press and hold START on controller two. oo | Practice | Additional Units 
Release START on controller two after the game has - View Intro | . Slike, . Level Skip 

loaded, then press L1, R1, R2, L1, SELECT, START 
again using controller two at the Main Menu. When you 
select Start Game, the next menu that comes up will | 
show Campaign ll and Ill as available. You can also hit You enter the button combination using controller two at the Main 
the L1, R1, R2, L1, SELECT, START button combination Menu. Then you're all set to cheat! 

while the game is paused during gameplay. 

After you begin a game, you can press any of the 
following buttons on controller two to activate the 
desired cheat anytime during gameplay. A message 
will appear at the top of the screen displaying the func- 
tion of the cheat when one is activated. 

When access- | 
ing the cheat 
mode, you first 
have to press and 

Start CAM It | te ee ; 
Start CAM Ill | After you have finished all the steps to open the cheats, you just 

hold START on | oe have to press any button on controller two during actual gameplay 
controller two | Retum i to activate a cheat, like — for God Mode, and you'll get a message 
while the game is 2. confirming the code at the top of the screen. 

loading until you 

reach this screen. re 

will be 

Then when you select New Game, campaigns Il and Ill 
available, Enjoy the game! 

www. pumpkin. , www 

Bugs Bunny: Lost In Time 

Cheat Like Bugs Bunny 

lf there was ever a cartoon character who 
would take advantage of some cheat 
codes, it would definitely be Bugs 
Bunny. These can be fairly help- 
ful as you're making your way 
through the adventure, 
but unfortunately, 
there's no 

level skip, So you 
still have to master 
all the platform jump- 
ing elements. All 
the following are 
entered during 
gameplay and 
while holding 
R1 + L2. 

We’re sure that 
Bugs Bunny 
would endorse 
the use of 
cheat codes 
in his game. 


The baddes are entered as you play the game, meaning you don’t 
have to pause. Also, don’t mind how the scenery spins as you hold 
R1 +12 when you enter the codes; that’s just what happens. 

Code Effect 

Bere 1,OX000D........ Full level open 

mine. L1,OX A........ Full Regular Carrots 

Met 1tOXUAL....... Full Abilities 

me AZ L1,OX0AA....... Full Energy 

ee LI,OXADL....... Get A Key 

Mi e211,OXADA.......See game ending 
when completed 

Mee AL OXAAL.... i. See ending when 
not completed 

yz .1,OXAAA .. Death 

Fill your carrot 
inventory on the 
fly, just like Bugs. 

You can also 
check out the 
game's ending cin- » 
emas right from 

the beginning. 

_ face of the moon 

OctogserR 199q0 

NFL Xtreme 2 

Silly Codes 

Considering the over-the-top action of NFL Xtreme 2, 

it is no surprise that there are some over-the-top 

codes to try out. The following cheats unlock some 

exotic new locales, perfect for a nice extreme game. 
of football. We also have a code that increases the 

size of the players to enormous proportions. To enter 

any of the following codes, go to the player creation 

screen found in the Rosters option and enter the 

codes as the first and last name. Then back out and I 
select the Quick Start Option to begin a new game. 
Apart from the Big Players cheat, to enter a new 
code, you must reset the game. 

bill bie ina: Also, we bplseasn r 
other than our own), sO we aren. 

access the Code Junkies’ Bible in ini 
e for every PlayStation game created! If it's not hi 
1 PSM's tip line also has the most comg 

hs and strategies for the latest g 

re under 18 years of age, please get your parents 

AQ ne “min 

The codes are entered as the first and last names on 
the Player Creation screen. 

Peracs.............. BIG BEN 
Pp ee wv vos P TA : 
ed Oe PO oovtsmsusntn 310) 926-0947 
Egyptian Field............ EGYPT SPHINX hi 
Discs sseseseenscevseeceesees (415) 330-0600 
Petal. ............. CITY SCARE oe , (900) 680-2583 
LunarField.............. LUNAR FIELD | Be ynarnics ea. a7-476 
Aircraft Carrier Field....... AIRCRAFT CARRIER —— —CsS 
Eidos oa vavccgvvacccscsssvivttecoss 
NBleetronic AIts........................cen 
Now POM CPACTIVE.. oo. ssssean 
patient alee RE A SPACTIVE oo... cee eccetececens 
: eh ioc Hot-B ETE Laks sade decereceeseveeneanaen 
® aircraft carrier. Maric spessneesepsesescevsneceaneess 
J aleco...... ieee vetserdeenveesbcs 
i licccieccscssesecvessecsrceur (415) 348-0500 
Kokopeli i eccuvecntaa (900) 370-HINT 

ieee (900) pe 

A little grid iron 
action on the sur- 

awaits those who 

dare to enter the 
Lunar Field code. 

Fo vvnssssssssecssec 
EG osescsciecsescrscsesssecetneain 

| eiratenis ee 
i rvscsescscseccscsnsescesseessquns 

eee CeCe eee eee eee ee eee eee 

Seer U PET OTe e eee CPPCC eee eee eee eee eee ees) 


Using the Big Players code is sib a nels oe way to play 
the game. By using some of the many options, the gameplay is 
actually improved, Go Vikings! 

OctogerR 19990 


Cove JUNATES | 153 

A Bug's Life 

Hidden Bonus Level 

We didn't believe that there was actually a 
hidden bonus level when we first heard 
about it. The way it is reached just seemed 
too random to be legitimate, but lo and behold, 
it actually worked. The bonus level has you 
fighting a bunch of spiders in the 
circus ring from the movie. Pretty 
cool, considering we had no idea it 
was there. 

j saps ae : 

ee es ie re “ mx , ao5 ' Se Ss ce eslopanen : ; A 
@ ‘ oN et i i} j —— - <= ee at 3 
oil Se. ke a mn ee =. a+ ie = ° pees ts 2 r 

In the Training Level, follow all the instructions, then e bonus level is located in the circus tent from the 

To reach the bonus level, start the 
ae : ns butt bounce all the spiders to enter the bonus level. movie. Grab some popcorn and head inside. 
Training Level and follow all of Mr. Soil’s : 

instructions. Then kill all the spiders that 
continue to appear by butt bouncing on 
them—don't throw any berries! When the last 
spider is squashed, you will automatically enter 
the bonus level. 

Once in the bonus level, an endless flow of 
spiders will continue to appear. You can fight 
them, but to unlock the three bonus cinemas, go 
outside the main ring and climb the umbrella 
handle to the top, where you will find a really 
large exclamation point. Collect it to see all of 
the hidden cinemas. 

To get the three bonus cinemas, climb the stem of the The hidden cinemas feature real scenes from the circus 
umbrella, (hold L2 or R2 to walk slowly) and claim the act in the movie. These can then be saved to 
exclamation point at the end. Memory Card. 

NCAA Football 2000 

Gobs Of Codes << 

Most of EA's sports games have had a long-_ Effect Code aims FASP OR IS 

standing tradition of packing loads of secret lll exhibition mode stadiums.............. STADSGALORE a ee ich OF At a 

codes into its games, so it's no surprise that Defense always intercepts................ PIXGALORE fi por on 

there are quite a few available for NCAA Football Faster daylight effects................... TIMEFLIES | bo PASS OFF 

2000. These are all entered at the Secret Codes Receivers always catch the ball............ GIMMEDABALL } ~~ PASE DE 

screen found at the bottom of the Game ViewCPUplays........................ MINDREADER rae ph 

Options screen. As cheats are entered, they will Extralongkicks ............0ccc ccc eee e. ICBM a 

be listed and by highlighting them, you can turn Knock down referee for 1 point............ BADCALL cme te —— a 

their effects on and off, adding some creative View introduction sequence............... BIGSCREEN pate rer ere Frases Oe | 

customability to their use. Defense always tackles..............00.. BRICKWALL The EA Team is the best in the game... as usual. 
Maximum recruiting points ............... STAFFUP 

a SECRET.CODES.. oe ie DUDEI SISTS 164M... ces wvwwseneuwesunyes UNSTOPPABLE 

2 Ee 

—* bottom of the 1947 Army team... oe een INSIDENOUTSIDE 
my Game Options 4957 Oklahoma team..............----. FORTYSEVENONE 

| screen, the 

Secret Codes 1970 Ohio State team .............000 00. BRUTUS 
screen is where = 1971 Nebraska team.............- 0... GAMEOFCENTURY 

| you enter the 

Although they are illegal in College Football, you 
can press Hold L1 + L2 before entering the end- 
zone, then repeatedly tap one of the following 
buttons after scoring to make your player do 

| seer coc, just 1971 Oklahoma team. ..... 6.26.00 ceeeeen SCHOONER one of a number of morenie ass ae 
1 ou WwW ; ‘ 
& a password. i Secon lic tieileiaieieiiail eset ye be: thing, you ste penalized after 
1983 Nebraska team | | | | | | as | | | siti | »» @ORORZ G2CN-CElSDIBTION, SO.USe Wi aaa 
} GAME GPTIONS —__ 1984 Boston College team ............... MIRACLE 
ISSIR S 1) ZI = 1986 Penn State team... LINEBACKERINT ow ce Mia 
— = 1986 Miami team. . 0.0... ec cece eee eee ee. FATIGUES os sale. oo 
Cesk) MONSTERD Muscle flexing ee 
1988 West Virginiateam ...............00. HURTQB Back flip... x 
PO COON WAR i ic ies nos cee arem ph GREENGANG Col the ball ol RY 
tows Fenn state loam)... ..4 5... sagan on ALMOSTNO.1 ae 
1997 Washington State team ............. TURNOVER 
ee ee a mm  loor lennessee team ..................-- SMOKEY 
L. . ‘ gee «All Tiburonteam............... 0.0 ese ee. LASERBEAMS 
ee eA EA Sportsteam........ ee. INTHEGAME 
As codes are entered, they will be listed on the Secret Disable pre-play TV style cameras.......... K3G3UHF10CCGO 
ain ee es Cacior difficulty in JV mode...............- Q209AH60A0 
Easier difficulty in All American mode ....... S38GCAHO05000G0 

Disable demo auto-start from main menu... . VBGIN62008041 

eee e eee ea! 

50002e01 0000 | 
he Se 



. With its exclusive Dual .- — 
Shock’ compatible rod and — 
reel controller, Bass Landing 
sets the standard for true- 
» fo-life fishing action. Now. 
you can cast, set the hook, °. 
cud: cast then ta jou Laas 

grab your'rod, cause. 
g “season is now open. 

_ «Game is bundled with 
custom designed fishing 
rod ‘n reel controller 

¢ Solo or tournament modes 

¢ Stock your tackle box from 
50 different rods, reels, 
rigs, and lures 

¢ 5 challenging lakes, 14 
species of fish 

°¢ Cast side arm, overhead, 
or skip 

¢ Tutorial mode shows how 
the pros hook the big ones 

¢ Dual shock compatible 

; Agetec, Inc. 900 Veterans Blvd. Suite 600 Redwood City, we A065 : ading joe age 
and the Bass Landing Logo are trademarks of ASCII CO. Inc. Publish i 
logo are trademarks of Agetec, Inc. PlayStation and the PlayStation logos are registered trademarks of $ 

Computer Entertainment Inc. The ratings icon is a trademark of the Interactive Digital Software Association. 




Nall i 







™ and © 1999 Big West. © 1999 Bandai Visual. Distributed by Bandai America Inc., 5551 Katella Avenue, Cypress, California 90630. All Rights Reserved. 
PlayStation and the PlayStation logos are registered trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment inc. Used under license by Bandai America Inc. 

With three different shooter modes, Macross 

VF-X2 gives you the most intense combat 

action ever. Get ready for shift-on-the-fly 

transformation, four playable levels including 

training mode, lock-on targeting for easier 

annihilation, radical plane maneuverability with 

flight simulator, multiple landscapes and cool 

anime style. So, get in touch with your inner 

destructive maniac. Wait, make that maniacs. 


PlayStation | 
SS See j 


OctTogerR 1999 



So you think it’s easy cramming seven guys into a little, tiny space like this? Don’t try 
this at home, gang. We’re still all stuck together... 

| just read your August issue and saw 
the sketches that were supposed to be 
from the beginnings of making FFIX. | 
thought of another possiblity that 
deserves possibly some thought. After 
looking at them for a while, | thought 
that they might not be for FF IX, but for 
Final Fantasy Tactics || instead. Here are 
my whole two reasons. 

In particular, grew in popularity (| know 
this is the case in the US, and | think it's 
the case in Japan as well), so more peo- 
ple would recognize the job system as 
being from FFT than from FF V. 

1. In recent games, the mainstream FF 
series has been going away from car- 
toony anime style and more towards 
realistic humans. These sketches show 
much more of the cartoon/anime style 
(which was present in FFT). 

2. The job class system. | know that this 
was also present in FFV, but between 
FF V and FFT, video-gaming, and RPGs 

Don’t worry, Albert. Chocobos don’t real- 
ize they look like cartoon characters. 

nt Evil ie and 2, : : 

» Jon Plenn, age 15 | 



Favorite Genres: RPG's, Action, Fighting 

| don't presume to know that this is the 
truth or anything, but after looking at the 
sketches, something about them struck 
me as being more FFT than just normal 
FF. | have no idea if I'm right, but that's 
my two cents. 

Albert Andersen 

a am 5S ‘ 
Hey Albert, it 

P caame 


. = YE on wom BF won 
} oguare fan, as ami. im 

» carr my or 4 ~ 
i@ WNO cant wail 

: 2 z 3 
~ reir Attar ; MAVE 
» YOur eter, : nave 

to agree 

When we origi- 

i. r _ a 4 
lat YOU Say. 

in that news story, the only 
ot = 
& r 

tHitlan at came 
wwe oF some 

‘4.2 = , » bare we 
thought we would 

+ hat seretil \Ara hog more 
Ceheke G2Fdili VV ried] MOTre 
a : 
ie. Now, several 

a aia 



: j 

ih aliawnr &i 
DeHeEVEe Ti 

that the game is indeed some 

= : se russ 2 tA; - i aa wt 

% factics title. We are just not 
on nee a re Pit F. os L.n ota 
SUE Vii oe reratea tO tne Story 
ine fram tha fires nama ner if re vasell i 
ine TOM the Tifst Game OFT i it Whi be 

| have four questions, and | would 
appreciate it if you could answer them. 
Thanks in advance. 

1. | am a big fan of nonlinear action 
adventure games; those games that are 
not levelbased, but instead are cen- 



3, Gran Turismo, FFT, 


Resident Evil 1-2 {of 

course), FF7, Tekken 
RPG, action /adventure 


Sugar, then you get the power, then you 
get the women. 
Favorite Games: Resident Evil 1,2, Tekken 

Secret of Mana (from the big “N” years), 
Quote: in America, first you get the 

Favorite Games 

and Hot Shots Golf. 

Shane Shahani, age 13 
2215 North Euclid ave. 
Upland CA. 91784 

Favorite Genres 

1.23 ,lwited Metal 2, SaGa Frontier Final 

Fantasy 7,and PaRappa the Rapper 

tered in one big environment. Some 
examples of such games are 
Castlevania:SOTN, Resident Evil 1 and 
2, Blood Omen:Legacy Of Kain, and 
King’s Field 1 and 2. | would like to 
know what games that are due to be 
released this fall/winter fall into such cat- 
egory. Obviously, RE3 would be one of 
these games, but what about Dino 
Crisis? Fear Factor? Urban Chaos? 
Omikron? Too Human? Or any others 
not mentioned here? 

2. | have heard conflicting points of view 
in regards to whether Shadow Tower 
will be released here in the states. 
What is the likelihood of this happening? 

3. Rogue Trip 2? It's listed in your PSM 
Release Schedule. 

I've heard from no 
other source 
that RT2 
Is coming 
out, and | 
even sent an 
e-mail to 

Metal Ill: Piece 
of crap or 

just a really 
stinky game? 

Singletrac (best development house for 
the PSX, easily) myself. They said that 
there are no plans to release a RT 
sequel, but that you never know. This 
was six weeks ago. Is your mention of 
RT on your release list based on 
hearsay, rumor, or fact? 

4. Twisted Metal I! was a piece of sh*t. 
My main beef was with the horrible con- 
trol — rolling over when hitting an obsta- 
cle, rolling over when dropping from a 

Favorite Games: Jriple play 99 Mib 99, 

Tekken 3 and Tomba 
Quote: Not the broom, anything but 

Quote: “Why can’t we all just get along? 
m Ryan Wililchinsky, age 14 

NVAVA@ tel aar=(e(s1k-(0) Revo)a nl 

Favorite Genres: Sports, Fighting 

the broom! 

»- DrinDawg, age 21 
el lave rele] 2a\eytaat-]|Ree)anl 

(Continued on pg. 160) 

Illustration: Robert DeJesus 

Illustration: DAG 

OctogerR 199909 
HTTP! // 

Each month, we put the controller down for a moment to focus on a different aspect of PlayStation gaming. We 
invite debate, so please drop us your opinion on this month's topic at PSM PAUSE, c/o Imagine Media, 150 North 
Hill Drive, Brisbane, CA 94005. Or, you can e-mail us at (just be sure to put “Pause” as the 

: first? ae it was a specific enera ina foarte that 

THis Monri’s Toric: ao 

some of the more negat . 
_ of gaming. So, this month coe 
_ jt would be a fun idea to talk about 
our love for videogames, and share 
our favorite gaming stories; your 
best | ever experiences playing 

was just So cool, it was the reason you fell in love with 
perks: Or, maybe it was the combination of a > 

into a controller, like Sega's Dreamcast. 

Asa Thomas 

Aim it at kids with “Pokemon Fever”: 
alongside a Monster Ranchertype game; 
Open up a website to download and upload 
PocketStation monsters to. 

Warren Galloway 

| think that Sony should have designed the 

into one and place it into the PocketStation. 

Samuel L. Bolling 
Mobile, AL 

iy coace: BE 4 


panies. Just think of what Son 
PocketStation from the beginning to mimic and better : P : 

the Game Boy. It could have used standard Memory : 

Cards for cartridges, so you could download a game Brandon Moore 

: No, Sony shouldn't release the 
: PocketStation here in the U.S—at 
: least, not as it is now. They should keep 

oe a 

game and a perfect day, PER ere j the first 
guy on your block to get a copy of Tekken. 
I've been playing games for so long, | can think of | 

a ton of great stories: The Christmas | got my NES : >: 
~ and fell in love with Super Mario Bros.: that day | first : juice to last a long period of time, anyway. 

saw an eres: 3D fighter called Toshinden; and the : 

____ first time | got my hands on Mario : ; 
64, when my friends and | stayed | 
up all night to play it. Then there : 
was the time when | just HAD to : i | | 
have Phantasy Star, but had zero | over here? I'd buy it, but if Sony was afraid of this hap- 
__ cash in my pocket. By the end of : ; : 
” the day, I'd pulled every string | : PocketStation to play all types of Games! 

had r 

raised the $70 to : Michael Pope 


take your most in 
in this space. Just. se 

quick—| can't wait to read them! 

| have mixed feelings on this subject. Personally, | 
think Sony should definitely release the PocketStation 

ing something from my favorite game and taking it on 
the road is great. 

interested in the idea of raising a game character. If | 

: Mitch Wallace 

= There couldn't be a better time for Sony to jump on 

: the handheld bandwagon. With the Game Boy Color : 

To bring the PocketStation success to America : 1) | and the new Neo Geo handheld, this could create a 
2) fare : pretty well-balanced triangle between the three com- 


could do if it put its mind to it? 


sited hen ioe ne De ee ea Na OO 

: the same design, but scale is up to Game Boy Color 
: size, then make carts or something for the games. If 
Sony leaves it as is, the battery doesn't have enough 

John Stephen 

ls Sony afraid that the PocketStation wouldn't sell 

pening, then it should have designed the 

. | bought a PocketStation from an import store in April, 

: and it is a really amazing tiny piece of technology. 
es and run them here ze) 
the address listed : However, Sony has wasted too much time, and it is 

he hes @ to say | eile . : release of PlayStation 2 getting closer and closer. | 

responses short. Get those stories in : won't release a product that could end up as the next 

definitely too late to release it here in the US, with the 
guess Sony knows how fickle the US audience is, and 

“Virtual Boy”. 

: John Bednarz 

i Trashing the PocketStation is the worst idea that Sony 
: could have. Based on its success in Japan, of course 

ie any + people over here would buy it. If you remember, 
here in the U.S. | have been waiting patiently for it for : sie 4 Y 

close to a year now. The whole concept of download: people would enjoy growing their Guardian Forces 

: or Street Fighter characters just as much as they 

: would in Japan. 
On the other hand, many of my friends would : P 

never even think of buying one, because they are not : Stephen Kuo 

were in Sony's place, | would probably release a cou- : 

: ple thousand PocketStations and see how well they : 

| think Sony's best option is to redesign the do in our market. Word of mouth is all it takes for : 

PocketStation as the standard Memory Card for: oo, products to become successful. 

PlayStation 2. The lower half of the device could plug : 

there was a tomagotchi craze here in the states, so 

: Americans complain that Japanese gamers get all the 
: good stuff. Yet when companies take a gamble on 
: porting over original Japanese titles, the American 
: gamers are quick to criticize (i.e. Fighter Maker, 
: Irritating Stick, and Parappa The Rapper). | say leave 
: the PocketStation in Japan, and let it serve as a 
: reminder that America just isn’t ready yet for the level 
: of originality that they whine for. 

: Dave Hulegaard 

lh CHRIS: It sounds like most of you are 
feeling the same way about the 
PocketStation as | do—| want it, I'm dis- 
appointed that it might not release here, 
but | really don’t know what I'd do with 
it. We've had a few units in the 
& office, and while we were really 
©) into them at first, we hardly 
-a/ touch them anymore. One thing's 
for sure, if Sony does decide to 
bring it over after all, it had bet- 

ter come up with 
some more com- 
pelling uses for it. 

(Continued from pg. 158) 

ledge, rolling over when hitting a tiny lit- 
tle bump — you get the idea. Also, land- 
ing on your hood and having to wait to 
materialize right-side-up really sucked. 
My question is this: does 989 have any 
intention of correcting the horrible con- 
trol, and making It more user-friendly? | 
talked to a number of people in regards 
to TMS3 (close to ten), and they all said 
that the control ruined the game. 989 
can put all the features in the game 
(extra environments, extra characters, 
secrets, etc.) into the game that they 
want, but if the control sucks, it'll be all 
for not. 

Bill & Laurie Hartford 

4 Of course, Dino Crisis is non-linear. All 
dinosaurs are non-linear! 

R- (NOAH: Hmm... Now let me see. 

1. I'm also a big fan of these types of 
games and have played them all, not 
just the big ones you mentioned. 
Among several of the not so well 
known titles I've enjoyed playing, | 
can recommend Parasite Eve from 
Square, the quirky, but 
Overblood. lf you really want rerienil 


ear gameplay, try Sentinel from 
Psygnosis (which used sieractats 

moods as a gameplay element). The 
point is, despite all the new games 
coming, there are still some that you 
haven't probably tried available in 

RPGs, Fighting, 
Chrono Trigt 


Favorite Games: 


NFS:HS, Ehrgeiz 

Favorite Genres 

Quote: When traveling on the road of life. 

hitch-hike, it's faster! 

On to the 

it now. 

new s Crisis fits this catego- 
ry, as does t the new Legacy Of Kain: 

Soul Reaver. Also be on the lookout 

V. (well 
maybe not), as well as the others you 
mentioned, although it's too early to 
say anything about a couple of them 


2. Yes and we'll have a review soon. 
3. At the time we printed that, R 
Rogue Trip 2 was i 
really was. Since then, it has been 
canned, however. 

4.1 don't think 989 Studios wants to 
make a crappy TM3 sequel even 
though | agree that 7/73 was horrible 

for even more reasons than you 

mentioned. We haven't had a chance 
to play the sequel as it is still early in 
jevelopment but hope some 
things get improved, control being 
one of them. I'm sure wa develop- 
ment team has learned from the mis- 
takes made in — a 



the ast « 
let you know how thin igS are going 
as soon as we get to play a version. 
Hello to all of the good citizens of 
PSMville. | have some questions,and 
I'm afraid | need the answers... fast!!! 

1. You said that the PlayStation 2 can 
play games from_ the — original 
PlayStation. Can the original system 
play PlayStation 2 games? |'m afraid | 
can't afford buying the PlayStation 2 
when it arrives in my country. 

2. What's up with the Resident Evil 
movie? | haven't heard anything about it 
since last year. Is the movie going to be 
shown around the world, or is it only for 
Japan and the U.S? 

3.lalking about the Resident Evil movie, 
please tell me something about the 
Tomb Raider movie! | can't wait to see 
a live Lara Croft on the silver screen. 

Sharizal Abd.Halim 

Final Fantasy Vil Final 

You are just a puppet. You have no 

Kenneth A. Azurin, age 14 

Turismo, Dead or Alive, Castlevania: SOTN, 

Metal Gear Solid, Brave Fencer Musashi, 
NFL Blitz, C&C: Red Alert, & Sim City 2000 


Favorite Genres: RPG, Action, Fighting, 
Fantasy Tactics, Resident Evil 1 & 2. Gran 

Racing, & Strategy 

Favorite Games 
heart and cannot feel any pain. 

Michael J Barraza, age 13 
Favorite Genres: Al 
Favorite Games: 

nce again great job! | sure 
would like to hear more about 
E3 from Chris Slate. By the way, Chris, 
did you have a nap yet? Good job!!! 
Well, | do have a few annoying gestions 
for ya. And here we go: 

1. How come there Is never been a new 
Double Dragon game? You know tt will 
be good if they have It in PSX. Maybe 
they can make it like the classic games, 
like what Namco did (the classic games). 
It's a great loss if no one makes It. 

2. | see some wirless control for the 
Playstation. | want to know which one 
is the best one. Are they any good at all? 
I'm not so satisfied with them. 

3. A lot of readers complain about not 
being able to find game sound tracks 
(like Tekken, FF7 or 8, ect... ), and | know 
they are hard to find. Maybe Noah can 
mix some tapes for us. Just an idea... 

Aries C 

p> NOAH: 
1. That's a good idea, but | don't think 
Sony would allow the original Double 

Dragon to be published on the 

Playstation despite 

the classics collec- } 

fine net ek fee | DONT HAVE 

Namco and Konami 

and others. There are 
to resurrect 
ries into true 3 

at the moment either, 
but no sina | is impos- 
sible. Gekido from 

Gremlin should be up 
your alley, as well as 

Fighting Force 2. Both 
games feature the 

kind of action you got 
in Double Dragon, but 
in 3D. In my opinion, 
Gekido is probably 
the better of the two. 
Expect it fall or winter. 

Octogsger 19499 

2. As far as wireless controllers 
there are some out there that func- 


on like they should. The problem is 
that none of them feature controllers 
that have analog sticks or any kind of 
vibration, which means you're left 
with just digital pads to choose from. 
Worse yet, none of the wireles con- 
trollers out there have as good a 
design as the Sony digital pads. 
They all have something annoying 
about them, ranging from = an 
uncomfortable shape, to action but- 
tons that are too close together, to 
crappy D-pads. For this reason, there 
—_ isn't a wireless controller | can 
really recommend. 

3. Soundt racks for games are starting 
to come out here in the U.S. on a very 
limited : scale. Of course, you can get 
every game soundtrack ever made if 
you happen to live in Japan. The 
craze is so hot over there, that there 

CDs featuring the 
from popular games. If 
you really want to get into collecting 
music, be warned — it's expen- 
ve. Personally, I'm happy with just 


Vi) C3 m 
even rem 



listening to the game music while | 
lay 1 the game. 

« Fame can be fickle—just ask Billy and Jimmy Lee. This is 
the only gig the Double Dragon guys can get t th 

ese days. 


Resident Evil 

Mark De Guia 

PAV As) ed (or-(01g18 (2710) Ree) an 
Favorite Games: Aesident Evil 2. Metal 

and 3, Abes Oddysee, and Abes Exoddus. 
Quote: Live in your in ours. 
Gear Solid, Tenchu, Final Fantasy VIl, 

Xenogears, Final Fantasy Vil, Warzone, 
Metal Gear Solid, Tekken, Twisted Metal 1,2 

Favorite Genres: All especially RPG's 

Xenogears, Parasite Eve, Tekken 3, and 

Brave Fencer Musashi 



Nick Gardner, age 15 
What would you do... 

1535 N. Cedar Ave. 

Fresno Ca. 93703 
Favorite Games: FFV//, Xenogears, Legend 

of Legaia, TR1,2,3, all Mega Man games. 

Quote: Never under estimate the power of 
LO TTTs) (- 

Favorite Genres: RPG, Action/Adventure, 

Fighting, and Strategy. 

Klondike Bar? . 


(Gola iialei-re Relay ole ah 4) 

|] ae ee , ae | gee ee | 



contains a mo@nster! 
Monster Rancher 2 can unleash hundreds of 
monsters from your common household CDs. That's 

right-you can actually use this game software to 
spawn unique monsters from any CD you own- 

music CDs, PC software CDs, or even other 

YOU'RE THE MASTER: fully interact 
with your new pets 

Hundreds of new monsters with 
monstrous attitudes 

‘ Unlock secret expeditions, 
levels, and monsters 

y Release your Monster Rancher 1 
monsters into the world of 
Monster Rancher 2 

For 1 or 2 PLAYERS 

Start unleashing 

Monster Rancher 2 TM 1999 Tecmo Inc. US and foreign patents pending. Tecmo is a registered trad 
Entertainment, INC, PlayStation and the PlayStation logos are registered trademarks of Sony Compu 
Interactive Digital Software Association. 

yistered trademark of BKN 
icon is a trademark of the 

Vet ewrertoy o cal 
1-772 hee mare inte 


Since it’s been a couple 
months since we got this letter, | 
hope you can still use the answers! 

1. No. And | don’t mean any disre- 
spect, but the answers why are too 
obvious to list here. 

2. It's still “officially” on, but it’s in 
limbo right now. They got rid of 
George Romero as the director, and 
scrapped the script. Don't hold your 
breath. The Tomb Raider movie, 
however, could hit theaters as early 
as next Summer. 

3. D’oh! | just answered that! We 

Lara Croft: coming soon to a theater 
near you! Pass the popcorn... 

should have more info on this soon, 
since Core has hinted they are close 
to filling Lara’s boots. 

First, I'd like to say that you guys are 
doing an excellent job with this maga- 
zine. It is pretty well balanced and very 
informative. |'m impressed. | have a 
few questions for you. 

1. I've heard that the current PlayStation 
has a problem with overheating. 
Although my PlayStation runs hot, I've 
never had any problems myself. | was 
wondering, will the PS2 be equipped 
with some type of cooling system, fan 
or otherwise? 

2. |'ve been tinkering with electronics 
since | was a child and I've always 
admired Sony's engineering, especially 
that of the PlayStation. It's as if they fit 

- Nicolas Vaughan, age 14 

be at Playstation. 

ey PSM! | love your magazine, 
keep up the good work! | have 
a bunch of questions and hope 

| that you can answer them and maybe 

print them in the magazine. 

‘4 Recently, | have been surfing on the 
/ net and | heard rumors that Square is 

perhaps going to support Nintendo's 

| Dolphin when it comes out instead of 
| PlayStation2 . When | heard about this, 

it shocked me, but if you guys really 

| think about it, it's entirely possible. Ever 
| since the Final Fantasy series first start- 
_ ed, it went to a Nintendo console. When 


Favorite Genres 

Xenogears, | Final Fantasy 

Tactics, Need 4 Speed:High Stakes, MGS, 

the PlayStation came out, Square made 

| their games on the PlayStation instead. 
| Great games like FF7 and FF8 appeared 

on this console and Nintendo never 

' received any Square titles after that. | 



believe that if Nintendo's Dolphin s 
more powertul than PS2, there is a defi- 
nite possibility that Square will leave 
Sony and go back to Nintendo. | have 
been a long time PlayStation owner and 
| have always enjoyed the awesome 
titles that it received. | would definitely 
want to buy a PS2 when It comes out, 
but I'm afraid that | might never see 
another Final Fantasy title ever again on 
PS2. | don't really want to own a 
Nintendo Dolphin because most of the 
games that ever come out for Nintendo 
are too childish in my opinion. Can you 
guys at PSM give me your opinion on 
this and tell me if Square |s going to sup- 
port Sony or not? 

2. | am a great fan of the Resident Evil 

Series and | want to know tf Biohazard: 

Kombat 4, 


NY é 


Brave Fencer Musashi, Lunar SSSC, Street — 

_ Fighter Alpha 3. 
Favorite Genres: Action, Car Combat, 

Quote: | am like ... you, | have no name. 







es - 

8 ee 

_»» Chris Flores, age12 

i have cat-like speed and reflexes. 

~ Quote 

RPGs, Fighting, Sports 

Favorite Games: Fina! Fantasy Vil Final 

Fantasy Tactics, Xenogears, NBA Live 99, 
Tekken 3, Resident Evil 2, Metal Gear Solid 

Quote: Know your damn role! 
Favorite Genres: Sports, RPGs, Fighting, 

Racing, Adventure 

» Clarence Barut, age 17 

1307 Nakuina St. 
Honolulu, HI 96819 

ye Clarence Barut, age 18 

1307 Nakuina St. 
Honolulu, HI 96819 

Favorite Genres 

leave PlayStation (of its own free will). 

Gran Turismo, Street 

Favorite Games: 

OctogsgerR 1999q0 

Code Veronica will ever appear on a 
Sony console or the PC perhaps. 

3. Could you guys at PSM do some 
reviews for some import games? All of 
the PlayStation owners that | know play 
alot of import games and we would be 
happy if you guys could expand the 
Otaku section to maybe four pages and 
include a few reviews. 


Well Tony, | think you can 
rest easy. 
1. Square's problem with the N64 
was down to the choice of storage 
medium (cartridges) and so it's cer- 
tainly possible that they will be lured 
back to develop for Nintendo's new 
machine. However, to a certain 
extent, Sony has made Square what 
they are today. The huge user base of 

PlayStation has allowed the Final | 

Fantasy series to flourish and they'll 
be practically guaranteed a similarly 
massive number of sales with PS2. 
Square are with Sony, no doubts. 

2. Code Veronica will not appear, no, 
because it's a Dreamcast-only title 
(and mostly developed by Sega). 
PlayStation or PC versions are identi- 
fied by numbers, not names 
(Resident Evil 1, 2, etc... ) for the sake 
of continuity. But fear not, my friend: 
Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (OK, OK, so 
they get subtitles, too) is coming for 
PlayStation and it's looking hot. In 
fact, there's a preview of the game in 
this very issue! And you can expect 
that another Resident Evil adventure 
will be appearing on the PS2. 

3. So would I! In fact, we're thinking 
long and hard about the Otaku sec- 
tion and we've had some ideas along 
similar lines to yours. Keep a close 
eye on that part of the book! 

There’s no way that Final Fantasy would 

Favorite Games: Megaman Legends, Final 
Fantasy, Command and Conquer, Suikoden, 

Monster Rancher. and Metal Gear Solid. 

Fighter Alpha 3, Final Fantasy 7, Resident 
Quote: S*ck it! 

Evil 2, NBA Live 99, Xenogears 
Quote: Where ever Square goes, | go” 
» Chris Summers, age 16 
Favorite Genres: Everything 

Illustration: Ryan Kinnaird 

‘YONW OO} JOU jNq ‘sdeid e 

92] OS ‘aed AepyUiq SI P|JOM 8U} ||\7 *@JONH 

jela\y Veddey ey) eddejey ‘sewer ay0Ae4 
Sui} ay} ye Aue} Aw syins 

Jensyey/\\ ‘Bullybi4 ‘5gy:sesues) ay40Ae4 
€0608 09 ‘suds ope1ojop 



/| o6e ‘sewoul essiy ~<a 

| would like to start by saying that | have 

cS ONO  ¢ ¢ WOO ‘EpNny 4M '€ |P8\ 
: Aa 5 G0'y uo ‘BuljjSeu\\'SLOdS:sesues) ByOAeY 
> > > >” & - = WOS'|OVO@/Egor/M\dS 
= 5 +S 2H este ee § Z| o6e ‘jaboyy uel <a 


4 Another kawaii pic by Jen Seng—thanks, Jen! mod 

, and label the subject heading “Fan Art.” Now get busy making that art! 

Welcome to the Fan Art section! Each month we'll be taking a look at the coolest PlayStation fan art 
from the hottest new talents around. If you've done an illustration that you'd like to see printed here, 
then by all means send us a copy! (We'll take originals too, but we won't be able to return them). 
Address it to PSM Fan Art, c/o Imagine Media, 150 North Hill Drive, Brisbane, California 94005. 
Even better, if you have the art in a high-resolution digital format, e-mail it to us at 

_— 5 3 . 9ININ4 SYEWIII|A) $JOWED ‘UONe}SAe|q :8J0NH 
Zz 5 oe =ae 8 € audit 4enyOl4 
| $2 >t 2 : 1ae9S ‘sayers YBIH ‘S4N ‘€ vaya, ‘elebe7 
2s cre 4. jo pue6e7 ‘SOW ‘I|AJ4 ‘sewed eyone4 
i a & = 2 ‘o19 ‘HunyBi4 ‘sods 
8 | fo E » Pc ‘gIN\UBAPY/UONOY ‘Jdy :seuues) ayWOAeY 
| = t: oO F °a2 5 oo 5 OSZ1 seuiddiyiud 
e = | £8 = ; Ald seuig se] ezueLUlyy 
: = | 2% SOWOH 4A [2D WD SZ 
a D> | <o ; LZ obe ‘eyjaqy "Ss 4ezeay jue ~<a 
: eo it: 6 £ 
S) > 5 §- {MOU 0} ]UBM | OG :@}0NH 
| 5 | i Z [ela palsimy Vaijuol4 eDeS ‘ejlege/6O 
: Bane <6 ¥ Zoe ‘apelg jnOS ‘@AW elseled 'SINYY PIM 
| & oe est “| alld JO yJeaig ‘sonoe, Asejuey jeUul4 ‘7 
322 53 Asejue4 jeul4 ‘sieeGouey ‘sewer ayoae4 
: £ 3° 3 re Bunubi4 ‘A6e1e1S ‘Sy ‘seuues oyOAe 
: 3 of £és LUODO}IOXE}iePU® 9 ,e} Soueys 
|. =  '°"|\ J Re = a he" 9| abe ‘uojAe]9 URSNG ~<« 
a 3 oc 
: - 328 ‘eA JO} SDJOM OM} 
: ; oe IMDNS NOA -BA 40} Sp 
a qty 106 | ‘OW YIM UMOP jOU 91,NOA |} :@}0NH 
2 oo 

PIUBAaIISe) “YUBIG JUIOY ‘soijoe, Asejuey 
jeulj ‘woodes “SA janie ‘g Asejuey jeuly 

lustraied by Charies Park 

SD ot 2 = = *& So gy =- <= ; : 5 
Sex oee°os FES8S5 Nyoue ‘pijOS JD /ejaj\ ‘sewed ayoAe4 
SyPEeoBeS s.2 8 Seueb yOII0 3 1UIOd ‘suodeaM aAjOAU! },U0P 
ae” —lUC Oh KK sess a 2 22 BRL leu) suods ideoxe 7] ‘sees eyoAey 
r SEES ® © © % 8085 LUD" |IELUJOU MMM@6pIeZIMpeL 
y = ) oO —_ C + : = _— _ ‘ 
: i S°S,° BG SBOS g| o6e ued SU) 
a is fines ~ = Do 
zZ E aSast2 ix af,83 
Oo & S = o oe GO CK ge BAQUSL UTM 
= e o’t SS & = ee a Se = t ; 
a. 2 Fe > te on Stas Be Ser ee 9 QUO WE | ‘U]OJIUdES 1ealD OU) WE | :e30NH 
\ fj > > & ©) — ~~“ + — ‘ 7 Pe 
nm 3 E S'-eCSete.e Eeeea &s Je1ybi4 1800S ‘€-| vexye, ‘woode) ‘SA 
om g Son eS? CHRD oEKsSGH FO aAle) ‘Ij Aselue4 jeulj ‘sewed eywoae4 
yr Ss re) SHe#otCn w= — OC 6 2B 2 Oo i ; . 
7 3 OofotS ,@® 65 C8 oS = BunyBi4 “ainjueApy ‘dy ‘seaues) eyOAey 
x © Cc c = i . a D Sas 8 ous 
2 is PSS .298 BSH £SeSE BB WWreewetialopecesiss 
= is =e Se —-— —_ @ - a — —_ : 
Oo : E FPESS22GE28. @0255 2a y| 268 ‘seAig epAl —<t 
eS si 
i= mn 




been with your excellent magazine 
since issue Number 7. Immediately 
after reading that issue, | took advan- 
tage of your subscription service and 
have been pleased to receive PSM in 
my mailbox every month. Being a comic 
book collector, | enjoy the range of 
Comic-Related talent that have graced 
your covers, and count The Monitor, 
Code Junkies and Letters as my favorite 
sections. | have a few questions of my 
own that | hope you guys wouldn't mind 

1. With the arrival of the PlayStation 2 
coming up, it's safe to assume your 
magazine will shift its focus to the new 
console and its games. But where does 
that leave the readers who either find 
the rumored $299 price tag a bit steep 
and will wait for it to drop, or the people 
who are still discovering (or will discov- 
er) the original PlayStation, due to its 
new affordable price? Will the origi- 

nal PlayStation still have new 

games made for it after 

the debut of the PS2? 
Will PSM still have fea- 
tures to interest non- 
PS2 owning readers? 

2. Roughly how 
many total 
PlayStation games 
are available — for 
the console? 

(name witheld by request) * 

Staten Island, NY - 

OctogerR 1999 



now showing up in other magazines, 
such as Wizard, which is pretty excit- 
ing. Finally, the word about PSM is 
getting out there and reaching peo- 
ple outside of the gaming communi- 
ty. That makes us proud. Now, on to 
your two questions: 

1. We will continue to cover the cur- 
rent PlayStation for sometime, espe- 
cially if there continues to be a 
steady flow of new games. 
Obviously, we will redesign the mag- 
azine to reflect the PS2, but it is still 
going to have the PSM flavor at its 
core. As for the price of the PS2, don't 
worry. As reported in this month's 
Chasing the PlayStation 2 section, 
the console will probably end up sell- 
ing for around $250 in Japan and 
$200 in the U.S. We think almost 
everyone can afford that. lf you can't, 
there will still be plenty of 
PlayStation games coming out long 
after the launch of the PS2. 
Developers know that there 
are over 20 million PS 
owners in the U.S. and 
are going to milk 
that market for as 
long as they can. 

2. At last count, | 
think there are 
nearly 600 
PlayStation games 
available in the U.S. 
all Japan probably has sever- 
al thousand. 

4 And now, we present this picture of Pac- 

Man swallowing Q-Bert whole, for Chris 

pe STEVE: 
greatly appreci- 

ate your comments about the maga- 
zine, Mir. Mystery Man. As you know, 
most of the PSM staff love comics 
and various types of manga. In fact, 
that's where we get a lot of the inspi- 
ration for PSM, as well as high-quali- 
ty artists to do our covers. it’s pretty 
neat because a lot of our covers are 

We Paquette, who hasn’t seen the sun for days. 

Hey guys, tell me 
this: Who'd win in a Street Fighterstyle 
match-up, Pac-man or Q-bert? 

Chris Paquette 

B> PSM: You’re kidding, right? Chris, 
you need to get outside more often. 


agen esreppeononemnes 

+ 4 ey PSM, as a loyal, (and | mean 

m= LOYAL) PSM subscriber since 
the begining, | have seen the mag grow 

| and mature into the best PlayStation 
| magazine ever. And there is something 

| have noticed throughout PSM's history 

| that | think has made this great mag 
| what it is today. Simply, every single 
| screenshot, picture, graphic, or render- 

ing has a CAPTION! | get my brother's 
[other game magazines], look at a 
screen and say, "what the hell is going 
on here’ all to often. But sure enough, 
PSM is sure to inform me what the hell 
is going on, because PSM will have that 
same screen, plus loads more (all with 
captions). | can't get over the fact that 
you guys could sit there and think of 
something to say for EVERY screen- 
shot! | know of no other magazine in 

b> CHRIS: Wow, | never would've 
thought we'd get two letters about 
captions, of all things, that we could 
run together. What can | say? It's a 
goal of ours to pack as much info in 
as possible, and sometimes we're 
able to slip a few funnies in there, 
too. Thanks for noticing! 


| HISTORY that has been able to achieve {J (ss 
| this, and for that | crown PSM the CAP- 
| TION KING! Thank you PSM. 


Kurt Margenau 

| Congratulations, PSM. You have 
managed to be the first maga- 
| zine | read to have captions for 
| all of your screenshots, artwork 
and photos. Not since the days 

| of GamePlayers have | seen that 
| many captions... and | love it. 
While they say a picture is work a 
| thousand words, a picture and a cap- 
‘tion is worth about a 
| thousand and fifteen. | 
simply get so much 
info from your 
| mag and it is 

| well worth the 
| $5 an issue. 

« Since all this 
| caption talk is bor- 
| . ing, here’s an unrelat- 
Kyle Ontani ed pic of Regina jumping 
New York City, NY rope, dressed as a bunny. Enjoy! 

NG ee 

Illustration: Ryan Kinnaird 

~ KONAMI. | 



> bee 




All-you-can-digest only 1.29/Ib. 
A prime cut of mouth-watering color marbled 

in with luscious textures and special effects. MEATECH 

Perfect for roasting! Boned, semi-boned. Certified Quality 

Baste 'em and waste ‘em. New 
levels marinated with bolder, Sng : 7 cs Hh 
ss ' Hotter, faster engine for 
gutsier cuts make Quake I. ; Ni iiecse-aen cen 
on-the-go grilling sprees: 
for the console a visual feast. 



Hana-cranked and chock full of juicy, 
new tidbits. All stuffed into authentic 
id Software casing. No bologna. 


ba ae te 
tibibeneene!s ¥ Ss y 
nt 2 2 bo ‘ 

ES Re 




ne een ee a ae ee 

ULTI-PLAYER FEASTING! A complete carcass of capabilities that's sure to bring everyone | 

together. Never any leftovers! Going head-to-head with your friends never tasted so good. i NINTENDO! 
i in ae its ; PlayStation Nv 

ee een alee ~ 
—_=.—-- — 

clip and save 
ee ee De I ce I 

OctTtogsgerR 1999 


HTTP! //wwwePSMONLINE:«com 

If you're a good gamer, you can win cool prizes and see your name in print! 
One winner will be selected from each challenge, so get your entry in early. 
Send in your entries, , to 

Include your return address. Sorry, 
remember, we can't return any pictures. Enter today! 

SE a a A a Ba oe F egeee 1s SES Nee eer ee 
5 Sa a aaah pe ee SSS 
Se ete eae mil doe ee See 




ed a’ ee renner ny emeeeercapaniens oe 

or this moftth’s Top This prize selec- 

tion, we've got our hands on the com- 

plete library of Fox games for the 
PlayStation! That's six free games that range 
in genre from platforming action, to shooting, 
to racing. We've even got some sports 
games! There are some serious hits here, 
including the original J E 

: and 
. To win this fantastic Fox col- 
lection, you not only have to be a darn great 
gamer, but you also have to send us your 
entries right away. As always, we will not 
accept video tapes, and your photographs will 
not be returned. Be sure to write the name of 
the challenge you're entering on the enve- 
lope. Good luck, people! Now get going! 

A 7 J 7 

This is a Stormin’ race game and your challenge is to 
record two separate best lap times in time trial mode. 
For the first, a lap time of at least 38 seconds on Pine 
Valley will do it and for the second, a circuit clocking 
under 48 seconds on Kodiak Canyon. You must do 
this with a 400cc engine only—you can upgrade other 
parts of the sled, however. Take pictures of the 

respective record screens and send them in as proof. 

One of the most difficult things to do in Final Fantasy 
VIII is collecting all of the Triple Triad cards. In this 
month's strategy, we've given you several sugges- 
tions on how to collect the cards. When you do man- 
age to collect them all, a special star mark will appear 

> next to the "Card" option in the main Option Screen. 

Be the first person to take a picture of that screen 

and send it to us, and you will win. 

To get the infinite ammo for your grenade gun, you'll 
have to beat this terrific game three times. For the 
really dedicated, this may only take a weekend, so 
get busy. To win, you must be the first person to send 
uS a snapshot of your TV with either the infinite 
ammo icon displayed on the save screen or a shot of 

: you checking your infinite ammo while in the game. 
Good luck, dino hunters! 

hese winners from July receive a Ga 
Handheld Racing Wheel from Mad Catz. They also get a collection of games from 989 studios, 

including A and Also included are ; 
’ , and . Great going, winners! 
Martin Johnson David Olson David Larrison 
Cedar Falls, IA Fairfield, PA Erie, PA 

ometimes that’s a good thing. 

OctogerR 1999 



mepneet PlayStation Magazine 

Cee eee EE 


Here are some 
parting shots of 
the PSM staff 
doing what they 

do best—goofing 
off. sz: 


“ Steve proves once 
again that he truly is the 
lron Chef. Here he pets 
a Chocobo to calm its 
fears, seconds before 
tossing it on the grill. 
“If you don’t calm 
them down”, Steve 
says, “the meat can 
get tough and 
stringy.” We say “Bon 
Appetite, Steve!” 

< Our Mortal 
Kombat: Special 
Forces cover 
received the 
illustrious in- 
house “Cover Of 

< Bill explains 
to Noah the 

importance of The ic plea 
making all of pecs 
his deadlines. graced the 

Imagine offices’ 
foyer. And just 
as soon as we 
cough up anoth- 
er $200, we’re 

The “special 
gesture” Bill is 
using is an old 
English Editor’s 

Hand Signal. —s 
No one is gonna win it 
really sure again! Thanks 
just what it also to artist 

Chris Bachelo, 
Tim Townsend 
the inker and 
colors by liquid! 

means today. 

4 We taught our intern, Ben, to catch 
Frisbees! He still chews cords, though... 

< Steve’s 
locked in an 
upright posi- 
tion after 
playing Final 
Fantasy VIII 
for 20 
hours. Then 
he flew off to 
Japan, where 
he is known 
as Johneru 
Wayneru, the 
Sing it, Steve! 


a a ne 

Uniquely immersive role-playing experience 
is limited only by your imagination. 

Collect over 150 creatures including rare and 
ultra-rare breeds. Then custom combine them 
into millions of powerful new monsters. 

Strategically use your monster's dominance of 
one of the four elements: Earth, Wind, Fire 
or Water. 

PiSeMme Rts: 

Welcome to the world of Jade Cocoon: Story of the Tamamayu. As Levant, a 

Cocoon Master, you will engage powerful monsters in deadly one on one combat. 
As the magic and talon clash of these titanic battles turn to your favor you can call 
on the mystic Cocoon powers and capture a fallen foe as they are on the brink of 
death. Once captured these mighty creatures can be trained to fight for you and 
combined with other monsters to form mi llions of new beasts. Once created these 

creatures will be your key to surviving the perils of the forest. 

Pit your creation against a friend in the 
arena mode. 




Jade Cocoon: Story of the Tamamayu, Crave and their respective logos are trademarks of Crave Entertainment, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Crave Entertainment is a registered trademark in the U.S. 
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"CNZ ultimake